1 - React (Front End)

React is not a web framework, but we have mentioned it here because it serves the same purpose as a web framework.

1 - Angular (Front End)

Angular is one of the best front-end web frameworks, designed by Google.

3 - Veu (Front End Framework)

VueJS can also be used to create single-page applications and user interfaces for web apps.

4 - Express (Backend Framework)

It is a back-end web application framework for building RESTful APIs with Node.js

5 - Ember (Front Framework)

Ember is among the best web development frameworks used by professional developers to build front-end web applications

6 - Backbone (Front Framework)

Backbone is a lightweight and efficient JavaScript library, and yes, it is not a web framework.

7 - Backbone (Backend Framework)

Django is the most popular Python framework used for building dynamic web applications.

8 - Ruby on Rails (Backend Framework)

Also known simply as Rails or RoR, Ruby on Rails is one of the oldest and most popular backends web frameworks.

9 - Spring (Backend Framework)

It is a Java Framework based on the Model-View-Controller architecture.

10 - Laravel (Backend Framework)

Laravel is an ideal framework for PHP developers who wish to take their PHP skills to the next level.