Top Java Blogs, Websites and Newsletters for Programmers of All Levels

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Top Java Blogs, Websites and Newsletters for Programmers of All Levels

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on July 20, 2024

    Programming has never been easy. It is a continuously and quickly evolving field. Several important things go into a programmer’s handbook, regardless of the language one is adept in. You can’t do the programming by just typing several lines of code. Programming is the art of surviving and creating wonders to achieve success.

    In order to stay relevant and able to face new challenges, programmers need to take care of a lot more things than non-programmer generally thinks they ought to. Besides having robust programming knowledge and a crisp understanding of related technologies, programmers must keep themselves updated with the latest trends and conventions pertaining to their respective programming language(s).

    Every day, the world of programming has something new to offer. Therefore, masters of their respective trends always try to keep the community updated via means of different websites, blogs, and newsletters.

    As we all are living in an age where people are connected more than ever, it is really important to stay updated to survive, thrive, and grow. There are many blogs, websites, and newsletters that serve information about learning and advancing in Java. Obviously, not all of them are able to satisfy their objectives very well i.e. not all of them are equal. Hence, it is quite difficult to pick the best ones from the group.

    Do not worry though as we’ll help you to know some of the top Java blogs, websites, and newsletters to stick to for staying ahead in Java development.

    So, here we go!

    Top Java Blogs and Websites for Programmers of All Levels

    1. Adam Bien

    Type – Dedicated Java Blog In 1995, at the time of the release of JDK 1.0, a freelancer Java expert Adam Bien came up with his own Java blog that he has been updating continuously. Today, it is among the top Java blogs.

    There are thousands of Java professionals, learners, and enthusiasts from around the world who read his blog posts on a daily basis. He provides everything related to JavaFX and Java EE on his dedicated Java blog along with other useful Java information. He also posts videos that make the Java learning process simpler and effectual.

    Along with this, several eBooks are also available on the web resource. Adam Bien regularly organizes interactive web events and workshops on the blog, which are even better to learn and advance in Java.

    2. Baeldung

    Type – Dedicated Java Website Baeldung is another popular web resource for Java programmers. Anyone who is looking for the latest Java news, updates, and professional advice must follow this dedicated Java website.

    Apart from the Java-focused articles, written by a diverse range of Java professionals and experts, Baeldung also provides effective learning courses. Baeldung mainly focuses on HTTP Client information, Jackson, Java , Persistence, and REST APIs.

    The website gets new articles each day with no compromise in quality. In addition to tutorials and guides for Java, Baeldung also offers several in-depth tutorials on Spring Framework .

    3. JavaWorld

    Type – Dedicated Java Website JavaWorld; as we can see the name itself is explanatory of what the website is all about. It is among the top Java blogs to stay updated about the Java programming language as well as know more about Java-related technologies.

    JavaWorld is a community by Java people for Java developers. In addition to articles about Java and Java-related technologies, the website also offers information on Java programming as a career, open-source Java projects, and Java Q&As.

    It is a perfect place for newbies who want to start their programming careers with Java . The blog series named Java 101 is developed especially for those new to the object-oriented programming language . This covers topics such as APIs, packages, and syntax.

    Experienced Java experts can stay ahead in their game with regular updates about changes and additions made to Java and in-depth information on various Java tools. If you want to know about the opinions and viewpoints of industry leaders, JavaWorld is a great place to know them all.

    4. Java Revisited

    Type – Dedicated Java Blog Java Revisited is a comprehensive Java blog curated by Javin Paul. He is a Java professional with several years of industry experience. Java Revisited is among the top Java blogs followed by Java developers of different skill levels from around the world.

    The Java blog offers in-depth how-to and step-by-step Java guides. Therefore, this is an opportune learning platform for both beginners and as well as Java experts. Other than Java programming, the blog also focuses on FIX protocol and Tibco RV .

    The main attraction of this dedicated Java blog is the encouragement of readers to conduct interviews with Javin. Javin then collects some of the most relevant ones among all the queries asked and converts them into detailed blog posts.

    There are already hundreds of Java-focused articles available on the blog with several new ones published every week.

