8 Best GUI Testing Tools to Use in 2024

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8 Best GUI Testing Tools to Use in 2024

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on June 16, 2024

    GUI testing or graphic user interface testing is the process of testing the functionality of a software’s user interface. For example, in a calculator application, checking the optimum functioning of buttons is an example of graphic user interface testing. GUI testing can be critical for the product’s performance as the UI of the product can directly influence user interaction and user experience. It also ensures that the product performs well in the market.

    There are specific professional tools that can help to automate the process of GUI testing and ensure accurate test results. These GUI testing tools can help identify loopholes and pitfalls in the GUI of products and also suggest solutions. This article highlights a list of handpicked GUI testing tools that you can use to strengthen the GUI testing process.

    8 Best GUI Testing Tools

    1. Eggplant


    An efficient commercial solution for GUI testing, EggPlant is an automation software testing tool that allows developers and designers to run GUI tests with ease. The platform is owned by TestPlant. It can assist you throughout the process of GUI testing.


    • Offers seamless integration with IBM Rational Quality Manager, Jenkins, Microfocus quality center, etc.
    • Supports keyword-driven testing.
    • It can use VNC to check SUT (system under test).
    • Allows you to send mouse and keyboard commands quickly.
    • Its eggDrive interface accelerates the whole process of GUI Testing.
    • Supports a wide range of devices, operating systems, and technologies.
    • Consists of a two system-model: the first system has a controller machine for writing and executing scripts and the second system has a SUT.
    • It can provide software testing from the user’s point of view and also assist through AI-driven testing.
    • Available for Windows, Linux, macOS.

    Along with GUI Testing, Eggplant provides data-driven testing, multi-user functional testing, embedded system testing, load testing, etc. The platform provides a free demo to customers so that they better understand its features and amenities before making a purchase.

    2. Katalon Studio

    Katalon Studio

    Katalon Studio is one of the most popular tools available for GUI testing. It is an all-in-one automation testing software for checking the software interface for possible diversions from the desired functioning. The UI testing tool is equipped with an intuitive user interface. It can also run successful tests for mobile and desktop apps and APIs. Katalon Studio has stable and efficient design and is therefore adopted by over 850,000 teams and businesses.


    • Features a dual-editor interface.
    • Friendly for the novice as well as expert programmers and designers.
    • It has a self-healing mechanism to quickly resolve object locator issues.
    • Demands low maintenance.
    • Generates insightful reports with graphs and real-time notifications.
    • Allows stable integration with CI pipeline, Jenkins, etc.
    • It is Selenium compliant.
    • You can reuse test cases.
    • Provides a large number of plug-ins.
    • Available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.

    It is an open-source platform and provides reasonable features with its free plan. In addition, the platform also has a couple of paid plans that are as follows:

    • Katalon studio Enterprise: $839/license/year
    • Katalon Runtime Engine: $599/license/year

    3. Rapise


    Offering codeless solutions for GUI automation testing, Rapise is suitable for desktop, mobile, and web testing. The platform also provides cross-browser testing along with GUI testing. The incorporated Rapise IDE aids the process of the test setup, issue detection, and more. The platform has robust and efficient learning and tracking modules to rectify complex issues in applications. It also has an API with methods for modifying or manipulating spreadsheets, common GUI widgets, images, etc. It has a provision to use JavaScript with easy-to-use libraries, which makes the platform comparatively fast and secure. Further, it can seamlessly support data-driven testing. Version 6.0 of Rapise also supports keyword-driven frameworks. Along with all this, the system tests a wide variety of apps built with Java, Qt, Flash, .NET, WPF , Ajax, Silverlight, and many more. It also supports Robotic Process Automation or RPA. It allows programmers and software analysts to perform software tests through a selenium Grid.

    4. Squish


    Another well-known name in the market, Squish is a commercial, cross-platform UI testing tool that provides efficient and reliable results to software testers. It supports a wide range of operating systems such as Android, Linux, QNX, Windows, and iOS. It provides the freedom of checking scripts and analyzing performance results. It also supports test validation and verification. The platform has an inbuilt test creation ecosystem for efficient and valuable test runs. Squish has record and playback options that assist throughout the testing process. It also supports behavior-driven development or BDD.


