10 Top Agile Testing Tools to Develop High Quality Software

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10 Top Agile Testing Tools to Develop High Quality Software

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on July 13, 2024

    Software testing needs to be executed with 360 degrees of coverage and scalability. To ensure the same, software analysts and professional programmers leverage agile testing software. Agile testing is a type of software testing implemented on the core principles of Agile development methodology, one of the most popular SDLC methodologies .

    The popularity of agile development has showered the software industry with a wide range of agile test automation tools. These tools automate the whole process of agile testing with utmost accuracy and precision, requiring less manual intervention. Hence, it saves time and effort.

    Top Agile Testing Tools

    1. PractiTest


    PractiTest is a comprehensive and optimally managed agile test management tool with attractive features that too at affordable and valuable prices. The valuable amenities of PractiTest make sure you get comprehensive agile testing.


    • Takes into account the requirements and test runs, results, and reporting.
    • Provides detailed and insightful reports.
    • Centrally controls the whole testing process and guides at each step.
    • Can display and mediate information to team members, thereby facilitating team collaborations.
    • Compatible for integrating with Jenkins, JIRA, TestComplete, etc.
    • Can import the data without any hassle.
    • Execute complex database queries in no time.
    • Can reuse tests.
    • Allows viewing and controlling ALM in real-time.
    • Provides enhanced privacy.
    • Imbibed with increased security and reliability.

    The agile testing framework is available with the following pricing plans:

    • Professional: $39 per user per month
    • Enterprise: $49 per user per month
    • Unlimited: On quote

    Although no free version is available for PractiTest, it provides a 14-day free trial period.

    2. Usersnap


    Another apt solution for coming up with relevant agile test cases is Usersnap. It is an automation agile testing tool enabling software analysts and programmers to capture screenshots of software bugs or anomalies. Usersnap has many valued features that make it a preferred tool in the software testing market.


    • Compatible with a wide range of web browsers.
    • Maintains website speed.
    • Allows easy connection between users and clients.
    • Advanced reporting.
    • Can record errors.
    • Provision for hassle-free data export.
    • Offers a split-screen view.
    • Cloud-hosted.
    • Easy and quick installation.

    Usersnap provides a 2-week free trial. The pricing plans for the agile performance testing tool start from $9/month.

    3. JunoOne


    With efficient performance and reliable testing, JunoOne is a sophisticated and well-designed agile testing tool. It can successfully and optimally integrate with JIRA, thereby imposing no limitations on integration. JunoOne runs elevated coverage tests for agile test case management. It also assists in organizing the work and testing schedule, managing individual steps of testing, and whatnot! It provides complete security and safety throughout the testing process, thereby mitigating any data leak issues.

    The completely stable and flexible interface of JunoOne makes sure you get agile testing done fast. The dashboard is easy to navigate and has a quick response time. The whole system is well managed and stabilized. The platform is available in startup, business, and enterprise plans.

    4. TestRail


    If you are looking for reliable testing in agile at affordable prices, TestRail could be your fit! The platform is designed with authentic agile testing practices with a modern approach. The tool is owned and managed by Gurock Software Company.

    Due to its stability and authenticity, TestRail is currently in use by various tech giants, such as Oracle, Microsoft, Intel, and HP. The web-based agile testing framework provides easy and optimum solutions for the agile testing of software products.


    • Can efficiently manage test cases.
    • Able to track records and results with insightful parameters.
    • Compatible for integrating with JIRA, Jenkins, and Selenium.
    • The cloud version eliminates the need for installation and setup on the system.
    • Can send an email notification.
    • Interactive and easy-to-navigate dashboard.
    • Allows easy integration with Bugzilla , Rally, TFS, and FogBugz.
    • Have provision for filter options to filter and select test cases.
    • Stores detailed test histories.
    • Generates comparison reports as well.

    The platform provides a free trial and is available in two paid plans; TestRail professional cloud at $34/per user/per month and TestRail professional server at $351/year.

    5. VersionOne


    VersionOne is a testing tool used by Fortune 100 companies. It has been in action since 2002. It serves as an agile project management tool to assist in agile methodologies, such as XP, Lean, and Scrum.


