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Python Examples

The best way to learn any programming language is by practicing and wring code. This python tutorial page consists of some of the basic python examples you should know if you want to move further in python programming. Popular Python Example Python Program to Print Hello world! Python Program to Add Two Numbers Python Program to Find the… Read More »

What is Programming Language?

Computers are the electronic devices which work on a given set of instructions and these instructions created by human using programming languages. In the early stages of digital computers, we used low-level programming languages that directly interact with computers and perform simple tasks like Arithmetic calculation, but now we have different types of programming languages, which are specifically… Read More »

How to Learn Computer Science (From Zero to Hero)

If you are a computer science student, so you must have many questions related to the IT industry, such as “which programming language should I learn? or how many programming languages I need to learn?, is college subjects and books knowledge is enough to get a job or I need to learn something else?.” If you try to… Read More »