Best C Certifications to Get in 2024

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Best C Certifications to Get in 2024

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on July 13, 2024

    Since its introduction at Bell Labs in 1972, the C programming language has remained at the forefront of the programming world. From its origin as a basic tool for building programs that could run on the Unix platform, the programming language has come a long way; today it is widely used for developing software and games.

    This general-purpose programming language has influenced other programming languages, both directly and indirectly, during its lifespan of almost five decades. C#, Go, Java, Perl, PHP, and Python are just a few examples of the programming languages inspired by C. Thus, having a good command of this language can help you to progress in your career.

    In this blog post, we have listed the best C certifications and courses to enhance your knowledge of the C programming language and get better job opportunities.

    A Brief Introduction to C Language

    C is a widely-used general-purpose programming language that is easy to learn and execute. It is a device-independent structured programming language that is popularly used to create a wide variety of applications, operating systems, and other sophisticated projects such as the Oracle database, Git, Python interpreter, etc. C can be considered a programming foundation.

    You may quickly comprehend the knowledge of other programming languages that employ the notion of 'C' if you know 'C.' The following are some of the key advantages of the C programming language:

    • Procedural Language: C program's instructions are carried out one by one.
    • Portable: C programs are portable, meaning they may be moved from one platform to another and operate with no or few modifications.
    • Speed: C programming is quicker than most other programming languages, such as Java and Python.
    • General Purpose: Operating systems, embedded devices, databases, and other applications may all benefit from C programming.

    Best C Certifications

    1. CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate

    The C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA) is a professional credential that examines a candidate's competence to code in the C programming language. This C certification program covers popular library operations and the use of the preprocessor in the C language, along with basic programming techniques, conventions, and vocabulary. Before taking the certification examination, you need to have a clear understanding of the following:

    • The fundamentals of computer programming as well as developer tools.
    • The syntax and semantics of the C language as well as C data types .
    • Application development with standard language architecture.

    Exam Details

    • Examination Title: CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate (CLA – C Certified Associate Programmer)
    • Code: CLA
    • Time limit: 65 minutes for examination and 10 minutes for reading NDA or Tutorial
    • Total Questions: 55
    • Question type: Single-choice, Multiple-choice questions
    • Passing percentage: 70%
    • Examination cost: 295$
    • Language(s): English

    2. CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer Certification

    The CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer credential means exactly what it says on the label. It's for people who want to start programming in the C language. Take a look at what this C certification exam will evaluate:

    • Knowledge of using the standard language infrastructure and the ability to develop and debug basic C applications.
    • Familiarity with data types, typecasting, conditional statements, memory management, functions, runtime environment, and other universal programming principles and developer tools.
    • Basic knowledge of the C programming language, including semantics and syntaxes

    Exam details

    • Examination Title: CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer
    • Code: CLE-10-01
    • Time limit: 45 minutes for the examination, 5 minutes for the non-disclosure agreement/tutorial
    • Total Questions: 55
    • Question type: Single-choice questions, multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, drag & drop
    • Passing percentage: 70%
    • Examination cost: $295
    • Language(s): English

    3. CLP: C Certified Professional Programmer

    The C Certified Professional Programmer (CLP) is a popular C certification that assesses your competence to write code in C language along with your knowledge of advanced C programming topics. Additionally, the certification also covers advanced programming approaches, such as library functions and the use of a high computing preprocessor. You should have a good understanding of the following topics to pass the certification exam:

    • Managing a large number of variables ().
    • I/O at a low level ().
    • Strings and memory ( et al.).
    • Threads and processes.
    • Float and int ( et, al.).
    • The fundamentals of network sockets

    Exam details

    • Examination Title: CLP – C Certified Professional Programmer
    • Code: CLP-12-01
    • Time limit: 65 minutes for exam and 10 minutes for reading documentation
    • Total Questions: 55
    • Question type: Single-choice, Multiple-choice questions
    • Passing percentage: 70%
    • Examination cost: $295
    • Language(s): English

    Retake Policy of Certification Examinations

    During reattempts, you must adhere to several terms and conditions that are as follows:

    • If an applicant fails an examination, he or she should wait for 15 days before being permitted to retake it.
    • Candidates can retake this test unlimited times.
    • A cleared exam cannot be retaken. Candidates are not allowed to improve their scores by retaking an exam.
    • Any applicant who has paid the full exam cost or has completed the CLA certification program in the C Education Platform in self-study mode is entitled to one free re-attempt at the CLA exam.
    • If a candidate satisfies certain conditions and wishes to get a free voucher to retake a failed test, then they must complete and submit the retake voucher request form within 365 days after failing the exam.
    • After completing the request, a voucher for a free retake of the test will be sent to the candidate's email address. The vouchers would be valid for a minimum of 45 days.

