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A Guide to Flatten List & List of Lists in Python

Python List is one of the widely used Python data containers. The list can store multiple data objects. It can store any type of Python data object including itself. A list containing a list is known as a multi-dimensional list, it could be 2D, 3d, or multi-d. Often in Python interviews, the developer asks to flatten a Python… Read More »

Difference between Python List append and extend method

In Python, we have the List data structure that is used to store multiple values using a single variable name. The Python list is an alternative data structure to the array that is supported by various other programming languages. There Python List data object or variable support two similar functions append() and extend() that can be used to… Read More »

Python list vs Tuple

Python is the most popular programming language of 2020-21. It comes with many powerful built-in data structures and data types. Python Data Structures allow their developers to store and organize data in different formats. List and tuples are the two most commonly used Python Data Structures, both the data structures are capable of performing the same task, yet… Read More »

How to Remove Duplicates from a Python List

Python list is a very flexible and widely used Python data structure. Python does not support static Arrays like other high-level programming languages, instead, it has List which is an alternative for Python array. A Python list can contain multiple data values, and to access an individual value we can use the value corresponding index number. In this… Read More »

Python List

In this tutorial, we will discuss one of the most important python datatypes. We will learn how to create, slice, add and remove a list. so let’s discuss Python List. Table of Content: How to create a list How to access the elements from a list How to slice list in python How to add elements in a… Read More »