UPS Full Form

By | December 22, 2021
UPS Full Form

UPS is an electrical device that provides power backup in case of sudden failure of power supply. It makes use of batteries to provide power supply for a limited time to avoid unexpected shut down of devices that require a constant power supply. The unexpected shut down of a device may cause loss of data or damage to the device itself.

For instance, a UPS can keep a PC running for certain minutes during a sudden power outage, giving you sufficient time to save your work and perform a clean system shutdown.

UPS Full Form

The full form of UPS is uninterruptible power source or uninterruptible power supply. A wide variety of UPS devices are available in the market that offers varying battery backup time and different features. The battery size is an important factor that decides the overall backup time offered by a UPS.

Types of UPS

There are two types of UPS that are as follows:

  • Line-interactive UPS: Line-interactive UPS is also known as disconnected UPS. At the point when power is sliced off, a line-interactive UPS provides battery backup to devices within milliseconds. Also, this type of UPS handles voltage fluctuations and ensures that the devices connected with it get a steady input voltage.
  • Online UPS: Online UPS supplies continuous power from its very own inverter. It has two downsides, the first one is that it is costly as compared to line-interactive UPS and the second one is that it uses a cooling fan, which makes it noisy.


UPS stands for uninterruptible power source or uninterruptible power supply, and it is an electrical device that provides battery backup to the devices connected with it. The main purpose of using a UPS is to prevent unexpected shutdown of devices like desktops and routers.

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