Write a program in C to check whether the number is a Palindrome number or not

By | October 4, 2021
Write a program in C to check whether the number is a Palindrome number or not

Here in this program, we will code to check whether an entered number is a palindrome number or not. let’s discuss the Palindrome Program in C.

Palindrome Program in C

What is a Palindrome number?

A palindrome number is a special number because it remains the same when its digit gets reversed.


For example, 16461 is a palindrome number if you reverse this number still, we get 16461.

By default, all the 1-digit numbers are palindrome numbers.

Statements we will use in this program

  • While loop
  • % (arithmetic modules)
  • If…else statement


  • First, we will ask the user to enter a number
  • Then using a while loop we will try to reverse the entered number using % and other athematic operation
  • At last, we will compare the reversed number with the entered number
  • If the number match, we will print the number is a palindrome if not we print its not a palindrome number.

Palindrome Program in C

void main()
int num,x, y=0,rev;
printf("Enter a Number: ");
rev= num;
   x= rev%10;

                printf("%d is a palindrome number",num);
                printf("%d is not a palindrome number",num);



Enter a Number: 14641
14641 is a palindrome number

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