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How to Download Files in Python?

Generally, we use the web browser to download a file from the internet. The downloading of a file is similar to accessing a web-page from the server. We sent the get request to the file url address and in response, we get the file data. In this Python tutorial, I will walk you through the Python program to… Read More »

How to Extract Wikipedia Data in Python?

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia, it contains millions of articles on different topics, you name it Wikipedia provide you the public data about it. We have used Wikipedia to build school projects, and write assignments. All thanks to is free online articles we can read and learn about anything for free. As Wikipedia contains millions of… Read More »

How to Extract PDF Tables in Python?

A PDF file is generally used to store text, images, and links data. And the text data can be represented in different stylings, such as lists, tables, bullet points, links, etc. While analyzing data you might encounter some situation where you have a PDF file or a url to the pdf file and you need to extract only… Read More »

How to Generate and Read QR Code in Python?

The QR code is a matrix barcode, which is a machine-readable optical code that stores the data about the item attached to it. When you buy a product, you can see a bar code or QR code attached to it which stores the general data about the item. To read the barcode or QR code we require a… Read More »

How to Extract Weather Data from Rapid API in Python

There are many weather APIs present out there, that can share real-time weather reports. We can use those APIs to get the current weather detail for a specific place or location. In this Python tutorial, I will guide you steps by steps, on how can you use the Rapid Open Weather Map API to get the weather detail… Read More »

How to Make a Screen Recorder in Python?

There are many screen recording applications for different operating systems. With the help of those screen recording applications, we can record the screen, while we are playing a game or writing some code. Although windows and macOS now come with a built-in screen recorder application. But it would be cool if you know how to build a screen… Read More »