Best IT Certifications for Beginners

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Best IT Certifications for Beginners

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on June 14, 2024

    If you are planning to start a career as an IT professional, then here are some of the best IT certifications for you to kickstart your career in the world of technology.

    IT or Information Technology is taking over the market by storm.  It has become the most sought-after domain as it offers the highest paying jobs.

    The demand for skilled professionals in the industry has grown manifold due to the rapidly increasing technologies and the dependence of the industries on them. Many new and emerging technologies like Big Data, Cloud Computing, IoT, DevOps, etc. have seen a massive curve in their demand and therefore become the hottest choice of individuals. Due to their novel nature and still being in the infant stage, these IT technologies have a limited number of skilled professionals, thereby adding to their demand.

    Therefore to sail in the ship of technology, a lot of individuals are heading towards pursuing IT Certification Courses which can add stars to their resume and upscale their skills. To help such students, we have curated a list of the Best IT Certifications for Beginners that can help the aspirants kick-start their journey in the technological world.

    Best IT Certifications for Beginners

    The list has been made keeping in mind the ease of learning, highest reimbursement against the skill, growth, and many such factors.

    1. Big Data Certification

    Big Data Certification

    Big Data has emerged as a new buzz in the tech industry. The companies and industries today are on a hiring binge for big data professionals with demonstrated aptitudes and skills. They generally favor the experts with applicable information and involvement with the field, and the organizations are eager to pay alluring reimbursement packages to such experts. This is why there is an immense interest in big data certifications in the market today. Thus, it is crucial to get the correct approval for your abilities, particularly when you are searching for Big Data employment for freshers. Certifications solve the purpose for you by introducing your aptitudes better. Accreditations give you a serious edge over the different possibilities to launch your vocation in Big Data.

    • Advantages: High Salary, Competitive Advantage, Exponential Growth of Big Data Market
    • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Java and Linux.
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: INR 3617 per month

    2. Ethical Hacker Certification

    Ethical Hacker Certification

    There is no uncertainty that on the off chance that you need to turn into a hacker, you will be stacked with abundant responsibilities. Ethical hacking is one such field that is renowned and has incredible scope. And without any doubt, it is very high-paying. Today, you can discover Certified Ethical Hackers working with probably the best and biggest organizations across enterprises like social insurance, finance, government, vitality, and considerably more! This field is fancied by many but taken up by few.

    • Advantages: Advancement in your security career, high-paying job, government jobs
    • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of programming languages, mathematical skills
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: USD 1199

    3. ITIL Expert

    ITIL Expert

    ITIL stands for Information Technology Information Library. It is a framework that depicts best practices for structuring, actualizing, and dealing with a wide range of IT administration ventures. In ITIL-speak, certifications are alluded to as "capabilities," which make an exemplary accreditation stepping stool starting with the essential level ITIL Foundation and finishing with the zenith ITIL Master. One bar beneath the Master level is the mainstream ITIL Expert. An expert with the ITIL Expert capability has a profound comprehension of ITIL administration best practices as they apply over an IT domain, not simply to one service zone. At the end of the day, the Expert can bolster an association by crossing over service lifecycle stages, considering the final picture as a collection of the parts.

    • Advantages: Improved competence, high salary, better management of business risks.
    • Prerequisites: No prerequisites
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee:  USD 70-300.

    4. CRISC Expert

    CRISC Expert

    One of the most desired GRC certifications by recruiters and candidates is the CRISC  which recognizes IT experts who are liable for overseeing IT and undertaking hazards and guaranteeing that ensure that the administration objectives are met. A CRISC is frequently intensely engaged with administering the advancement, execution, and support of IS (information system) control intended to make sure about frameworks and oversee hazards. As a CRISC, you carry extra polished methodology to any association by exhibiting a quantifiable standard of information, seeking after proceeding with instruction, and holding fast to the setup standard of morals.

    • Advantages: Increased value in the organization, competitive advantage, help in IT risk management
    • Prerequisites: Have a minimum of three years of work experience
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: INR 420 (limited time offer).

