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Ready to put an advertisement on our platform? Choose from one of our tailor-made advertisement options listed below.

Featured Tutorials

We will mark your course “Featured” on the relevant topic that will offer your course the ideal placement. Have multiple courses? No issues as we have multiple topics.


You can choose to display your ads on one or more of our topics pages. Other advertisement placement options include the TGB homepage, blog posts, and email banners on footers.

Direct Learner Outreach

We offer our advertisement partners the option to send promotion material via emails and push notifications to our users. You will be able to send these promotions with our internal tools.
To help you have better control over the outreach of your advertisement campaigns, we offer you specific targeting, such as users following specific topics and users with specific demographics.

Direct Educator Outreach

Educators are the users of TechGeekBuzz who submit and create content for the platform. We have options for advertisers looking to target our educators.

Why Techgeekbuzz?

TGB is a mushrooming community of developers, designers, and other tech people that offer the best online courses and study material.


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Choose and set up a payment option from our variety of options. All it takes is just a few minutes.

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We sell advertisements by auction, i.e., you will bid against other advertisers trying to reach the same audience as yours.

The Control is Yours

Start with setting your budget and then place a bid and schedule. You can start with any amount of budget and increase and decrease it at any time. Stop and resume your advertisements as you feel.

Our Previous Promotion Campaigns

Until now, we have promoted some of the biggest names on our platform.