Best VoIP Testing Tools For Testing Network Performance

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Best VoIP Testing Tools For Testing Network Performance

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on July 21, 2024

    VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol is a set of technologies and a standard that enable voice communication over the internet. Also known as IP telephony, VoIP allows users to leverage broadband internet connection to make stable voice calls. The internet is an integral part of the modern world and thus making stable voice calls over the internet has become a viable option.

    But often, internet speed fluctuates due to poor network coverage, bad weather conditions, and several other factors. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the speed of the internet before making voice calls using VoIP, and this is exactly where VoIP Testing then comes into the picture.

    What is VoIP Testing?

    It is a process for checking the stability and integrity of your internet connection by examining its performance across various critical parameters. This explains whether the active speed of the internet is good enough to support VoIP calling.

    Thanks to technology, we do not need to do VoIP testing manually. There are several stable and robust VoIP testing tools available that can test the speed of your internet connection and perform several other checks in just a few minutes.

    Top 10 VoIP Testing Tools

    Here is a list of the best tools for VoIP testing that will help you to make your VoIP testing process more efficient:

    1. SolarWinds

    The first tool on our list of VoIP testing tools is SolarWinds. The VoIP monitoring software provided by SolarWinds is a stable and reliable platform. It is specifically designed for providing detailed critical call QoS metrics and also allows WAN performance analysis. Its ability to pull off WAN monitoring in real-time is one of the many amenities that it offers.

    Key Highlights

    • Assists thoroughly to scan for VoIP call quality issues.
    • Offers detailed and insightful analysis for identifying bottlenecks.
    • Works around call quality metrics such as latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.
    • Can automatically identify Cisco IP SLA-enabled network devices.
    • Can trace visual VoIP call path.
    • Can accurately and quickly monitor the Cisco VoIP gateway and PRI trunk
    • Comes with the provision to monitor Cisco SIP and CUBE trunk monitoring.
    • Rectifies the process of IP SLA setup.

    To leverage the basic functionalities of the platform, one can plug into free trials and demos, and for advanced functionalities and requirements, the robust and stable services of SolarWinds can be leveraged for just $949.

    2. Bandwidth Place Internet Speed Test

    If you desire to avoid and eliminate the involvement of a third-party for VoIP testing, then the Bandwidth Place tool is for you. The platform allows you to test the download as well as upload speeds of your internet connection separately by identifying servers automatically. It displays test results clearly and in a comprehensible fashion. The tool is easy to navigate and initiates the testing process with just one click. You only need to click on the start button to conduct tests and get test results. It is widely known for being a fast and efficient VoIP testing tool that can check both the stability and speed of an internet connection. Bandwidth Place does not propose any limitations on sharing reports amid teams and organizations and thus, facilitates the team communication in VoIP testing. During testing, it identifies the ISP and the nearest test server thereby providing rapid and reliable results.

    Key Highlights

    • Provides ping test results.
    • It is a mobile-friendly tool.
    • It can perform a comparative analysis of network providers.

    3. ZDNET

    With an interactive and easy-to-navigate interface, ZDNET is one of the most popular tools for VoIP testing. It displays test results with the aid of graphics thereby providing an amazing user experience. The platform allows you to conduct a VoIP test in few simple steps that are as follows:

    • Go to the ZDNET website. In the connection type field, plug in the connection type from the drop down menu having options such as DSL, 4G, and cable.
    • Fill in your location and pin code in the next fields.
    • Run a test.

    The results are displayed quickly with utmost accuracy. It also has a provision to compare the performance of your broadband connection with the performance of other networks in your local area. Highlights

    • Provides graphical illustrations to quickly grasp the positives and negatives of VoIP testing
    • Allows comparison between different operators.

    Downside The tool requires a compulsory installation of Flash Player into the system as the graphics used to display results are supported by Flash Player.