    5. VMware Certified Professional

    VMware Certified Professional

    VMware makes server and work area virtualization programming that streamlines IT tasks over the general IT foundation, in data centers, all through the cloud and on mobile phones. As a pioneer in the virtualization space, VMware certifications are an unquestionable requirement for some IT experts, particularly the individuals who work in data centers and bolster virtual situations. VMware certifications depend on some variant of its restrictive innovation – primarily, vSphere – which implies VMware certifications change because of innovation changes. Know, however, that affirmation refreshes frequently slack the arrival of new virtualization innovations.

    • Advantages: Higher career progression, Acquire VMware digital batch, global recognition for technical skills
    • Prerequisites: Basic knowledge about virtual machines and Linux
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: USD 250.

    6. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

    Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

    Appearing in 2017 and making it to the highest priority on the rundown this year is the Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, the certification that permits IT, experts, to confirm as cloud designers on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Finishing this course guarantees you'll have the ability to configure, create, and deal with Google's cloud engineering utilizing GCP advancements.  Winning this certificate involves profound information on what solutions apply in various situations. Cloud abilities are sought after and acing Google's devices for secure, versatile, and dependable arrangements will be basic to most associations for years to come.

    • Advantages: Validates your IT skills, adds credentials to your resume, brand name of Google.
    • Prerequisites: 3+ years of hands-on experience, including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: USD 200.

    7. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

    AWS Certified Developer – Associate

    The AWS Certified Solutions confirmation is back on the rundown this year. The AWS Certified Solutions Architect test tests your ability in planning frameworks on AWS. On the off chance that you have hands-on involvement in AWS benefits and are accustomed to architecting huge scope dispersed frameworks, at that point, this course might be actually what you're searching for. The test takes 80 minutes and is managed at PSI focusing on the United States.

    • Advantages:  Ability to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS, high-paying job
    • Prerequisites: At least one programming language, understanding of core AWS, ability to use CI/CD pipeline, knowledge of application lifecycle management, and knowledge of containers in the development process.
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: USD 150.

    8. Certified Information Systems Security Professional

    Certified Information Systems Security Professional

    A Certified Information Systems Security Professional or a CISSP is a prepared expert or specialist, for the most part with a title like Security Manager, Security Analyst, or Chief Information Security Officer, to give some examples. This individual must have been at work for at least five years and has intensive information on the IT risk scene, including rising and progressed industrious dangers, just as controls and innovation limit the assault surface. A CISSP additionally makes approaches that help set the structure for legitimate controls and can perform or regulate chance administration and programming advancement security.

    • Advantages: Improved IT security skills, better job opportunities, increased productivity
    • Prerequisites: A minimum of 5 years of paid work experience in 2 or more domains of the CISSP
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: INR 420 (limited time offer).

    9. Certified Information Security Manager

    Certified Information Security Manager

    A Certified Information Security Manager or a CISM's primary concern is data security management. Their main focus is on planning and designing security conventions as well as to deal with an organization's security. As CISM, you'll approach lines of business outside of IT, putting your eye to eye with organization partners. CISM are generously reimbursed as a CISM can make a normal of $100,000+ every year.

    • Advantages: Worldwide recognition as a skilled professional, access to valuable resources like idea exchange, and peer networking.
    • Prerequisites: A minimum of 5 years of experience in information security management and related fields.
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: INR 420 (limited time offer).

    10. Project Management Professional

    Project Management Professional The Project Management Professional course holds worldwide principles of greatness for approving the abilities and information fundamental in a task supervisory group. This is an industry-perceived accreditation that encourages people to comprehend the functionalities of undertaking the management at more extensive skylines. After fulfillment of this course, an individual will have the option to start, plan, execute, screen, control, and close an undertaking effectively, irrespective of any industry.

    • Advantages: Increased salary and earning potential, better management skills
    • Prerequisites: Secondary degree, 7,500 hours+ experience of leading and directing projects
    • Course Link: Click Here
    • Course Fee: USD 555


    The above-given list of the best IT certifications comprises some of the most sought-after and high-paying IT courses in the market today. The IT market is very volatile and keeps on changing every day. New technologies come in, and old ones get flushed.  Therefore, it is crucial that the professionals get adapted to new technologies, and the beginners begin with the ones that have the highest demand. IT certifications can add considerable weightage in your resume and make you a preferred choice of recruiters. Not just that, keeping up with technology can help you grow your business and add new horizons to it altogether.

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