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Top Data Science Programming Languages

Your preparation for data science would be incomplete without knowledge of programming languages. Although there are many tools in the market for dealing with the different phases of data science, none can replace programming languages. Many popular programming languages for data science perform excellent complex calculations, data analysis, and visualizations. Out of these, we have chosen the 7… Read More »

Procedural Programming

At the starting of the programming journey, especially when we start with any high-level programming languages, such as C, C++, Java, and Python we hear about programming paradigms such as functional, procedural and object-oriented programming. When we start programming, we mostly focus on the syntax and the logic of programming more than any other basic technical terms related… Read More »

Java vs Other Programming Languages

Continue reading Java vs. other programming languages to know how the popular object-oriented programming language fares against some of the best programming languages. In this era of fast-growing technology, we come up with new inventions every day. Similarly, in the case of information technology, there are thousands of programming languages already available that are still enhancing with every… Read More »