7 Best Java Bootcamps to Upgrade Your Skill Set

By | November 10, 2021

Java is one of the most commonly used object-oriented programming languages. It is used for developing applications for a range of platforms. If you have sound knowledge of Java and its concepts then you will be able to master any other object-oriented language.

You can run Java on multiple platforms. Due to its immense benefits, you will come across various job opportunities with Java, including web developer, front-end developer, full-stack developer, and Java architect.

If you want to learn Java comprehensively then you can go through bootcamps that will ensure you learn the basics correctly and then implement them perfectly. Having theoretical knowledge is not enough to step foot in the IT world. You need to master practical knowledge to get considered over other candidates during interviews. You may find various online sources and Java Bootcamps for learning.

In this article, we will be focusing on various top-rated Java Bootcamps that will help you throughout your learning, along with various other benefits like offering a certificate of learning. But first, we will understand why we should learn Java and choose Bootcamps for learning Java.

Why Study Java?

Java has evolved from the two most popular programming languages; C and C++. But compared to them, Java is more user-friendly. It offers various functionalities that will easily handle the most complex work efficiently.

Java has an object-oriented approach for creating more innovative applications. If you are an experienced developer, then it will give you more room to grow and show your development skills and come up with the most versatile ideas.

Not only this, Java has its charm for the newcomers in the market and allows them to create applications that can be efficiently deployed on various platforms. You can use Java language for IoT and AI.


Reasons to Learn Java in 2022

  • It is among the most popular programming languages. Java powers more than 3 billion devices as per Oracle.
  • It was launched in 1995 and is one the oldest programming languages in the market that is still in trend and helping millions of developers to create innovative applications.
  • If you have the basic knowledge of Java and its object-oriented concept then you can learn any other language easily. Java acts as a stepping stone for students who want to pursue more complex programming languages.
  • It helps various learners to be eligible for many well-paying developer jobs. The Java language powers several server apps, Android apps, and financial apps. This increases its demand within the market, which will eventually dominate the job market for years to come.
  • Being an old language, Java comes with a large and active community, consistently contributing to it to make it even better and coping with the new trends in the market. Millions of Java developers are working to create amazing applications in various fields. The Java community helps newcomers and experienced people solve their problems, allowing them to share their knowledge on a public platform.
  • While considering the employment rate, there is no doubt that Java beats other programming languages to a greater extent. It is still in use in big companies, projects, and requires experts for doing so. Java not only provides good job opportunities to experienced but helps beginners to get good job offers with decent packages.
  • Another reason that you should go for Java is its support for extensive libraries and frameworks that help developers globally to add new functionalities easily. Many big companies like Google and Apache keep on releasing various Java libraries that are available as open-source. This makes Java development easier and more efficient.

Why Study at a Java Bootcamp?

Well, if you are looking forward to learning the Java programming language, then you can find various online sources that will provide you with in-depth knowledge of Java. Many famous websites are offering Boot camps for Java that will cover theoretical knowledge along with practical knowledge.

Today, employers prefer a candidate with multiple skills and one having hands-on experience along with theoretical knowledge. These boot camps not only help the newcomers but help the experienced to get their concepts clear. Other benefits of opting for a Java Bootcamp are mentioned below:

  • Building/Strengthening foundational skills – A Java Bootcamp will mainly focus on creating an excellent foundation as it covers all the rudiments of the Java programming language, along with all the core skills, in a matter of weeks.
  • Group dynamics – Bootcamps allow candidates to learn within small groups. This will give them a platform to collaborate, brainstorm, discuss problems, and learn from each other.
  • Practice sessions – Generally, boot camps are project-oriented that allow candidates to test their knowledge by creating small and big projects. Also, you can add these projects to your portfolio.
  • Networking – Choosing a Java Bootcamp will improve and expand your network. Some of the people you get involved with are experienced and may recommend you for your good work and open gates for better opportunities.
  • Cheaper than regular university courses – If you are looking to learn Java from top universities, then you need to spare a lot of money. Opting for boot camps will not put a hole in your pockets, and you will get good Java knowledge and hands-on experience.

Best Java Bootcamps

1. Coding Dojo

Coding Dojo is one of the most popular Java Bootcamp, offering courses in full-stack development. It covers various US states and helps students online for building the desired knowledge and expertise in Java.

  • You can avail of its additional programs like data science and web development.
  • Locations covered (offline) – Arlington, Dallas, Boise, Los Angeles, Orange County, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and Tulsa.
  • Course price – Starts at $15,995.
  • Payment options – Monthly installments and private loans.

