Top 10 C++ Projects to Enhance Your Coding Skills

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Top 10 C++ Projects to Enhance Your Coding Skills

Aashiya Mittal
Last updated on December 20, 2022

    One of the best ways to get better in any programming language is to engage yourself in some projects. It will help you to enhance your coding skills. One of the commonly adopted programming languages is C++. Going through theory will definitely add some knowledge, but this is not the way to pick up real skills.

    The only way that you can understand the actual implementation of the C++ concepts is to work on C++ projects. Another good reason to indulge yourself in C++ projects is that you can add these projects to your resume for bagging better job opportunities.

    There is no doubt that having a good and innovative project on your resume will be great. The internet is full of C++ project ideas, from basic to advanced. It is better to start with a simple project. Once you build up confidence and skill, then you can work your way to more challenging projects that require more than just coding.

    In this article, we discuss some C++ projects that are suitable for a beginner. But before that, we will discuss why C++ is still essential in today’s industry.

    Importance of C++ in the IT Industry

    C++ extends the concepts of the C language. So if you have knowledge of C, then you can get along with C++ quickly. C++ has been widely used for creating a wide range of applications.

    There are various languages that are built using the C++ concepts, such as Java and Python. It is one of the essential languages if you want to enter the field of software development. If you are wondering why to choose C++ over other popular programming languages, then here are some convincing reasons:

    • With C++, you can have access to the Standard Template Library , which is nothing but a vast collection of compiled code. STL provides access to the definitions of the standard data structures, such as linked lists and queues.
    • C++ lets you easily and efficiently work with memory allocation and deallocation. You can use C++ to develop various software programs like browsers, word processors, and operating systems.
    • C++ lets you work closer to the hardware as well as including the modern-day features that make it a more preferred language over C. You can use C++ for developing compilers and interpreters. In fact, JavaScript’s V8, Python’s IDLE interpreter, and Java’s JVM are all built using the C++ language.
    • You can even use C++ language in embedded system software for security cameras and smartwatches.

    10 Top C++ Projects in 2022 With Source Code

    1. Currency Converter

    currency converter

    For practicing your C++ skills, nothing is better than working on basic C++ projects that will allow you to implement various C++ concepts in a simple way. In this C++ project, you will be able to create a currency converter that will convert the currency from one to another as specified.

    For this, you need a dropdown for switching the currency. You need to specify the type of output currency so the conversion can be done. You can add some features like restricting the input by ensuring that the conversion can only be done on the numeric value; else, an error will be displayed stating something like “Please enter a number.” Also, you must ensure that the conversion is done as per the latest currency value.

    You can download the source code here .

    2. Credit Card Validator

    Credit Card Validator

    Today, most people are using credit cards; thus, there is a requirement for a validation process that will check the validity of the credit cards before we make the actual payment. It is a better option that we create software for the purpose that will check the validity itself.

    For different types of credit cards, we need to ensure different validation processes that will first check the type of the credit card then will start the actual validation process. First, we can check if the entered credit card number is valid. In case if the number is not valid, then the validation process will stop and display an error.

    If you want to add more validation steps, then you can even add a dropdown that will allow you to select the type of credit card. This might be a simple project, but you need to have good knowledge of algorithms to implement it.

    Get the source code here .

    3. Digital Calculator

    Digital Calculator

    This is one of the easiest C++ projects that can be created by anyone and is mostly preferred. You can create a digital calculator that is GUI-driven and is easy to implement. In this project, the user needs to provide the input from the menu, and the processing will be done based on the logic and the data types in C++ .

    You need to ensure a validation that will allow the user to enter only numerical values to perform various operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. Also, you can implement the concept of data handling.

    Consider downloading the source code here .

    4. Tic-Tac-Toe


    C++ is majorly used for developing games and various game-related software. Even most of the famous gaming engines are powered by C++, such as Unreal Engine . Hence, there is no doubt you can choose C++ programming for creating games to showcase your skills.

    If we are talking about games, then you can start with creating a tic-tac-toe game that is one of the most basic games that can be created using C++. This game does not need complex implementation. You only have to work on the logic and algorithms of the game. You need to make sure the logic works properly for deciding who is the winner, along with changing turns to make the next move.

    Use the socket library to make the game a multiplayer game that allows the game to be played by players over the internet.

    You can download the source code here .

