10 Best Regression Testing Tools to Use in 2024

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10 Best Regression Testing Tools to Use in 2024

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on July 21, 2024

    Software products once developed are often changed temporally to ensure proper functionality and incorporation of advanced and unique features. As the choices and wants of markets and customers are dynamic, so is expected from the software to evolve in parallel with the changing trends. In some cases, the modifications or even slight changes in the back-end can sometimes cause a diversion from intended functionality and usage.

    To avoid such anomalies in software, regression tests (with the help of regression test tools) are used. Regression testing is the process for verifying and validating the recent code changes and for analyzing the possible wrong or altered effects on the functionality of the software. It is one of the many types of software testing that are essential for quality assurance.

    It can be done both manually and automatically. Nonetheless, the automated method is generally preferred over the other due to the provided accuracy, speed, and ease.

    Best Regression Testing Tools

    1. Subject7


    Subject7 is an efficient cloud-based, codeless regression test tool with exceptional capabilities for all types of web testing. It is an excellent automated regression testing tool for desktop, mobile, and web apps. Because it allows desktop-based automation, Subject7 can perform desktop testing as well.

    The website regression testing tool has a feature by which it records the success and failures of regression. Also, it integrates swiftly with your existing development ecosystem with support for leading technologies like Jenkins , JIRA, GitHub, and other leading DevOps platforms. Generally, a regression test can be set to run regularly (daily, for example) or whenever a new code is checked in. Subject7 is accessible securely via public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid deployments and allows high-scale parallel processing.

    The testing platform has extensible features for load, security, and 508/accessibility testing, among other test automation use cases. Subject7 is scalable and predictable, both technically and financially, because it offers simple, non-metered pricing.


    • One of the most lucrative advantages of this tool is that one doesn't need to have programming skills to use it successfully.
    • It furnishes extraordinary capabilities for all types of web testing.
    • It is stable, scalable, codeless; one of the best open-source technologies available for performing regression automation testing in the market.

    One can request a free trial of Subject7 to check out its pros and cons before making a purchase.

    2. Cerberus Testing

    Cerberus Testing

    Open-source, scalable, and low-code test automation solution, the Cerberus Testing platform supports desktop, mobile, web, API, and database testing. It can implement cross-browser, mobile app, API, and desktop tests.


    • It has an easy-to-use web interface as the platform allows the creation of automated test cases through quick steps that do not require any development or technical skills.
    • Has built-in test dashboards and analytics.
    • Also supports web performance and monitoring.
    • The web interface is simple to use and accessible to cross-functional teams.
    • Supports testing mobile, web, and desktop applications.
    • Reusable test modules, components, and data.
    • Rapid iterations between the test repository, execution, and reporting.
    • Execution in parallel on local and remote testing farms.
    • Scheduler, Campaign, and CI/CD features for continuous testing.

    The software regression test platform provides free plans with minimal features whereas paid plans for individuals and businesses are available.

    3. Selenium

    Selenium It is an open-source automated regression testing tool with a portable framework for administering tests on web browsers. Selenium is efficient and reliable for testing websites. The platform is also known as one of the best and most powerful open-source browser-based testing tools.


    • It supports multiple browsers like Google, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.
    • No requirement for installing any servers.
    • It is equipped with simple commands for implementation.
    • Not complex.

    Selenium was created by Jason Huggins in 2004 while working on a web application. It is a collection of software and not just a single tool.

    4. Digivante


    Not just a regressions software platform, Digivante is an IT organization that provides quality assurance and software testing services. It provides digital performance analysis and continuous website and application testing services. Digivante has 55000+ fully trained professional testers and UX professionals spread across the world, which makes them more efficient in delivering the desired results.


    • It can run regression testing using scripted and non-scripted tests that can be completed in as little as 4 hours.
    • Can undertake regression testing on non-live sites.
    • It can prevent a backlog of defects and reduce stress on internal teams.
    • Provides professional testing and digital performance solutions that are fully managed.
    • JIRA and other test management solutions can be integrated easily.
    • Testing is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
    • One-time or subscription-based pricing options are available.

    It provides highly reliable, multiplatform, cost-effective testing services and helps organizations come up with bug-free software products. Digivante helps businesses in delivering an extraordinary customer experience and thus aids in increasing revenue.

    5. Testsigma


    It is a test automation tool having all the important elements needed for efficient test automation. Testsigma offers fast test development using simple language, parallel testing, integrations, a fully-loaded test lab on the cloud, AI-driven maintenance, and whatnot! Testsigma is a perfect automated regression tool that provides relevant test cases whenever any modifications are made to the program or software by the developer.