    • It can identify and map the objects to generate stable and efficient test scripts.
    • Produces advanced verification options of elements.
    • Allows you to record and playback test scripts that are written in Perl, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, etc.
    • In addition to test management, offers software project management and continuous integrations.

    Developed and maintained by Froglogic, Squish also supports functional testing, cross-platform testing, and regression testing.

    5. Ranorex Studio

    Ranorex Studio

    Adopted by over 4000 enterprises worldwide, Ranorex Studio is a reliable commercial GUI testing tool for Windows. It can run tests on mobile, web, and desktop applications. It has a robust set of features that allow professional software analysts and programmers to check their products for function and GUI stability.


    • Supports a codeless click-and-go approach.
    • Suitable for beginners as well as expert software testers.
    • Comes with an IDE.
    • Allows you to reuse code modules.
    • Equipped with shareable object repository even for web elements with dynamic IDs.
    • Test reports can be customized around a wide range of parameters.
    • It can run tests parallelly on a Selenium Grid as it has an in-built Selenium WebDriver.
    • Allows integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Git, TestRail, Travis CI, etc.
    • Accepts test modules written in VB.NET and C# programming language
    • Supports JavaScript, Flash, Ajax, HTML etc.

    The platform is developed and owned by Ranorex GmbH and it works equally well with both Android and iOS mobile applications. Ranorex Studio provides users a free demo and intro videos to its customers. The paid plans of the platform are as follows:

    • Studio License: $3590
    • Enterprise License: $5990
    • Runtime License: $890

    6. TestComplete


    TestComplete is an ideal tool for GUI testing of web, desktop, and mobile applications. The robust structure and framework of this tool ensure easy integration with the SDLC ecosystem. The platform imposes no limitations and is easy to use for beginners as well as expert software analysts. The results delivered are completely reliable and authentic. TestComplete has a provision for codeless test creation and it can also record and playback the scenarios. It supports Python, JavaScript, and VB Script. Moreover, it is equipped with the ability to run authentic object recognition with the aid of AI and machine learning. It can assist programmers in the testing of SAP, Oracle EBS, Salesforce, etc. The platform can efficiently run parallel tests in the cloud or the local system. This ensures continuous and reliable testing. The platform proposes no stringent limitations on integrations and can flexibly integrate with CI/CD, issue tracking, version control, and test management tools. Developed and owned by SmartBear, TestComplete lets you customize plugins as well. Along with the mentioned amenities, the system also offers script testing, keyword testing, bug tracking integration, data-driven testing, test visualization, etc.

    7. RIATest

    Counted among the best UI testing automation tools, RIATest can run efficient and insightful tests on software products. It is a great solution for Flex, TML, jQuery, JavaScript, etc. It is a licensed product and offers programmers and developers a plethora of advantages.


    • You can add it to a continuous integration system to troubleshoot errors easily.
    • It can generate a readable test script and leverage the component inspector to recognize the GUI elements.
    • Assists in overthrowing exception or logging errors.
    • Offers time-saving solutions for GUI testing.
    • It can record end-users actions.

    8. Silk Test

    Silk Test

    A Microfocus product, Silk Test is an efficient and authentic UI automation tool. It provides solutions for automated GUI testing, functional testing, and regression testing. The platform assists in creating robust and valuable tests and generates insightful and reliable reports. It has two components; Silk Test Host and Silk Test Agent. The former contains all the script files while the latter translates the script commands into executable GUI commands. It also supports keyword-driven testing. The added cross-browser support makes sure programmers and developers don’t face any limitations while testing software. It accelerates the whole process of GUI testing with utmost accuracy and safety.


    GUI testing plays a major role when it comes to ensuring the performance and functional stability of a software product. As there are immense tools available to automate UI testing, the consideration of an ideal tool depends on various factors such as budget, integrations provided, compatibility with programming languages, etc. The tool you choose for GUI automation testing would decide how well your software performs to ensure user satisfaction. Thus, you always need to give special attention and do proper research while choosing a GUI testing tool for your software products.

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