    4. jOOQ

    Type – Dedicated Java Blog The jOOQ blog is named so because it mainly focuses on jOOQ . Other than this, the blog also gives information about Java and SQL. A major portion of the blog primarily consists of how-to articles and step-by-step guides.

    The versatility of the blog is that it has something worth learning for Java programmers of every skill level. The frequency at which articles get published on the blog is wacky. However, this is not an issue as the blog already has lots of articles. The sequentially arranged sidebar allows users to easily navigate their way to a number of categories, including Java and Other Languages, SQL Tricks and Tips, and Thoughts on Programming.

    5. Miles to go 4.0 …

    Type – Tech Blog The 4.0 version of the Miles to go blog is here. Although not a dedicated Java blog, it is an ideal place to gain a good knowledge of Java. Its operator Arun Gupta is a multi-talented person.

    Among all other achievements, he is a Java Champion and JavaOne rock star. All posts on the blog are defined in a clear, concise, and easy to grasp manner. In addition to Java and Java EE, Miles to go blog covers AWS, Couchbase, and WildFly.

    Although there is no strict schedule followed by the blog in terms of publishing the posts, high quality is guaranteed.

    6. Thoughts on Java

    Type – Dedicated Java Blog Thoughts on Java is another great blog for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. The dedicated Java blog is operated by Thorben Janssen, a Java professional who is specialized in Hibernate with over 15 years of industry experience.

    Every week, 2 new well-structured blog posts are added to the dedicated Java blog. The blog covers everything ranging from Java news to in-depth guides. Other than the Java articles, one can also benefit from various online courses, workshops, and YouTube videos that are available at Thoughts on Java.

    Additionally, Janssen also offers on-site and open classroom training. Sign up at Thoughts on Java and enjoy the cheat sheets, downloadable eBooks, and printable Hibernate tips.

    7. Vlad Mihalcea

    Type – Dedicated Java Blog Vlad Mihalcea is a dedicated blogger and mentor whose blog has a reach of over 75k visitors in a single month. Also, he is one of the most famous Java experts and skilled professionals.

    With the miscellaneous articles available on his blog, there is something worth learning for Java developers of all levels. He aimed at Hibernate in the recent articles on the blog. The book entitled High-Performance Java Persistence is also written by blogger Vlad Mihalcea. It covers a discussion about batch updates, Java data access frameworks, connection management, fetch sizes, and Java data access performance tuning.

    Of course, most of the content of his book is inspired by the very posts published on the blog. In summary, we must say that Vlad’s blog is a must-visit for every developer who wants to go with Java programming. Besides adding more articles every week, the top Java blog offers on-site training, tutorials, and a video course.

    Java Newsletters

    1. JavaWorld

    Offered by JavaWorld, this newsletter features Java community news and is released every week. The Java newsletter also features Java tutorials and other helpful Java learning material. Hence, it is a great Java resource that anyone aiming for a lucrative career in Java programming must not miss.

    2. Java Code Geeks

    Curated by Java Code Geeks, this weekly newsletter covers all the latest news and happenings in the world of Java. Moreover, the newsletter also offers comprehensive articles on Java tools.

    3. Java Performance Tuning News

    In addition to covering all the latest news about Java performance , this monthly newsletter offers important tips and tricks for enhancing the same. It includes the Java The Hutt column and is curated by Jack Shirazi and Kirk Pepperdine.

    4. The Java Specialist’s Newsletter

    This monthly Java newsletter curated by Dr. Heinz Kabutz explores intricacies related to Java. It is one of the oldest Java newsletters with over 18 years of service. The newsletter is available in over 145 countries and more than 70,000 Java professionals like to go through it for advancing in their craft.

    5. The Java Weekly

    Baeldung, aside from being a top Java blog, also offers a newsletter dubbed The Java Weekly. The must-have resource for Java programmers covers news related to Java and Spring Framework. Also, it offers other Java-related information divided into a number of categories.


    In order to stay on top of the Java development game, it’s important to keep yourself updated on all the latest news and happenings pertaining to Java. The aforementioned top Java blogs, websites, and newsletters will ensure you stay a relevant artiste of the craft by continuously improving your Java skill set and knowledge base.

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