    • Supports a drag-and-drop interface.
    • It has elevated accuracy in detecting bugs and anomalies.
    • Provision for integration with JIRA, Jenkins, GitHub, etc.
    • Provides centralized project management throughout the testing process.
    • Offers seamless and easy backlog management.
    • Allows customization of results based on business goals.

    VersionOne is considered ideal for enterprises and provides end-to-end visibility. It offers easily scalable tests and facilitates interactive team collaborations.

    6. Selenium WebDriver

    Selenium WebDriver

    An agile testing automation tool, Selenium WebDriver is widely used and adopted by novice as well as expert software quality analysts. The tool is web-based and supports browser or web-based applications only.


    • Supports keyword-driven testing.
    • Has a compact object-oriented API.
    • No need for initializing.
    • Simple and concise.
    • Possesses multi-language support.
    • Elevates speed and provides top-notch performance.
    • Can handle and process dynamic web elements.
    • Compatible with different operating systems.
    • Can reuse the test cases.
    • Supports a diverse range of testing frameworks.
    • Allows cross-device testing.

    Selenium WebDriver mimics real-user behavior, thereby providing critical insights into the user interface and user experience over software.

    7. qTest Scenario

    qTest Scenario

    qTest Scenario is a JIRA plugin leveraged extensively for agile testing. It is designed and built for BDD, ATDD, and TDD approaches. qTest Scenario enables programmers and developers to quickly identify anomalies, execution glitches, et cetera in software. It doesn't propose any limitations on the export and import of data. The in-built Gherkin editor provides feature development. It aids the test creation process manually through JIRA and automatically with Ruby or Maven. qTest Scenario provides increased coverage and flexibility of tests.

    The generated reports after testing can be freely customized to get a better understanding of the agile compatibility of software. It can be integrated with Cucumber as well. qTest Scenario is believed to increase productivity. The further availability of test analytics from the end user’s point of view improved solutions and advanced software development cycles.

    8. Pivotal Tracker

    Pivotal Tracker

    It is a tool based on agile methodology. Pivotal Tracker assists in simplifying the process of agile testing by breaking down massive and hefty projects into smaller and simpler tasks.


    • Helps in iteration planning.
    • Improvises team collaborations.
    • Generates real-time progress that helps with regular status updates.
    • Provides configuration updates.
    • Supports drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Stores project history.
    • Can integrate with GitHub.

    The platform provides a 30-day free trial to comprehend its valuable and insightful features. The available plans are: Start-Up for $10/ month for 6-10 collaborators, Standard for $6.50/collaborator/month for 11+ collaborators, and Enterprise that features flexible pricing.

    9. Zephyr


    Zephyr is a real-time agile test management tool. It is a modern testing tool with authentic and reliable performance. It can single-handedly manage the various processes of agile testing effectively. The platform offers integration with Selenium, Jenkins, JIRA, etc. It also has functionality for importing user stories, thereby can maintain and stabilizing traceability.

    Not only this, but Zephyr can also create interactive and productive tests. Its ability to modify test cases is also good. Zephyr improves the software development cycle and also assists in developing well-managed, controlled, and stable products. Zephyr is also fit to work with other popular SDLC methodologies, such as Waterfall and v-Model.

    10. QMetry


    An open-source agile testing tool, QMetry is equipped with many features. The agile testing software comes with a stable framework to support programmers and software analysts through the thick and thin of the agile testing process.


    • Specifically designed for DevOps.
    • Customized metrics and analytics.
    • It can be leveraged as a plug-in for JIRA.
    • Easy integration with Bamboo, ALM, Rally, Selenium, etc.
    • Can create and organize more agile testing cases and user stories.
    • Supports drag and drop.
    • Interactive dashboard with optimum customization.
    • It can increase the speed without compromising the accuracy and reliability of tests.
    • Can create and reuse modular test cases.
    • Supports step-by-step test evolution.
    • It can also provide real-time reporting.
    • Increased coverage.


    Agile testing is no child’s play and needs continuous optimization. To achieve the same, there are efficient and excellent agile test automation tools available. Although we have listed 10 of the best ones here, there are many more agile testing tools that are great. Picking the right tool will boost your agile testing process as well as assist in developing better and improved products performing optimally on all parameters.

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