What is Programming?

By | November 3, 2019

There is no doubt that computers are more efficient and reliable than Human beings because they can calculate and process billion times faster than an average human, but at last a computer is just a device which works on a given set of instruction which is designed by humans. A computer is just a box with some random hardware if it does not contain any program, software or application. It’s a program which makes a computer to do those things which a human could do. So, there is a relatable term we use when creating a program which is known as Programming. Here in this article, we have covered what is programming and how it is different from an interchangeable term coding.

What is Programming?

Programming means write a set of instructions so the computer can work efficiently. There are many programming languages out there and programming language categories into two types high level and low-level programming languages, and there are many types of high-level and low-level programming languages, even though the term programming is less or more depending upon the programming languages.

Programming is more than just solving a problem it not only involves the solution but also estimates and take count for the efficiency, reliability, robustness, and readability of the program. We can have different algorithms to solve a problem but a programmer who writes the program, use the best algorithm in his programming.

Coding vs Programming

Coding and programming often use to refer to the same term, but in Computer science, these two terms have some disparity. In a nutshell, we can say that Coding is a subset of Programming.

A computer science first learns coding then programming, to learn coding we use programming languages. We can say that coding completely depends on specific programming languages, whereas programming is not.

When we use programming or call a person programmer we talk about a complete package, which means, that a person can not only create a program or write some code but can also bring that complete program in its best efficiency.

Programming and programmer term refers to professional, skilled developers and it is a Formal approach in Computer science, while coding and coders are the informal approaches.

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