Computer/Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

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Computer/Keyboard Shortcuts That You Should Know

Vinay Khatri
Last updated on June 20, 2024

    With a keyboard, we can give almost any command to the computer, by knowing some of the important keyboard shortcuts keys you do not need to use a mouse for each operation. Sometimes it could be tedious using the mouse for simple commands such as opening a file, copying, and pasting, so here instead of a mouse, we can use the keyboard shortcut for opening a file and many various operations.

    Computer/Keyboard Shortcuts

    By knowing important Keyboard shortcuts keys, you can increase your productivity with the computer and can eliminate some redundant work.

    Basic Shortcut Keys

    Shortcut keys: Description :
    Ctrl + A To select all pages or text, or folder
    Ctrl + C or Ctrl + insert To copy a selected item
    Ctrl +X Cut the selected item
    Ctrl + V To Paste the copied or cut item
    Ctrl + F To open the search or find a bar
    Ctrl + S To save the page
    Ctrl + Z Undo the action
    Ctrl + Y Redo the action
    Ctrl + P To print the document
    Ctrl + N To open a new window
    Ctrl + W To close the current window
    Alt +F4 To shut down the computer

    Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys

    Here are some basic shortcut keys you can use in Microsoft word.

    Shortcut keys: Description :
    Ctrl + B To bold the text
    Ctrl + U To underline the text
    Ctrl +I To italicize the text
    Ctrl + L To left Align the selected paragraph
    Ctrl + E To center align the paragraph
    Ctrl + R To right-align the paragraph
    Ctrl +J To justify the paragraph
    Ctrl + K To create a hyperlink
    F7 Run the Spell Checker
    Shift + F7 Run thesaurus
    =rand() To print a random text

    Microsoft Excel Shortcut keys:

    Microsoft Excel shortcuts keys come very usefully because most of the work on excel is done by the status bar menu commands.

    Shortcut keys: Description :
    F2 To edit the active cell
    Alt + Enter Add a line break in a cell
    Ctrl + Space Highlight the complete Column
    Shift + Space Highlight the complete row
    Ctrl + D It applies the fill down command

    Keyboard Shortcuts Keys for any Web browser

    Here are some shortcut keys for web browsers , these shortcut keys come very handy and save your time on serval mouse clicks. All the shortcut keys we have provided are standard shortcut keys and work on every web browser such as Chrome , Opera, Edge, etc.

    Shortcut keys: Description :
    F5 To refresh the page
    Ctrl + + To zoom in
    Ctrl + - To Zoom out
    Ctrl +Tab Switch between browser tabs
    Ctrl + T Open New Tab
    Ctrl +Shift +T Open the last tab or page
    Ctrl +D Bookmark the current tab
    Ctrl + J Open the download tab
    Ctrl + Shift + N Open a new window in incognito mode
    Ctrl + Shift + I Inspect the page

    Windows Shortcut keys:

    These shortcut keys are particular for windows operating systems and may not work on other operating systems.

    Shortcut keys: Description :
    Alt + Tab Switch between open applications
    Window + D Show desktop
    Window + L Lock the system
    Window + E To open file explorer
    Ctrl + Alt +Delete For restart, lock, sleep and shut down
    Window + R Open run command
    Window + Right arrow key Shift the current application to the right side
    Window + Left arrow key Shift the current application to the left side
    Window + M Minimize the application

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