This Bootcamp is entirely online, offering immersive training to students in software development and web development. It allows you with hands-on assignments and lives support from various instructors for solving your problems.

It is a 14-week course, providing students with Java, Python, and MERN stack. This Bootcamp will help you to get the dream job you desire.

2. CodingNomads

CodingNomads is a Bootcamp that provides you with the knowledge of Java and Python. It covers 5 countries and has made a great online presence for students wanting to learn from an online source.

  • You can avail of its additional programs for web development and data science.
  • Covered Locations (offline) – Bali, Barcelona, Koh Tao, Playa del Carmen, and Reno.
  • Course cost – Starts at $6,950.
  • Payment options – Income share agreement, monthly installments, and private loans.

CodingNomads offers a 10-week program for Java and Python. If you do not belong to the locations mentioned above, you can avail yourself of its online courses providing flexible plans and payment options.


3. DigitalCrafts

This Java Bootcamp offers both full-time and part-time courses. It provides some of the best Java resources that make you prepare better for Java job opportunities. If you are looking to start your career as a Java developer, you can definitely go for this Java Bootcamp.

  • Programs offered – Web development.
  • Location available (offline) – Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, and Tampa.
  • Course cost- $9,950 to $14,950
  • Payment options – Monthly Installments and private loans.

One of the most popular courses offered by DigitalCrafts is for Java named “Enterprise training and workshops.” But this course is available for select people. You need to qualify to attend the workshop, and then you can even customize your training from various options available.

4. Johns Hopkins Engineering Boot Camps

This Bootcamp for Java offers comprehensive training programs, offering additional courses like data science and development courses.

  • Programs offered – Data science and web development.
  • Course locations (offline) – Baltimore.
  • Course cost – $10,995.
  • Payment options – Upfront and private loans.

You can also avail of its part-time course on web development. The course is 24 weeks long and also includes CSS, HTML, Node.js, and MongoDB in addition to Java. This Java Bootcamp makes sure to offer training that will enhance the skill of the students for becoming backend and frontend developers. It provides a hands-on practice program that you can add to your portfolio for grabbing better job opportunities.

5. Skill Distillery

This Java Bootcamp is available in Denver, offering an intensive training program that lasts for 16 weeks.

  • Programs offered – Web development.
  • Course locations (offline) – Denver.
  • Course cost – $19,950.
  • Payment options – Upfront and private loans.

This Bootcamp offers a Java program that is divided into 3 units; server-side Java, Java programming, and front-end development. The major areas that these Java Bootcamp covers are; unit testing, fundamentals of programming, and Spring.

The Java Bootcamp allows students to learn the deployment of web-based applications and navigate server file systems. Once students are done with the program, they are eligible for the Oracle Certified Associate Exam.

6. Tech Talent South

This Bootcamp for Java is an online program that offers a wide range of courses and has campuses across the Sun Belt.

  • Programs offered – Digital marketing, product management, UX Design, data science, and web development.
  • Course locations (offline) – Wilmington, Atlanta, Hartford, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh, and more.
  • Course cost – Starts at $18,000
  • Payment options – Monthly installments and private loans.

This course lasts for a total of 8 weeks and mainly focuses on basic Java programming. It creates a strong foundation for enrolled candidates.

The Java Bootcamp not only provides an immersive curriculum but also provides community events, guest speaker series, etc., that help the students to create a strong network and get a chance to work with professionals.

7. Zip Code Wilmington

It is a popular online Bootcamp for Java offering full-time training programs for students who want to excel in Java. The Java Bootcamp lasts for 12 weeks.

  • Programs offered – Data science and web development.
  • Locations available (offline) – Wilmington.
  • Course cost – $12,000
  • Payment options – Upfront and private loans.

This Bootcamp offers 2 courses for Java that include the core Java program that focuses mainly on the design patterns, object-oriented programming, Git, project management approaches, and clean coding methods.

These classes are available on weekdays only with a minimum of 80-hour classes. The Java Bootcamp also focuses on the technical training of students by involving them in various career development tasks like networking and resume writing.


These boot camps might seem a bit costly but are a much cheaper option than enrolling yourself inexpensive Java courses offered by universities. You will get all the opportunities here along with better job prospects.

The Java bootcamps will help you cover all the important aspects of Java while providing you with an environment for hands-on practice for better learning. All the best!

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