Virus Full Form

By | October 5, 2021
Virus Full Form

VIRUS Full Form: Vital Information Resources Under Seize

Computer virus full form is Vital Information Resources Under Seize and these are also computer programs, which can be run on your computer system to perform a malicious task. When a Virus executes on a system it replicates itself by modifying computer programs and insert its own code, after insertion of Virus code in the specific program or complete system, it can affect the natural working of the system.

The virus is written to show the vulnerability of the program, and it also helps to show the shortcoming of a program. Every day hundreds of new viruses introduced online and companies that sell antivirus try to make antivirus of each one. Every year the computer virus causes damage to approx. 1 billion dollars worldwide.

In 1971 Robert Thomas introduced the first-ever computer virus and it was known as creeper virus and as an experiment, the virus infected the mainframe of ARPANET.

How does a Computer virus work?

There are two ways how a virus works, one is, as soon as the virus injected in a computer system it starts to replicate itself and the second is when a specific program runs the virus execute its malicious code to affect the program.

There are many cybercrimes can be done with the virus, they can steal your password records, data, or any confidential or private files. These days with the rapid increase in new viruses, they are capable of bypass any high-level Antivirus, so always update your antivirus and buy a robust one.

Types of Computer Virus

There are many types of computer virus and every day a new type of virus introduced, so here are some of the most common viruses.

  • Boot Sector Virus
  • Direct Action Virus
  • Resident Virus
  • Multipartite Virus
  • Polymorphic Virus
  • Overwrite Virus
  • Spacefiller virus

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