9 Best Database Testing Tools for Optimal Data Quality and Performance

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9 Best Database Testing Tools for Optimal Data Quality and Performance

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on June 15, 2024

    To get a properly functioning and balanced software, performance, functionality, and maintenance must be optimum. Often, these are accounted for attributes such as UI, database connections and stability, operability, and the back-end. Once the software product is developed, it is tested for all these aspects with specific available test tools.

    One can run tests in performance testing tools, usability testing tools, functional testing tools , and so forth. Likewise, programmers and developers use database testing to check the software's database stability.

    Before discussing the best database automation testing tools, let’s understand what database testing is and why it is important for a stable software product.

    What is Database Testing?

    A database is an organized and structured collection of all the files, data, and information. The whole database is controlled and managed by a DBMS. The maintenance of database storage aids in the optimum flow of data during functional aspects of the software.

    It is also a paramount element as it provides and assists software to store, retrieve and process data from the backend. Any glitches in the process of data flow in software can cause functionality or server connection errors leading to a loss in stability of the product or hindrance in performance.

    Therefore, it is essential to check software for any possible database anomalies. The process can be done efficiently with database testing tools in less time and with high-value delivery. Next, we will discuss the best database testing tools available so that you can make sure your next application runs with no database errors.

    Best Database Testing Tools

    1. DbVisualizer


    DbVisualizer - The Universal Database Tool - can efficiently and accurately monitor, analyze, crawl, and administrate software databases. It is widely adopted by enterprises and is considered one of the best database testing tools available. It offers both free and paid plans, making it a cost-effective choice in the realm of software testing tools. Some of its unique features include:

    • Rapid creation of Entity-Relationship diagrams.
    • Support for visualization modes like Hierarchic, Orthogonal, and Circular.
    • Advanced SQL features for enhanced functionality.
    • Acceleration of coding speed through its SQL editor.
    • Error mitigation capabilities.
    • Compatibility with all major operating systems.
    • Flexible connection management.
    • Professional developer-provided customer support.
    • Enhanced security and safety measures.
    • Efficient management of databases, including Object Management and Table Data Management.
    • Comprehensive user guides for quick tool comprehension and adaptation.

    Pricing: DbVisualizer is available in both free and paid versions. Users can enjoy a fully functional 21-day evaluation of DbVisualizer Pro for free. Paid plans start at $197.

    2. Data Factory

    Data Factory

    A commercial database testing tool, Data Factory functions both as a data generator and a data manager, offering a comprehensive solution for database testing. Data Factory is equipped with innovative and valuable features designed to support programmers and developers throughout the database testing process. It can:

    • Handle and execute queries on substantial volumes of data.
    • Offer solutions for streamlined performance stress and load testing.
    • Be effortlessly customized through the user interface, saving valuable time.

    Data Factory scans the software's backend code to identify potential database errors and anomalies, subsequently highlighting these issues. However, it may not be suitable for smaller projects due to its robust capabilities.

    3. DTM Data Test Generator

    DTM Data Test Generator

    DTM Data Test Generator is a popular commercial database testing tool known for its unique and significant schema objects and data rows, which enhance the ease of the database testing process. This tool efficiently assists in data row generation, text file creation, table generation, and more, offering an effective and practical strategy to ensure that no errors go unnoticed during testing.

    DTM Data Test Generator can handle substantial load testing without compromising accuracy and speed, making it a suitable choice for commercial entities seeking valuable features and optimal results.

    Moreover, this tool is highly customizable, featuring five rules: table generation, object generation, data row generation, text file generation, and clear rule. It can even create files using SQL insert statements. In addition to database testing, it can perform usability and performance tests, including database load testing. It's worth noting that despite its widespread usage, DTM Data Test Generator is less favored among individual testers

    4. SLOB: Silly Little Oracle Benchmark

    SLOB: Silly Little Oracle Benchmark

    SLOB is developed and owned by Kevin Closson. The tool is designed with a simple interface to aid adoption and usage. It is a free and open-source database testing tool known for delivering effective results. Some of its major features include:

    • Utilizes REDO logging I/O and PI/SQL.
    • Capable of conducting tests for both logical and physical memory, as well as random single-block reads.
    • Offers comprehensive database load testing capabilities.
    • Features an efficient test data generator.
    • Mitigates the risks associated with the database testing process.
    • Executes rapid and efficient tests.

    While the tool presents itself as a viable alternative to Oracle, its limited adoption in the industry can be attributed to its less user-friendly interface.

