Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Linux has a galore of commands. Knowing all of them takes several years of experience and lots and lots of work. If you’re just starting out with Linux then you must begin with the basic Linux commands. Here in this article, we have provided some of the most elementary CLI commands in Linux, which we often use when… Read More »

Shell Commands in Linux

A shell is a computer program interface (generally, a command-line interface) that allows users to interact with the operating system using the instructions written in alphanumeric characters. A shell accepts human-readable commands and utilities, which are processed by the kernel for performing various tasks. Most shell programs make use of the terms standard input and standard output while… Read More »

df Command in Linux

Getting information about the mounts and disks associated with your operating system is a crucial task while operating the system. It helps you to manage different resources and remove unnecessary files when needed. In this article, we will discuss various examples and options related to df command utility in Linux. What is a FileSystem The filesystem of the… Read More »