Python Hello World Program

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Python Hello World Program

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on May 30, 2024

    Printing Hello World would be the first program you will encounter in any programming language. This represents that you write your first code where you give instructions to the computer to say Hello World.

    Python Hello World Program

    print("Hello World!")


    Hello World!

    If we compare Python with other programming languages, the same example would have taken more than 5 lines of code to print the same statement.

    C++  Hello World Program

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
           cout<<"Hello World";
           return 0;

    This C++ program is similar to the above Python program. Both are supposed to print the 'Hello World' statement. In the above examples, you can see that, with Python, we have to write less code compared to the C++ programming language. This is what makes Python a beginner-friendly programming language.

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    We have written simple Python and C++ programs that print 'Hello World.' While Python accomplishes the task of printing the given statement in one line, C++ requires you to write five lines for the same. So, Python has a simple and easy-to-grasp syntax that majorly uses English keywords.

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