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What is System Testing? [Definition, Process, Types]

Companies and organizations carry out numerous types of software testing on their products before releasing them to the market. In general, software testing assures that a certain software product is in compliance with the predefined specifications, meets the quality standards, and has no errors. Each type of software testing has a specific goal to accomplish that ultimately improves… Read More »

Alpha Testing vs Beta Testing – What is the Difference?

Testing plays a crucial role in the software development life cycle (SDLC) since it ensures that the software product functions as expected. It also ensures that the software product meets the specified requirements and is defect-free. Tested software products ensure high performance, reliability, and security. This article will give you a brief comparison between Alpha Testing vs Beta… Read More »

What is Functional Testing? [Definition, Types, Tools]

A team of professionals tests a particular software product to meet specific quality standards and specified requirements in software testing. All the stakeholders, including a product owner, sponsors, end-users, and investors, specify their requirements during the specification phase. The development team creates a document containing all the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) requirements. This document assists the development team… Read More »

What is Unit Testing? – Definition, Pros and Cons, Tools

Software testing is an integral and indispensable part of the software development life cycle (SDLC). It is a process of verifying that a software product is free from defects, meets quality standards, and complies with the specified requirements. Alternatively, we can define software testing as the process to validate a software product for its correctness, functionality, reliability, and… Read More »

12 Best Continuous Testing Tools

Continuous testing is a significant step in the process of software development. It is important for producing successful and stable software products. What is Continuous Testing? The continuous testing process consists of many interconnected steps that together establish the optimum performance of a product. It is generally leveraged to weed out possible business risks associated with software products.… Read More »

10 Best Email Testing Tools For Better Email Marketing

When it comes to business traction, emails play a pivotal role. These help to send alerts to customers and share upcoming offers, newsletters, regular updates, and a lot more. In short, emails act as a great way to communicate with customers. Moreover, if used appropriately, emails can be your primary marketing channel. However, what if the emails are… Read More »

10 Best SOA Testing Tools for QA Engineers For 2022

Often, software developers prefer developing applications with SOA (service-oriented architecture). This makes SOA testing a whole different domain that focuses on testing applications developed exclusively on the SOA architecture. SOA testing often involves testing application interfaces without GUI, such as web services, ESB’s, and process models. SOA testing involves various risks and complexities and thus you need to… Read More »