VISA Full Form

By | March 18, 2022
VISA Full Form

The exact meaning of Visa is Charta visa; In Latin, it’s lit i.e., the document that has been seen. Visa is a Legal paper that is issue to a person or a stamp on the passport of a person who is planning to travel to another country.

VISA Full Form

In simple words, it’s a permission given by a particular country to a person to come and stay in the country for a certain time period. Along with the VISA, it is also mandatory to take an immigration official’s approval at the time of entry in the country.

Different types of VISA

VISA varies on the basis of the purpose of flying to another country. Below mentioned are some common types of VISA:-

  • Tourist VISA: This VISA is for the people who are visiting another country just to explore, sightseeing, or to meet their friends.
  • Student VISA: The students who are willing to go to a different country for higher education needs this Visa.
  • Employment VISA: If someone is planning to work in a country, he/she needs Employment VISA.
  • Business VISA: For doing business in another country, you need a business VISA.
  • Medical VISA: For taking medical treatment in a country, you need medical VISA.
  • Emergency VISA: Emergency VISA is for the cases for e.g., death of loved ones, illness, or anything which needs immediate flying to another country.

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