UNICEF Full Form

By | October 5, 2021
UNICEF Full Form

UNICEF stands for United Nations children’s fund. It was previously known as the United Nations international children’s emergency fund. This is a program that runs under the United Nations. It works for the welfare of children and mothers who are needy, across the world.

UNICEF Full Form

A short history

  • Initially, it was formed in 1946 by the United Nations general assembly on December 11. The purpose was to look after the welfare of European children after World war II.
  • Later on in the year 1950, the mandate was increased by the UN in order to help needy mothers and children in developing nations.
  • In the year 1953 UNICEF was officially added as a permanent member of the UN general assembly. The name was reduced into United Nations children’s fund. The popular acronym of UNICEF was however maintained as such.

Today UNICEF provides urgent relief aid’s to many needy mothers and children across the world. It is associated with 190 countries. It works with local communities and the government of various countries.

UNICEF believes in the equity of opportunities in basic living rights for all the children. Be it food, shelter, nutrition, education, health, and protection against violence, UNICEF is there for it. 

It focuses on five main things:

  • Violence and exploitation
  • Hunger
  • War
  • Disaster
  • Disease

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