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JavaScript Variables

What are Variables in JavaScript When we write the JavaScript code we deal with many types of data it could be a number, name, date, speed value, etc., and to use these values we require variables. A variable is a data container or storage which holds the data value for us. To create a variable in JavaScript we… Read More »

CSS Variables

In this Advance CSS tutorial, we will be going to cover the concept of Variables in CSS. Create CSS Custom Properties using Variables Like programming languages, we can use the concept of variables in CSS. A variable in CSS is used to store a property value to access the value using the variable name. To access the variable… Read More »

Java Variables

Variables are used to hold some value within the Java program. You can define the variable with the data type and can assign the value of that particular data type. Variable can be considered to be the name given to the memory location. Variables can be of three types- local, instance and static. Two types of data types-… Read More »