10 Best Email Testing Tools For Better Email Marketing

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10 Best Email Testing Tools For Better Email Marketing

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on July 20, 2024

    When it comes to business traction, emails play a pivotal role. These help to send alerts to customers and share upcoming offers, newsletters, regular updates, and a lot more. In short, emails act as a great way to communicate with customers. Moreover, if used appropriately, emails can be your primary marketing channel. However, what if the emails are not received by the customers or the message within the email is unclear?

    This can happen due to various reasons such as email deliverability issues, poor resolution of attached images, spam email addresses, and many more. Emails can have anomalies such as improper placement of email content on some devices, unable to load images of banners, etc. To avoid such issues, it is best to test emails and ensure that they display on different devices correctly.

    Email testing tools facilitate comprehensive testing of emails based on the preview, HTML validations, etc. They can aid in creating email marketing campaigns while ensuring the message reaches the customers in the best way possible. In this article, we will discuss the most popular and trusted email testing tools in detail that you can use to step up your marketing efforts. So, let’s get started!

    Best Email Testing Tools

    1. Litmus

    Litmus is an efficient email testing tool used by many enterprises. It is a preview-testing tool that can assist in viewing the email on a wide variety of platforms. It comes with a suite of tools for email designing and marketing. Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Apple Mail, etc, Litmus can also provide detailed email previews for Android and iOS devices.

    It assists you throughout the email testing process and analyzes emails for missing or broken links, poor images, the slow loading time of images, GIFs, etc. Additionally, this email testing tool offers two editing modes - HTML editor and visual editor with both modes being easy to use for beginners as well as professionals.

    Litmus comes with a 7-day free trial so that you can get familiar with its features before purchasing one of its paid plans that are as follows:

    • Litmus Basic: $99 per month
    • Litmus Plus : $199 per month
    • Litmus enterprise : Price on request

    2. Mailtrap

    Mailtrap is the next entry on this list of the best email testing tools. It is an efficient, scalable, and secure tool. Considered to be a reliable solution for email testing, it allows you to carry out a wide range of email tests. With Mailtrap, you can check the HTML code of an email to make sure everything functions well.

    To elevate the security and reduce the risk of sending test emails to customers, Mailtrap performs testing on fake servers mimicking the actual ones. This allows easy viewing and analysis of emails before actually sending them to subscribers. Another great feature offered by Mailtrap is that it can monitor emails by blacklists and SPAMs.

    The Mailtrap API further eases the process and helps test multiple variables at a time. The pricing plans of this email testing tool are as follows:

    • Individual: $9 monthly
    • Team: $24 monthly
    • Business: $49 monthly
    • Premium: $99 monthly
    • Enterprise: $299 monthly

    3. Inbox Inspector

    Inbox Inspector can check emails for more than 25 email services, including Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. It is a preview-test type tool that provides information about blocked images, subject lines, etc.

    Developed by GetResponse, Inbox Inspector is a robust and smart tool that supports automated email testing. It also comes with various marketing and email builder features that assist in designing interactive email campaigns.

    Its other features, such as email analytics, auto-responders, email campaign management, etc. make email marketing more effective for your business. Inbox Inspector comes with a 30-day free trial for its customers and offers multiple paid plans that are as follows:

    • Basic: $15/month
    • Plus: $49/month
    • Professional: $99/month
    • MAX: Price on request

    4. Mailchimp

    If you are a regular email marketer, you must have heard about Mailchimp. It can assist in email marketing, creation of landing pages, email set-ups, and more. It is one of the most widely used email testing tools.

    Mailchimp offers email templates and designs to help you create engaging email copies quickly. It also supports a drag-and-drop facility that allows you to design email layouts with ease. The content manager feature allows MailChimp to store images and files to use in future campaigns. It also excels when it comes to providing email analytics. The thorough analytics make sure you never miss a single detail about your customers and email campaigns.

    It considers various parameters such as open rates, clicks, etc to ensure that you get valuable insights into your email marketing campaigns. The platform provides free trials as well as paid plans. The paid plans are as follows:

    • Premium: INR23,000 or $312
    • Standard: INR1,150 or $16
    • Essential: INR770 or $10

    5. PutsMail

    PutsMail is a specialized tool for testing HTML emails. It provides results in the form of screenshots for more than 50 programs and apps. The real-time analytics help testers to get a detailed view of the performance of an email campaign.

