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Top 10 Real-World Python Applications That You Should Know

We live in a world where people and businesses rely highly on software applications to accomplish a variety of tasks. Every industry vertical leverages various software applications to automate their manual tasks, from education and healthcare to government and military. As a result, the software development industry is booming at a high rate. A galore of programming languages… Read More »

Python vs Go – Which One to Choose in 2022?

A programming language is the heart of the development process since it can make or break a project. However, programmers often get confused in choosing the right programming language for their projects. Many developers struggle to make a choice between Python and Go as both are among the most prominent programming languages. However, these programming languages are dissimilar.… Read More »

Python Programs to Print Pattern – Print Number, Pyramid, Star, Triangle, Diamond, and Alphabets Patterns

Printing patterns using Programming languages is one of the most common interview problems. In this tutorial, we will see how we can use the Python programming language to print different patterns. This tutorial includes the following Patterns in Python Number patterns Triangle patterns Start * patterns Pyramid patterns Inverted Pyramid patterns Half Pyramid patterns Diamond patterns Alphabets patterns… Read More »

Polymorphism in Python

Object-Oriented Programming has 4 basic features, Inheritance, Data Abstraction, Data Encapsulation, and Polymorphism. And out of these features, Polymorphism is the crucial one, and if a Programming language does not support Polymorphism it does not even consider an Object-Oriented Programming language. As an object-oriented programming language, Python supports Polymorphism, and this tutorial will teach you what is Polymorphism… Read More »

Python Object-Oriented Programming Exercise – Classes and Objects Exercises

Python is an Object-Oriented Programming language, which means it supports the concept of OOPs such as class, objects, inheritance, polymorphism, data encapsulation, and data abstraction. The class and object concepts come under basic Python programming, after learning functions and operators, every Python learner learns Object-oriented programming. Like other programming concepts, the best thing after learning any syntax is… Read More »

Python PostgreSQL Tutorial Using Psycopg2

PostgreSQL is one of the popular Relational Database Management Systems. It is a simple RDBMS with advanced and enterprise-class features. One of the reasons it is so popular is, it supports both SQL and JSON querying, which means you can perform relational and non-relation queries on a PostgreSQL database. PostgreSQL is supported by many programming languages, and Python… Read More »

Python Compile Regex Pattern using re.compile()

With the help of the Python re.compile() method, we can compile a string pattern to a regex pattern object. Later we can apply the methods like match(), search(), find(), findall(), and finditer() on that regex pattern object to find in the targeted string pattern.  If we define the re.compile() method in simple terms we can say that the… Read More »