PHP Tutorial

    PHP Tutorial

    PHP or you can call it PHP hypertext preprocessor which is a programming language that is used to help web developers to create content that is dynamic and can interact with the database with many of PHP’s features. With the help of PHP, you can develop web-based applications and dynamic web pages.

    Why consider learning PHP?

    PHP was released in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf as a small scale open-source project which was later recognized by many people. Now, people are amazed to see how PHP has evolved to provide amazing features. If you want to start your career in the web development field then PHP can be the best option that you can opt for. PHP comes with the list of below advantages and characteristics-

    • PHP is logical and organized which makes it easy to learn and understand.
    • As the project functionality changes over time so there arises the need for a flexible language and PHP has the ability to make such changes over the course of the project.
    • PHP has great compatibility with all operating systems and can be easily integrated without efforts.
    • PHP is highly scalable when it comes to coding and creating large applications or projects.
    • PHP is open-source and is easily available and is compatible with other open-source applications which make it cost-effective.
    • Web developers feel free with PHP to use its easy code, to apply different tags, no need to code in any specific manner. It allows developers to have complete control over their features.

    Where can you apply PHP?

    You can apply PHP for various purposes within your project. Some of the actions are as below-

    • Manage files with different operations.
    • Handling forms that allow gathering information and transferring that information where you want it to.
    • Making changes to the database elements.
    • Changing the user access information to ensure security.
    • Encrypting the data

    Demo PHP Example

    Below is the small PHP program that will give an outlook on how you are going to code.

       <title>Welcome! Learn PHP Here</title>
       <?php echo " Welcome! Learn PHP Here ";?>


    If you are going to step ahead with PHP programming then you should be having some prior knowledge about computer programming, database, HTML syntax, and tags.

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