Tree Traversal

Traverse is one of the basic operations we apply to each data structure. In traverse, we visit every element or node of the data structure, traverse also help in searching operation when we have linear searching. Here we have provided a brief description and a python implementation of traverser operation on a binary tree.

MBA Full Form

MBA: Master of Business Administration MBA is a postgraduate certificate in a business organization that represents the Master of Business Administration. This is a prominent postgraduate program for the understudies who need to make their vocation in business the board.  MBA was basically originated in the late 19th century, first-ever business school was founded in… Read More »

API Full Form

API: Application Programming Interface API is an abbreviated form for application program interference. A request is placed on an operating system using API in case of an application program. The work is performed by the programmer. Anyone of the two types of interference is used such as graphical user interference or command interference. The operation… Read More »

SAP Full form

SAP: Systems, Applications, and Products SAP is an abbreviated form of systems, applications, and products. SAP is a company leading in software products. The main products of SAP are enterprise resource planning software development. The Company was found by Dietmar Hopp, Klaus Tschira, Hans Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner & Claus Wellenruther. All of them were… Read More »

Java Cheat Sheet

Java is an Object-Oriented programming language. It is the most powerful and widely used programming language. It is an Open Source, so everyone is free to use java. Available for cross-platform. Its byte code is platform-independent. Garbage Collected language The static type of language which fast performance.

Python Cheat Sheet

Python is a multi-paradigm general-purpose, object-oriented programming language It is a cross-platform programming language so code python file written in one system can be run same on different systems. Easy to learn. Simple Syntax and akin to pseudocode. Automatic Garbage Collection. It is an open-source programming language.

CSS Cheat Sheet

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets CSS provides styling to the static HTML page CSS introduced to replace the line-by-line styling attributes. CSS executes at client-side on the browser It is not a Programming language.