Python Program to Find LCM

By | October 3, 2021

Here we have provided a python source code that asks the user to enter 2 numbers and in Output, it prints the LCM.

Prerequisite topics to create this Program

  • Python Input, Output
  • Python Data types
  • Python User-defined Functions
  • Python Loop

LCM: LCM stands for Least Common Multiple, and the LCM of two numbers represents the least positive number which is the multiple of both the numbers.

for example, two numbers are 3 and 6 so 6 would be their LCM because 6 is the multiple of both 3 and 6.


  • Create a user-defined function calculate_lcm which accepts two values as arguments.
  • Using the comparison operator, we will find the largest number between the two.
  • Using the while loop we will loop till the condition (largest%num1==0 and largest%num2==0) become true.

Python Program to Find LCM

def calculate_lcm(a, b):
   if a > b:
       largest = a
       largest = b

       if((largest % a == 0) and (largest % b == 0)):
           lcm = largest
       largest += 1
   return lcm

num1 = int(input("Enter the First Number: "))
num2 = int(input("Enter the Second Number: "))
print("The L.C.M. of",num1,"and",num2,"is:", calculate_lcm(num1, num2))

Output 1:

Enter the First Number: 12
Enter the Second Number: 16
The L.C.M. of 12 and 16 is: 48

Output 2:

Enter the First Number: 1
Enter the Second Number: 4
The L.C.M. of 1 and 4 is: 4

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