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JavaScript Syntax

The JavaScript code cannot execute standalone, it needs to be embedded in the HTML file inside the HTML <script> tag. JavaScript Syntax There are two ways, to embed a JavaScript code in an HTML file. Internal JavaScript External JavaScript Internal JavaScript Code In the Internal JavaScript code, we write the complete JavaScript code inside the HTML document between… Read More »

CSS Syntax

Like other languages present in Computer Science, CSS also follow a set of rules which is known as CSS syntax. The CSS syntax specifies how the style code should be written in order to give the proper result. CSS Syntax is divided into 3 parts: Selector Property Value selector { property : value ; } Selector Selector define… Read More »

PHP – Syntax

PHP – Syntax PHP is a programming language with many features that can easily be embedded in HTML. You can add the PHP code anywhere in the document either within the PHP tags or within the HTML. As you have now done with the configuration part, we can easily start with the concepts. Before we step ahead, we… Read More »