    5. Stopwatch


    Another simple GUI-based application you can create using C++ is a stopwatch, as it does not have that many functionalities to implement. This project will help you to enhance your concepts of the C++ graphics library. You can create the class of the graphics library to manipulate the time, or you can even use the predefined classes that come with the C++ language.

    The time needs to be counted down using the simple periodic function that will execute every second. You can work on the GUI that will make your project more appealing. For this, you can work on HTML and CSS.

    Check out the source code here .

    6. Student Management System

    Student Management System

    Some projects seem complex but are easy to implement. One such project is the student management system that will allow you to keep track of each and every student within a school along with maintaining their personal details. You can create this project at any level of complexity and consider various users like teachers and students.

    You can provide access to students to allow them to add and alter their details, submit their assignments, and give tests online. You can also provide access to teachers for managing each student's account in their class, checking their tests, taking classes, marking attendance, etc.

    There is good room for experimentation with this C++ project idea. If you think the project is very simple, then you can even add one more user type for parents. This will allow them to interact with teachers and students directly. This is a time-consuming project allowing you to implement almost all the C++ concepts that will showcase the proficiency of your skills.

    You can get the source code here .

    7. Hotel Reservation System

    Hotel Reservation System

    This is another one of the extensive C++ projects. Like the student management system, it is also a type of management system that is available for the hotels for keeping records of their reservations, bills, and guests. It helps the hotel manager to keep track of their visitors along with the staff working there.

    The hotel reservation system helps the managers to keep records of the staff, their leaves, shifts, and other details that will make their life simpler by eliminating the need to manually fill the registers to keep the records.

    Also, you can consider the scenario where people can look at the facilities of the hotel and make the required reservations by checking the availability through this system. You can also set up a notification system once the desired room or the facility becomes available again. This project will prepare you for handling more complex scenarios.

    Get the source code here .

    8. Digital Piano

    Digital Piano

    If you want to be creative with your C++ knowledge, then you can work on the digital piano project. It demands the knowledge of advanced C++ concepts. Digital piano is a GUI-based project where you have to click on the keys to make the sound. This project might look simple to you but requires a sound understanding of various C++ concepts.

    You need to implement the asynchronous function that will deal with the various audio libraries and will take some time to work. It will help you in assessing your understanding of multithreading in C++ .

    If the C++ project seems too simple, then you can add more functionality, such as recording the tunes that have been played on the piano. This will help you in improving your knowledge of audio functions and how to implement them. Also, you can add the feature to delete the tune if it does not sound good.

    You can download the source code here .

    9. Address Book

    Address Book

    Working on this project will help you to improve your concepts of data structures. You need to work on some functionalities, such as adding, updating, and deleting data from the address book. The address book project will help you to store your contacts that can be altered accordingly.

    You can even add a database to your project that will store all the details. So, the project will be connected to the database, and the changes will reflect in the database.

    Consider downloading the source code here .

    10. Search Engine

    Search Engine

    If you want to work on complex C++ projects, then creating a search engine will help you to achieve that. For this project, you need to do some extensive research. You can use one or more C++ frameworks for this C++ project, but you need to understand the same before proceeding with the project. Also, you need to work with networking that will help you to understand how to extract the data from the internet and then display it.

    Here is the source code you can download.


    C++ is one of the most widely adopted programming languages in today’s world. However, some beginners might feel it is complex, but once they understand its concepts, it becomes a powerful tool at your disposal. There are multiple other projects also available like free resume builder, How create webscraping with C++ and etc.

    One of the best ways to understand the underlying concepts of the popular programming language is to work on C++ projects that will help you in developing practical experience of the language. These projects will help you to showcase your skills in job interviews.

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    Using C++, you can develop a wide range of projects, including desktop applications, embedded applications, games, operating systems, web browsers, databases, and IoT devices.

    Some popular C++ project ideas for beginners are a currency converter, digital calculator, Tic-Tac-Toe game, student management system, stopwatch, address book, and hotel reservation system.

    Learning C++ may take around 3 to 4 months for absolute beginners. Not only will you learn the C++ language but also many significant programming concepts that form the base for learning any other new language.

    Yes, C++ is still in demand because of its versatility and features. It is the fourth most popular programming language, according to the TIOBE Index 2022. Many organizations still stick to C++ for developing robust software solutions.

    C++ and Python both the languages have their own strength and weaknesses. C++ outperforms Python in terms of speed and performance, whereas Python is an easy-to-learn language that comes with simple syntax and a wide range of applications.

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