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Every beginner who want to seek a career in web development always starts with front end web development. In front end development we use terms like HTML5, or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Beginners often get confused between the terms like CSS3 vs CSS or HTML vs HTML5. Here in this article, we will compare the two most common and confusing terms HTML and HTML5 before it lets have a brief explanation of both the terms. so let’s discuss HTML vs HTML5.


What is HTML?

In 1993 HTML came in existence it was created by Tim Berners-Lee who is also known as the father of World Wide Web. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, which is a standard markup language used to build web pages. For a better explanation of HTML, we have to split it into two which give us hypertext and markup. Hypertext means a technique by which we render the text models using the hyperlinks, as we know that HTML pages are static by nature and only able to show black and white text, it’s other scripting languages we use along with HTML that make pages more dynamic and attractive. A markup deals with the tags that we use in HTML, they give formatting to the HTML text content and also provides some feature to the HTML pages. Markup provides tags in HTML which are used to insert images, hyperlinks and even change the formatting of the HTML text.


HTML considered as the backbone of the World Wide Web because everything that we get displayed on the internet are basically HTML pages. Browsers like Chrome and Internet Explorer are the platform that runs the HTML code.

What is HTML5?

HTML5 first introduced in 2014, and if we want to explain it, we could say that HTML5 is the latest version of HTML itself. Since the HTML has introduced, developers putting their efforts for its further development, before HTML5 we had HTML4 and HTML3 but there was no hype of HTML up-gradation and developer did not use the term like HTML4 or HTML3 instead they prefer to say HTML.

But with the introduction of HTML5, everything changed, in 2014 when developers introduced HTML5 with new features which include some dynamic features too, instead of referring the only HTML they now use a term like HTML5. HTML5 is capable of performing some tasks which used to do with the help of JavaScript, in HTML5 W3C has introduced many APIs. Now each browser is able to run HTML5 files.

HTML vs HTML5: Head to Head Comparison 



HTML is a markup language which was introduced back in 1993 HTML5 is the latest version of HTML and it is also a markup language.


In HTML there was no support for video and audio In HTML5 we can insert audio as well as video files

Geographic location

HTML did not have any support for Geographical location. HTML would use JavaScript for user geographical location In HTML5 we have geographical location feature which means HTML5 itself able to tell the user geographical location.


HTML uses only cookies to store temporary data HTML5 uses a SQL database and cache to store data

Vector graphics

HTML use third-party technology such as VML, flash, server light, etc to support Vector graphic HTML5 comes with inbuilt vector graphics like SVG and canvas.

Drag and drop effect

HTML does not support simple drag and drop HTML5 support drag and drop effect.

Mobile support

HTML is not mobile-friendly HTML5 is more mobile-friendly

New elements

HTML did not have elements like nav and header HTML5 has nav and header elements

Socket supports

HTML did not have the socket support all the communication between client and server done through streaming In HTML5 we have web socket support which creates a full-duplex communication between client and server.

Error handling

HTML was not able to handle inaccurate syntax or any error HTML5 can handle errors


In HTML JavaScript run within the same thread as browser interface In HTML for JavaScript, we have web worker API


Now there is nothing we call HTML now whatever HTML file you run on your web browser, it considered as HTML5 file. Now every browser comes with the support of HTML5 and treats all HTML files as HTML5 files. So do not get confused with the terms like HTML and HTML5 both are same but HTML5 is the latest version of HTML.

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