USB Full Form

By | October 5, 2021
USB Full Form

USB Full Form

USB: Universal Serial Bus

USB is used as a universal portable device that can be connected to our laptop, computers and such devices. USB is an industry-standard that stands for Universal Serial Bus.

USB is used to tag cables, connectors and communication protocols via this bus for connection, communication and power supply between electronics.

USB not only supplies us with electric power between devices such as mouse keyboard, printer, portable media players and disk drives and many more as such but also supports data transfer and makes it easier and less hectic to carry data along with us.


First built by a group of seven companies in 1994 by the following companies Compaq, DEC, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, NEC, and Nortel.

The purpose was to build a device that would work as an external source and could be easily connected to PC and work flawlessly across various platforms such as  Windows, Mac, and Linux.

How to connect a USB device with Computer

Just insert the USB drive/device in the computer port to connect it with the computer. When you connect the USB device on the computer, the port will detect the device and will start working. USB devices are the most commonly used device these days as it does not require to reboot your device upon connecting.

There are three basic sizes of USB connectors:

  • Standard size
  • Mini size
  • Micro size

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