SQL - RDBMS Databases

    As we know that RDBMS’s are the software, used to create and modify Databases, and there are various RDBMS’s which can perform similar functions. Here we have mentioned some of the most popular RDBMS.

    What is MySQL?

    MySQL is one of the most popular Open-Source Relational Database Management System, it is named after its cofounder daughters “My” and SQL. MySQL was owned and managed by a Swedish company MySQL AB, later Sun Microsoft bought it and now MySQL is managed by Oracle Corporation. MySQL is one of the standard components of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) web applications. Many popular websites such as  Facebook, Flickr, MediaWiki, Twitter,[13] and YouTube, use MySQL to manage their database.

    MySQL History

    • Released on 23 rd May 1995.
    • First window version released on 8 th Jan 1998.
    • In 2008 Sun Microsoft bought MySQL AB.
    • On 27 th Jan 2010 Oracle acquired Microsoft.

    MySQL Features

    There are two editions of MySQL one is Open-Source and other is the Enterprise Server.

    • Provide high performance and scalability.
    • Online Schema change to meet changing business requirement.
    • Platform independent.
    • Big Data Interoperability.


    Oracle is a Multi-Model Management System developed by the Oracle corporation, and it is mostly used for running online transaction processing data warehousing (DW) and mixed (OLTP & DW) database workloads. Oracle has three different editions:

    • Enterprise Edition: A paid version of Oracle which provides the maximum number of CPU’s
    • Standard Edition: Free version of Oracle which provides maximum 4 number of CPU’s
    • Expression Edition: Free version of Oracle for low-end computers, and only available for Windows and Linux platform.

    Oracle Features

    • Cross-platform.
    • Multi-Model Management System.
    • ACID-Compliant.
    • Memory Caching
    • Backup and Recovery.

    Microsoft Access

    It is a powerful Database Management System, which is a combination of relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. It is a component of the Microsoft Office applications suite and comes with various editions.

    Microsoft Access Features

    • All the tables, queries, forms and reports can be connected with macros.
    • Import and export data in various formats include Excel, Outlook, ASCII, dBase, Paradox, FoxPro, SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, etc.
    • It allows the user to perform parameterized queries.

    MS SQL Server

    MS SQL stands for Microsoft Structured Query Language it is a Relational Database Management System developed by Microsoft itself, and it is used as a relational web hosting database to store web site information. It is specially designed for the windows server, and it provides many advance features related to the enterprises or business models, that’s the reason you have to pay for its services.

    MS SQL Features

    • Buffer management
    • Logging and Transaction
    • Concurrency and locking
    • Replication services
    • Analysis services
    • Notification services
    • Integration services

    Note: In this series o SQL tutorial we have used the MySQL RDBMS.

    RDBMS Databases Quick Summary:

    • RDBMS databases are the software which is used to create and modify databases.
    • MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, etc. are examples of RDBMS.
    • All the RDBMS follow similar code pattern because all RDBMS use SQL.

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