Angular History


    Misko Havery, a Google employee, back in 2010, was building a web project to help in the easier implementation of internal projects for Google. He hardly knew then that his web project would become the most used framework in the future.

    As his project evolved, the company named it AngularJS. Misko and his colleagues created a few more internal applications with AngularJS, eventually releasing it as an open-source project in 2010.

    After that, many companies started including Angular as a mainstream framework in their application, and the pain for the developer started shooting up.

    Following is the list of stable versions of Angular. All examples in this tutorial will be on Angular 14 so that we can learn the latest changes in the application.

    Angular Version

    Launch Date

    AngularJS 1

    October 2010

    Angular 2.0

    September 2016

    Angular 4.0

    March 2017

    Angular 5.0

    November 2017

    Angular 6.0

    May 2018

    Angular 7.0

    October 2018

    Angular 8.0

    May 2019

    Angular 9.0

    February 2020

    Angular 10

    June 2020

    Angular 11

    November 2020

    Angular 12

    May 2021

    Angular 13

    Nov 2021

    Angular 14

    June 2022