    4. FreeOLa

    Let’s move to our next tool, FreeOLa. It is an amalgamation of various tools such as line quality tests, and speed tests. The former checks for any packet loss, network latency , and jitter whereas the latter checks for speed stability of the broadband network. The platform needs no inputs from the user to run a test and automatically starts speed testing when the user clicks on the “Start Test” button. FreeOLa allows easy identification of issues and bottlenecks in speed, performance, and stability of broadband service on parameters such as network latency, upload and download speed, jitters, etc. It provides an easy comparison with previous results so users can detect if there lies a problem with their internet service provider. To further assist users, the website of FreeOla is equipped with a specified glossary that helps users to understand the technical terms involved in VoIP testing.

    5. 8×8 VoIP Test

    8×8 VoIP Test is an ideal solution for business operators. The platform relays simulated VoIP traffic to local computers of users by establishing socket connections to the user's browser. This enables top-notch performance examination and provides results for the quality, speed, and stability of broadband networks. The 8×8 VoIP test provides following results around following parameters

    • Upload and Download Speeds
    • Bandwidth
    • Jitter
    • Latency
    • Packet Loss
    • QoS or Quality of service

    The tool provides reliable information for broadband network compatibility for VoIP processes. It also provides a detailed insight into ISP performance.

    6. OnSIP VoIP Test

    OnSIP VoIP Test tool provides insightful analysis of upload and download speed of an internet connection. Not only this, but it also provides results for network latency and jitter analysis. This allows easy identification of network bottlenecks and pitfalls. It also allows a deep analysis of connections to handle and replicate VoIP traffic. The results are generated in graph ratings and summaries which are easy to understand. The platform generates a Mean Opinion Score or MOS with MOS reflecting the experience that users will get during an actual call.

    Downside It needs the input of the user's personal information that might make some users uncomfortable.

    7. MegaPath Speed Test Plus

    MegaPath Speed Test Plus is an efficient and reliable VoIP testing tool that can check the internet connection speed on various parameters. It can measure and display both the upload and download speeds of a network. The platform needs some inputs from users such as location information to get the testing stats. The tool is equipped with an intuitive interface to reduce difficulties in understanding the complex results and the testing process. Along with upload and download speeds, it can also measure network latency, packet loss, and jitters. This VoIP testing tool is fully capable of uncovering any possible faults in network connections.

    8. Voiptoners

    If getting rid of the multiple-step process of VoIP testing is your preference, Voiptoners is for you. It allows reliable and accurate testing in just one step. You simply need to visit the official website of Voiptonets and click on “Start Test” to initiate the testing process. Soon, the test results that highlight information about the network connection such as jitters, network latency, upload, and download speed will pop up on your screen. The results are presented in a simple and concise form. Further, the tool is easy to use, fast, simple, and reliable.


    The next VoIP testing tool on this list is, which can test the upload and download speeds of an internet connection. Not only this, but it can also measure the time taken by a packet to reach the server from your computer and back; also known as network latency. The platform conducts VoIP tests rapidly and its intuitive UI makes it easy for users to interact with its features. Also, the test reports generated are quite insightful. It provides results as ratings in stars out of 5, with 5 being the best. In addition, also allows ISP testing.

    10. Visualware

    Visualware is another well-known VoIP testing tool. It provides users with a hefty range of connection tests to select from. The testing process is easy and composed of a few steps. Just select the nearest server from the map, choose the type of test from the list and you are ready to test your network. The platform can test broadband networks for quality, route, firewall, VoIP, speed, etc. The platform generates test results in the most comprehensible fashion with the aid of graphs and easy-to-grasp summaries.


    Recently, many businesses are transitioning to VoIP due to its stability, and ease of use. It is becoming a sustainable and scalable solution for enterprises. The efficient VoIP process decides the end-user experience and, in turn, can have significant effects on revenue. Thereby, to leave no loose ends and to minimize risks associated with a broadband service, enterprises regularly run VoIP testing. This aids in establishing an improved and stable user experience. For automated VoIP testing, there are numerous automated tools available. Most of these are available for free, the ones with advanced features can also be leveraged in paid versions.

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