Angular Setup

    How to Setup/Install NPM and Node.JS

    To start working on the angular application, you have to install npm and Node.js on the machine. Please follow the below-mentioned steps.

    How to Install Node.js?

    You can download the Node.js installer as per the machine requirements from here:

    To verify whether node.js was installed successfully on your machine or not, you can run the following command in your command prompt and test it:-

    node -v

    How to Install npm?

    To download the latest version of npm, you can run the below-stated command on your command prompt. If npm is already installed on your machine, then it will update it to the latest stable release.

    npm install -g npm

    Verify successful installation:

    npm -v

    Installing Angular CLI

    To install the latest angular on your machine, use this command.

    npm install -g @angular/cli