Best Cloud Testing Tools For Cloud-based Apps

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Best Cloud Testing Tools For Cloud-based Apps

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on June 16, 2024

    Apps have been a game-changer in the evolution of smartphones. Significant credit goes to the cloud computing that has backed these apps and provides a safe and self-reliant environment for running the apps. Also, cloud technology has made it possible to make frequent app updates without posing a threat or compromising the stability of apps. But what if the integration between your app and cloud APIs has a glitch?

    That’s where cloud testing plays a crucial role in signaling these apps “good-to-go”. Here is a better insight into cloud computing and the best cloud testing tools that make app testing a breeze.

    What is Cloud Testing?

    Apart from hosting apps on the cloud, there are cloud services that can make the app testing process more efficient and cost-effective. In general, cloud testing is a form of software evaluation that uses cloud computing resources to evaluate the performance of a software application.

    Cloud testing leverages cloud computing to evaluate the software for both functional and non-functional assets. The general testing issues include a limited test budget, hefty deadlines, high test costs, little or no test reuse, and geographical distribution. All these concerns can be efficiently solved with cloud testing.

    Testing Methodologies

    There are various testing methods that you can use to test applications and identify any performance issues. Some of the most popular testing methodologies supported by the cloud include the following ones:

    • Stress

    Stress tests evaluate an application's capacity to retain a given degree of efficacy after reaching its limit. For ideal software, it is essential that it works under extreme stress while remaining completely stable. Stress testing ensures this by utilizing simulators to create peak loads. However, generating such settings costs hefty amounts as you would require a large number of resources to create the desired levels of stress. Cloud testing, on the other hand, is a more cost-effective solution as it can provide you with the required resources on demand.

    • Compatibility

    Instances of several operating systems can be successfully produced on demand in a cloud environment, making compatibility testing a breeze.

    • Performance of the browser

    It is simple to test an application's compatibility with multiple browser types . Various cloud-based solutions allow for automated cross-browser testing.

    • Latency

    After putting an application on the cloud, cloud testing is used to assess the latency between the action and the matching response.

    • Functionality

    Cloud testing also allows you to perform functional testing on both online and offline applications. In such a process, instead of on-site software testing, verification of specifications or system requirements is done on the cloud.

    11 Best Cloud Testing Tools

    Here is a list of the most popular cloud testing tools that are reliable and can perform comprehensive application testing.

    1. CloudTest SOASTA

    Startups, well-established agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises can all benefit from this cloud testing tool. Created and owned by SOASTA, this tool runs on the cloud. It is one of the most reliable cloud testing tools to test mobile and web applications for load and performance parameters. Apart from running on the cloud, it can also run on one or more physical servers.

    Key Features

    • Comes integrated with Visual Playback Editor and Visual Test Creation
    • A customizable dashboard that provides real-time test results.
    • It can increase or decrease the load during the testing process using real-time data.
    • It can efficiently and precisely simulate traffic using cloud providers such as AWS and Rackspace to stress test an application.

    2. AppPerfect

    App Perfect is a cloud-based software testing solution that supports Cloud Load Testing, Cloud Hosted Testing, and Cloud Security Testing . Also, it is the best fit for small to medium-sized businesses. This cloud testing framework assists in testing web applications across a variety of browsers, hardware, and operating systems.

    Key Features

    • AppPerfect allows you to write and record test scripts, perform distributed testing, schedule test execution over a cloud environment, and preview and export test results.
    • It offers fully managed on-demand and scalable cloud testing.
    • It also supports Cloud Security Compliance, Encryption, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery.

    3. LoadStorm

    An excellent cloud testing solution for small to medium-sized businesses, LoadStorm is a web and mobile application load testing tool. With this tool, you can easily record test scripts. Also, it provides sophisticated scripting control.

    Key Features

    • LoadStorm Pro can precisely determine the scalability of web and mobile apps.
    • It offers advanced reporting, giving a high-level overview of the application performance under different loads.

