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50+ Top .NET Interview Questions and Answers

.NET framework is developed by Microsoft that allows us to build and deploy modern applications. All kinds of applications including desktop, mobile, and web applications can be developed using .NET. It supports a variety of programming languages that you can use to create modern and powerful applications. The .NET framework also allows you to develop applications for wireless… Read More »

50 Top MongoDB Interview Questions and Answers

MongoDB is one of the most popular and widely used NoSQL or non-relational databases which is developed by MongoDB Inc. It is an open-source, documented-oriented database licensed under the Server Side Public License. Since MongoDB is a non-relational database, it does not store data in the tabular format, like relational databases. Instead, it uses flexible, JSON-like documents to… Read More »

Top 50 JSP Interview Questions and Answers

JSP stands for JavaServer Pages or Jakarta Server Pages. It is a server-side technology used for creating dynamic web content. In other words, JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a technology that enables developers to create dynamic and platform-independent web pages for Java web applications. Sun Microsystems released JSP in 1999, and it is analogous to Active Server Pages (ASP)… Read More »

30 Top ASP.NET Interview Questions and Answers

Today’s technological era, encircled with software products and web applications, has witnessed the development of multiple frameworks and languages. Also, every framework and programming language has some unique and distinctive features. As a result, developers use them to build more robust web applications and services. This article will introduce you to one of the sturdiest and industry-recognized frameworks… Read More »