    Courses to Prepare For C Certifications

    1. Introductory C Programming Specialization

    This specialization course will meet your needs if you wish to address the challenges in writing efficient C programs. The four sections of this course will teach you how to create algorithms methodically, practice challenges, and implement various concepts of C. Before dealing with the system and managing memory, learn the basics of the language and debug code. After completing the lessons, you will be prepared to pursue a career in software development.


    • The four sections of this course go through each subject in great detail and at a perfect pace.
    • The goal of this course is to cover the fundamental principles of C while also providing enough practical experience
    • The teachers of this course are some of the most well-known names in the world of C programming.
    • This is a beginner-level course, so students with no prior experience can register for it.

    2. C Programming for Beginners Course – Master the C Language (Udemy)

    This course will help you to learn about variables, data types, functions, arrays, and various other important concepts in C. Learn how to write good code and solve problems quickly. You will develop a solid grasp of the fundamentals of C along with the skills necessary to apply for a professional C developer role.


    • This course is a great way to get started with C.
    • Learn basic to intermediate C features, including pointers.
    • There are a lot of programming exercises to help you improve your programming skills.
    • The lectures are made more enjoyable and understandable by using interactive code examples.
    • The course is available at a reasonable price on the popular e-learning platform Udemy.

    3. C Tutorial & Training Online (LinkedIn Learning)

    LinkedIn Learning offers a set of six courses for learning C that range from beginner to advanced level. You may either finish all of the training at once or pick the one that best suits your experience level. There are other classes particularly geared to help you enhance your coding abilities. For practice, the code clinics include common coding questions and their solutions. You can opt to take courses focused on the usage of C in embedded applications after completing these courses to enhance your knowledge and develop IoT solutions.


    • The lessons are well-designed, with many useful examples and demos.
    • Each concept is accompanied by a sample code that demonstrates its real-world usage.
    • Along with code workshops, practice the questions that are accessible in the exercises.
    • The lectures include step-by-step instructions on how to begin the assignments.
    • Exercises are available for both online and offline training.
    • For the first month after enrollment, all study materials are available for free.

    4. C Programming Tutorial – Complete Tutorial For Beginners (Udemy)

    Technical interviews are an essential part of the hiring process for developers. So, if you're new to programming and want to land a C developer job, this program will assist you in doing so. The videos, which are primarily intended for beginners, cover all the fundamental principles of C from the ground up. The course begins with simple programs and progresses to more sophisticated ones. You'll be ready to grasp more advanced C concepts and confidently answer technical questions in interviews once you've completed the sessions.


    • The course covers the fundamentals of C and also helps you become familiar with the commonly asked C interview questions.
    • There are a lot of tasks to help you cement your knowledge and clear up any coding questions you might have.
    • You will learn important concepts like storage classes, recursion, pointers, and dynamic allocations with appropriate examples.

    5. C Programming with Linux (edX)

    This seven-course learning program will help you learn how to develop, understand, and debug C programs as well as get familiar with the Linux operating system. You don't need to install any software to follow along with the lectures, and you can start studying right away using the coding tools. Work on guided exercises and complex projects to improve your programming abilities. It is one of the most popular C learning programs with a well-established syllabus and relevant tasks.


    • The lectures will walk you through the basics of C as well as Linux.
    • Create programs to solve problems, and then test and debug your code.
    • To get a better understanding of real-world issues, interpret, evaluate, and implement key computer algorithms.
    • Observe, optimize, and modify computer memory securely by using pointers.
    • The training is broken down into seven stages, each with its own set of tests, making it simple to follow along.


    Having a C certification can help you get the opportunity to work for top-tier IT businesses. Also, a certification duly acknowledges your time and efforts by providing credits and a certificate. For any software engineer, accomplishing a C certification is a great feat. In this article, we have talked about the best C certifications and courses that will help you become familiar with various aspects of the C programming language.

    Getting one of these certifications can help you become eligible for several internships and also unlock various career opportunities. So, you need to choose a certification that suits your requirements as well as your budget.

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    There are three popular C certifications, namely CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate, CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer Certification, and CLP: C Certified Professional Programmer.

    As a beginner, you should consider pursuing CLE – C Certified Entry-Level Programmer Certification. It is perfect for anyone who wishes to start their programming journey with C.

    For experienced individuals, CLP: C Certified Professional Programmer is the best C certification. It validates one's knowledge of writing clean and optimized C programs using C programming concepts.

    Choose the certification from the above list according to your experience level and expertise. Undergo training to learn C in-depth, appear for the certification exam, and get the passing score to earn the C certification.

    CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate is ideal for professionals having an in-depth understanding of C fundamentals and semantics and syntax of C. Also, candidates must be able to code in the C language.

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