    4. Cloud Sleuth

    Cloud Sleuth fits businesses of all sizes. It is a cloud-compatible distributed tracing solution. It can assist in recording data in logs. Spring Cloudsleuth can use two sorts of IDs: trace ID and span ID. The Span ID signifies the fundamental unit of work, such as submitting an HTTP request.

    Key Features

    • It can successfully retrieve all the logs from a particular trail.
    • It can provide a way to abstract common distributed tracing data models.
    • Cloud Sleuth implements the Spring applications' common entrance and exit points.

    5. Xamarin Test Cloud

    It is a cloud testing solution provided by Xamarin. Ranked among the most powerful cloud testing tools, Xamarian Test Cloud is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally, it is a user-interface acceptance testing tool that is popular on mobile devices. It makes use of the NUnit testing package to ensure that the test results are precise.

    Key Features

    • It comes with the Visual Studio App Centre and is capable of testing thousands of physical devices at once and provides reliable results.
    • Other automated quality services, such as cloud-based builds and app distribution, come integrated with Xamarin Test Cloud.

    6. Nessus

    For software security professionals, Nessus is one of the best options available for cloud testing. It can act as a vulnerability assessment tool that can provide clear analytics for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform accounts.

    Key Features

    • It can automatically update plugins in real-time.
    • It comes with pre-made policies and templates.
    • You can customize the test reports according to your needs.
    • It can perform vulnerability evaluation in offline mode.

    7. Wireshark

    Ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, Wireshark is an open-source and free-to-use cloud testing tool. You can make use of its network protocol analyzer feature to collect and explore the traffic on a computer network in real-time. Additionally, you can use Wireshark as a sniffer as well as a cloud testing tool. It can be used for network error troubleshooting, detailed inspection of protocols, and whatnot!

    Key Features

    • It is capable of performing a thorough examination of hundreds of protocols.
    • The platform can run on various systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and UNIX.
    • Wireshark can assess live data from Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, ATM connections, and other devices.

    8. Testsigma

    Testsigma is best suited for small to medium-sized businesses. It is a cloud-based mobile and web application automation testing platform. Also, it is an AI-powered solution that allows continuous testing in Agile and DevOps environments. By running the tests in parallel, it can help you save both your time and money.

    Key Features

    • Testsigma makes use of natural language processing, which makes the task of developing automated tests easy and doable.
    • When a test fails, the tool warns about other potential failures. In the event of code changes, it provides test recommendations that you may need to perform.

    9. Watir

    Watir is one of the prominent cloud testing tools that are open-source and free. This tool is best suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. If you want to test your web applications in the best way possible, Watir can be a great option. Also, it is remarkably known for testing Ruby-based web applications.

    Key Features

    • It allows you to write, read, and manage tests with ease.
    • Watir is an open-source Ruby package that aids in the automation of testing.
    • The tool is simple and versatile.

    10. BlazeMeter

    BlazeMeter is a continuous testing platform. It can test websites, mobile apps, APIs, and software for load and performance parameters.

    Key Features

    • It is free and open-source.
    • It can use CLIs, APIs, UIs, open-source tools, and so on.
    • It also supports comprehensive shift-left testing.
    • It's specifically built for agile teams, with real-time reporting and in-depth analytics.

    11. AppThwack

    AppThwack is among the leading cloud-based testing tools that you can leverage to test Android and iOS apps along with web apps. It can run tests on several devices at the same time. The integrated video, pictures, logs, and performance statistics assist in resolving issues and improving the quality of the software applications.

    Key Features

    • It comes with built-in frameworks that eliminate the need to develop and maintain test scripts.
    • Features a REST API.
    • It can resolve the problem in real-time.


    With cloud becoming increasingly popular among businesses because of its adaptability, agility, and lower costs, it is paramount to have a platform for it. The need to have apps on cloud platforms has been elevated. But before taking this leap, software analysts often prefer cloud testing to make sure their web app or website functions optimally on the cloud.

    It is where cloud testing comes into play. It ensures precise functionality and stability of platforms over the cloud. Thanks to widely available tools, cloud testing is possible in no time with the aid of smartly-designed cloud testing tools. The cloud testing solutions just discussed are top-rated, affordable and can be considered by enterprises of every size.

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