    • It executes easy scriptless testing in simple English.
    • It has a complete cloud-based test automation platform for teams working following the agile approach.
    • The platform has built-in test data management.
    • AI-driven.
    • Allows writing automated tests from the beginning.
    • The tests can be done on the cloud or also on any of the local machines.
    • Testsigma supports testing for many platforms, such as web, mobile applications, and web services.

    Testsigma provides its customers with a 30-day free trial. The paid plans are Basic, Pro, and Enterprise available for $249, $349, and variable pricing per month, respectively.

    6. Appsurify TestBrain

    Appsurify TestBrain

    Appsurify TestBrain lets QA professionals and developers test more frequently, detect errors earlier and reduce the regression testing cycle time. It is a plug-and-play machine learning testing solution that:

    • Reduces automated regression test completion times by over 90%,
    • Provides test results to developers instantly after each contribution, and
    • Quarantines unstable or flaky tests so teams may refactor them without any hassle or bottlenecks.

    This provides tests with increased coverage and reliable results for better and improved software products. Not only this, its smart approach ensures increased security and safety throughout the test with reduced risk and loopholes. It can also streamline the flow of CI/CD pipelines. The regression testing platform provides flexible pricing plans for small- to large-level enterprises.

    7. Testimony

    Testimony Testimony is part of the only DevOps and test automation platform developed specifically for SAP software, based on Basis Technologies. It reinvents SAP regression tests by removing the creation and maintenance of the test script and eliminating the test data management requirement.

    The regression tests software reduces business risks by confirming more of the interactions, operations, and transactions that aid the business processes in addition to eliminating the costs, effort, and complexity of traditional test methods.


    • Regression tests are performed faster and more frequently.
    • Creates, executes, and updates your test library automatically.
    • Improves the speed with which innovation, initiatives, improvements, and updates are delivered.
    • Shifts regression testing to the left to improve development efficiency.
    • Reduces testing costs and frees up functional specialists.
    • You can run system-wide testing (when fully configured) in just a few days.

    One can leverage the free demo of this platform to comprehend the rich amenities provided before making a purchase.

    8. Sahi Pro

    Sahi Pro

    Sahi Pro is a business-ready set of tools for automated testing of web, web services, mobile, Windows desktop, SAP GUI, and Java applications. It would be the best automation tool for testing teams that require quick and dependable automation.

    The regression test tool is well-suited to agile development settings, allowing for quick automation and maintenance. With speedier development, less maintenance, and fast distributed playback, Sahi Pro saves time and effort.


    • APIs for data-driven testing using an Excel, database, or CSV file.
    • Scripts can directly execute Java code quickly.
    • Can be connected to other systems via SSH for viewing pdf files, etc.

    The platform can be availed with a monthly plan for $73 and a yearly plan that costs $58 per month.

    9. Watir


    Watir is a group of Ruby web browser libraries. It enables the writing and maintenance of tests. It's a simple and versatile tool. The Watir WebDriver supports various browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

    It can also work in frontless mode (HTMLUnit), export XML as a reusable library and structure the code. Watir-WebDriver is the state-of-the-art version of the Selenium-based Watir API.


    • It is an open-source tool.
    • Instead of a proprietary vendor script, Watir uses Ruby, the full-featured modern scripting language.
    • It supports testing web apps.

    Despite its many advantages, Watir supports only Internet Explorer and Windows. Watir works differently than HTTP-based test tools that simply work with a browser simulation. Watir-classic drives the browser straight through the OLE protocol, making it an important tool.

    10. Ranorex


    Ranorex is listed among the robust automation regression tools. It is a GUI test automation framework for web, desktop, and mobile applications. Ranorex has no automatic application scripting language.

    The programming languages, such as VB.NET and C# are standard. It supports numerous applications, such as Winforms, JAVA, SAP, WPF, HTML5, Flash, Flex, and iOS. Ranorex offers an easy way to produce automated mobile, web, and desktop testing steps using the Object-based Capture and Replay Editor to replace users and edit user actions in the Ranorex Recorder. The Ranorex Test Recorder can reuse well-designed steps across multiple test cases.

    Ranorex has a segregated UI test report for reproducing and maintaining bugs. It generates detailed test report files that are XML-based. This reduces the time needed to figure out what went wrong and where. The report also contains screenshots of the failed test cases.


    That wraps up our list of the best manual and automated regression testing tools. Selecting an efficient and reliable regression testing tool can be daunting. With wide options available in the market, one can easily get perplexed and overwhelmed with the features, offerings, and amenities of the tools. Always choose regression testing tools based on the comfort of your team, software product you intend to test, programming languages and frameworks you are working around, budget, etc.

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