    Now acquired by Litmus, PutsMail is an efficient and reliable solution for all kinds of HTML emails. It provides customers with a free email sender tool that can be leveraged for sending HTML emails to several addresses. The platform also stores test histories for future reference. The email testing tool also has the capability of utilizing inline CSS.

    You can start testing emails with 3 simple steps that are as follows:

    • Add a list of recipients for the email campaign.
    • Design and add an interactive and catchy subject line.
    • Add body text of email in HTML format with <head>, <title>, etc. HTML tags, or in plain text.

    6. Email on Acid

    Appropriate for freelancers as well as businesses of all sizes, Email on acid is among the top-rated email testing tools out there. It is a preview-testing and mail-content testing tool.

    You can use this tool to get data and insights for over 70 email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Email on Acid can generate email previews for Android and iOS devices. Also, it can efficiently perform spam detection with the help of spam tests.

    The email testing tool has in-built templates to make it easy for you to design emails. Additionally, it can test links present in the email content. It offers a free trial that lasts for 7 days. The paid plans are as follows:

    • Basic: $73 per month
    • Premium: $112 per month
    • Professional: $424 per month
    • Custom: Price on request

    7. ReachMail

    With an optimum set of features and amenities, ReachMail is a perfect solution for email marketing and testing. It comes with a drag-and-drop email builder and various email templates to help you design interactive emails.

    ReacjMail makes the cumbersome task of setting up email campaigns a few-step drill. It also has an in-built HTML editor and allows testers to run surveys. The data provided by ReachMail can be used to optimize email marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency. The customer support offered by ReachMail is quick and dependable.

    Apart from offering free trials, the email testing tool allows you to leverage its wide variety of features with its paid plans that are as follows:

    • Basic: $9/month
    • Pro: $29/month

    8. PreviewMyEmail

    PreviewMyEmail is a tool that enables you to test emails for design and preview. It is an ideal tool for marketers, email designers, and developers. The tool provides real-time analytics that can come in handy for generating leads from email campaigns. In addition, it tests email for Android as well as iOS devices.

    The tool comes with various attractive email design templates to aid in designing perfect emails that can help you convert leads. The paid plans of the PreviewMyEmail are:

    • Standard: $25 per month
    • Business: $45 per month
    • Professional: $160 per month
    • Enterprise : $399 per month

    9. GlockApps

    Ranked among the best email testing tools, GlockApps offers email testing services that provide detailed insights into your campaigns. The platform inspects the email deliverability and can effectively analyze email placement, spam score, authentication, IP reputation, blacklisting, etc.

    GlockApps is one of the few email testing tools that can integrate well with Return Path, Mailchimp, SparkPost, SendGrid, AmazonSES, Telegram, and Slack. Apart from a free plan that offers limited features and usage restricted to a single user, GlockApps has three paid plans that are as follows:

    • Basic: $59 per month
    • Business: $99 per month
    • Custom: $199 per month (customizable)

    10. Mailgun

    Mailgun is a unique email testing tool that provides an email API service for developers. It is a powerful tool equipped with advanced email testing features. With this tool, testers can run authentic email deliverability tests to ensure that emails reach customers’ inboxes without any issues.

    Also, it allows you to send, receive, and analyze emails. Some of the key features offered by Mailgun include email verification and authentication, custom DNS , dedicated IP subnets, and customized strategies for enterprises. You can test several features of this tool by signing up for its free trial. However, to use it professionally for your business, you need to purchase one of its paid plans that are as follows:

    • Foundation: $35 per month
    • Growth: $80 per month
    • Scale: $90 per month

    Wrapping Up

    For any business, it’s essential to run successful email campaigns to convert leads into conversions and increase business profits. However, to achieve desired marketing goals from emails, one needs to create email campaigns that are free of any compromises, anomalies, and format constraints.

    With email testing, you can mitigate any faults or pitfalls in your email marketing campaigns. The email testing tools listed in this article offer previews for different devices, format testing, HTML compatibility, and many other features. You need to choose one that best suits your requirements and budget.

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