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JSON vs XML: Which One Should You Choose?

From desktop to web and mobile applications, almost all applications rely on one of the two leading API (Application Program Interface) data formats, namely XML and JSON. Both JSON and XML data formats serve a similar purpose of storing and transferring data. XML has been used extensively since its inception, and today, it has become an indispensable part… Read More »

PHP – XML introduction

What is XML and how you can use it with PHP XML which is a mark-up language allows you to share data across the network. XML is tree-based and event-based. PHP supports four XML parsers that are based on libxml, those parsers are- simple XML parser, DOM XML parser, XML parser and XML reader. Simple XML parser- these… Read More »


XML (extensible markup language) works similarly to HTML with opening and closing tags. You can store and transfer data from one system to another using XML. You can create customized tags that are not possible in HTML. XML uses the DOM model to access and manipulate the XML data. The XML code can be converted to the XML… Read More »