    5. Orion - Oracle IO Number

    Orion - Oracle IO Number

    Orion is a top-notch database testing tool, renowned for its exceptional performance and reliability. The acronym "ORION" stands for Oracle Input/Output Numbers. This indispensable database testing tool is an integral part of the Oracle database distribution. Some key highlights of Orion include:

    • Efficient Testing : Orion is capable of running efficient tests on a variety of variable types.
    • Versatile Load Testing : It can seamlessly handle load testing on a wide spectrum of Oracle databases.
    • Ideal for Low-Scale Projects : Orion is particularly well-suited for low-scale projects due to its adaptability.
    • Scalable and Reliable : Orion stands out as a scalable and dependable solution, providing quick and straightforward troubleshooting options.

    6. MS SQL Server

    MS SQL Server

    Although Microsoft SQL Server is a full-fledged relational database management system , it is equipped with all the necessary features and amenities for efficiently running unit tests on databases. It stands as one of the popular commercial database testing tools, offering the following capabilities:

    1. Running and providing results for C# and VB projects.
    2. Executing the test script in two ways: either by manually adding tests using templates or by utilizing a T-SQL script.
    3. Generating reliable and fast results.

    Despite being a popular choice for automating database testing, the complex interface might be discouraging for some users.

    7. SeLite


    The next tool on our list of the best database testing tools is SeLite. It is a popular platform for novice and experienced software analysts and testers alike. SeLite provides valuable features in a compact environment and imposes no immediate constraints on scalability and test quality. Given its combination of Selenium and SQLite, it is aptly named SeLite. Some of its standout features include:

    • Assisting in data management.
    • Offering a user-friendly interface with easy-to-use points.
    • Providing improved access to APIs.
    • Enhancing syntax accuracy.
    • Enabling database-driven navigation.
    • Aiding in the early recognition of errors and anomalies.
    • Supporting actions such as interface improvement and process facilitation.
    • Allowing the reuse of structured and extensive scripts.

    SeLite also fosters teamwork and facilitates easy and interactive collaborations. Its capacity to elevate automation in the database testing process has earned it a well-deserved reputation as one of the most popular database automation testing tools.

    8. SQLMap


    QLMap is an open-source and reliable tool designed for database testing, and it is compatible with a range of database management systems, including SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and DB2. This versatile tool serves a dual purpose by facilitating penetration testing and automating the identification and exploitation of erroneous SQL statements.

    SQLMap boasts a robust and stable detection engine complemented by a wide array of switches, streamlining the entire process. Moreover, it extends support for user privilege escalation, execution of arbitrary commands, and the establishment of a dependable out-of-band stateful TCP connection.

    This comprehensive database testing tool offers full compatibility with various database systems, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MemSQL, TiDB, Altibase, PostgreSQL, IBM DB2, HSQLDB, among others. Additionally, SQLMap empowers users to effortlessly download and upload files from the database server.

    Beyond these capabilities, SQLMap aids in user enumeration, password discovery, role identification, database exploration, and more. Remarkably, SQLMap excels in supporting six distinct SQL injection techniques: error-based, UNION query-based, boolean-based blind, time-based blind, out-of-band, and stacked queries.

    9. Swingbench


    Swingbench, a free database testing tool, is designed to deliver durable performance and a reliable testing strategy. It has been developed by Dominic Giles (Oracle UK) and is widely utilized for benchmark testing purposes. One of its notable features is its ability to conduct load and stress testing on Oracle databases in significantly less time.

    It encompasses four distinct benchmark types: SaleHistory, StressTest, OrderEntry, and CallingCircles. In addition, CallingCircles can generate SQL queries for online Telco applications. This tool incorporates a cluster, load generator, and coordinator, resulting in the generation of efficient and valuable results. Swingbench is favored by both novice programmers and seasoned software testers alike.

    This database testing tool empowers testers to execute stress tests effortlessly using basic Insert, Update, and Delete statements. Its track record of consistently providing reliable and valuable results has also led to its adoption for demonstrating and testing technological advancements, such as online table rebuilds, online backup and recovery, and real application clusters.


    Database testing is a critical aspect of software testing because any glitches or anomalies in the database connection process can lead to errors in the final application. To guarantee the functionality and reliability of an application, it is highly advisable to conduct thorough database testing.

    Fortunately, numerous database automation tools are accessible for this purpose, offering a wide array of options to enhance both the quality and efficiency of the testing process.

    Choosing the appropriate database testing tool can significantly expedite the entire testing procedure and effectively pinpoint any irregularities or errors in database statements, all while providing comprehensive database management and stability.

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