Angular Introduction

    Angular is a framework for building single-page applications by using typescript and HTML. It is a complete platform that can be used at the front end to build a web app. It is an open-source framework and is maintained by Google.

    Before we hop on to Angular details, let's dive deep into some of the above technical terms.

    What is a Single Page Application?

    A single-page application (SPA) is a type of implementation that loads a single page into the browser and then updates the content of that document via Javascript functions . It is beneficial because:

    1. Saves time for the user as it is not fetching multiple pages
    2. Website rendering becomes fast.
    3. Reduced development time.
    4. The reduced infrastructure cost.

    What is an Open-Source Framework?

    An open-source framework is when the software's source code is available publicly to modify, audit, and improve. Many applications, like Telegram, Signal, etc., have kept the software’s source code open for everyone. There are many benefits of open source, such as

    1. Users feel in control.
    2. Transparency of security.
    3. It gets improved by experts around the world.


    Angular consistently keeps on


    Before going ahead with this tutorial, you should have a beginner's understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and Typescript.