7 Best Data Science Bootcamps in 2022

By | November 16, 2021
Data Science Bootcamp

At present, there is a huge requirement for data scientists in the IT industry. In general, a data scientist makes use of specialized mathematics coupled with programming expertise for interpreting and processing crucial business data to facilitate decision-making for organizations. Also, it is estimated that the requirement of data scientists will grow by around 27 percent between 2019 and 2029.

If you are looking for opportunities in the field of data science, you need to develop certain technical skills. For that, you will consider various bootcamps or online resources that will help you learn the essential concepts of data science.


The data science bootcamps may last for three to six months, and they help you understand all the fundamentals you need to work as an entry-level data scientist. Moreover, if you are an experienced data scientist, there are certain bootcamps that will help you to enhance your skills to realize faster professional growth.

In this article, we will discuss what a data science Bootcamp is and how much it will cost. Also, we will list down some of the most popular data science bootcamps that can help you become a professional data scientist.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

What is a Data Science Bootcamp?

Unlike the traditional learning methods, data science bootcamps offer short-term practical training programs that focus on helping you develop skills required to start your career as a data scientist. These bootcamps will expose you to various concepts of data analytics, machine learning, and data visualization.

While some bootcamps allow you to enroll yourself for online training, others offer in-person training. But to enroll, many bootcamps require you to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

The duration of a Bootcamp usually depends on the study structure and the amount of content that it covers. However, most bootcamps last for up to six months.

Skills Learned in Data Science Bootcamps

Data science bootcamps help students to learn the fundamentals and knowledge of the tools required to work as a data scientist. Following are the key skills that you can develop by enrolling in a Bootcamp for data science:

  • Data Analysis

Data analysis involves the process of storing, transforming, analyzing, and modeling crucial information so that it can be used by decision-makers. It helps you to check the integrity and accuracy of the data.

  • Computer Programming Languages

Data science Bootcamp helps you learn one or more programming languages for data science that includes R and Python.

  • Data Visualization

Data visualization allows you to deal with huge amounts of data that need to be presented in an easily understandable format. Visualization helps technical and non-technical people to understand complex scenarios easily.

  • Predictive Analytics

You will learn how predictive analysis, machine learning, and algorithms work for creating the basis of trends that are based on historical data and ongoing trends. This will help the data scientist who provides data-informed forecasts. A good Bootcamp lets the students explore more concepts related to data mining, text analysis, real-time data analysis, and data optimization.

What Will a Data Science Bootcamp Cost?

Most data science bootcamps can cost in the range of $50- $20,000, depending on the course content and its duration. Also, you may need to spend more for buying certain software required to follow the tutorials and guides offered within the bootcamps.

List of Top Data Science Bootcamps

Below are the leading bootcamps that can help you learn data science better:

1. Byte Academy

Byte academy came into the limelight in 2014 with its first training program in Python software development in New York City. It offers industry-oriented education. The learning academy offers a full-time and part-time course in data science with a practical approach. It emphasizes students’ progress through small programs either full-time or part-time.

It offers pre-recorded lessons, live sessions, and a practice platform. Byte Academy allows students to work on two projects that include one team project and one individual project. Before starting, each student needs to appear for the Python test and an interview to enroll in the Bootcamp program.

It has a career service team that helps in maintaining connections with the top companies in the market.

  • Course Cost: starts at $14,950
  • Course Format: Online, and can avail of its full-time, part-time
  • Course Length: 24 weeks
  • Other Courses Offered by Byte Academy: Python Bootcamp | Introductory courses | Interview prep workshop

2. Bethel School of Technology

This school was introduced by the Bethel Church in 2017 and it focuses on enhancing data science skills. The students use the asynchronous approach for learning data science. The course involves several hours of training that aims to enhance your skills. It also allows you to connect with the mentors on a weekly basis via video chats and live workshops.

The course includes the foundation of various programming languages and machine learning. Apart from this, every student must opt for the Kingdom foundation core comprehensive study of biblical values. This program also gives you the opportunity to work on group projects.

Additionally, the Bootcamp program offers employee assistance to help you get a good job.

  • Course Cost: $15,900
  • Course Format: Online, part-time
  • Course Length: 33 weeks
  • Other Courses Offered: UI/UX design Bootcamp | Full-stack web development BootCamp

3. Coding Dojo

In 2012, Coding Dojo emerged as a coding education company offering a variety of courses. It has received recognition from the corporate world. It offers a part-time data science Bootcamp that is available for both beginner and advanced learners. Before you enroll in this Bootcamp, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

You can even attend its online lectures and access a wide variety of learning material. By the end of the program, each student will have a portfolio of projects that will help them to get a better job opportunity.

The Bootcamp also offers lifetime access to its career service that helps you to expand your professional network and get a chance to collaborate with industry professionals.

  • Course Cost: $4,745-$4,995
  • Course Format: Online, part-time
  • Course Length: 12 weeks
  • Other Courses Offered by Coding Dojo: Intro to programming | Software development Bootcamp

4. Flatiron School

In 2012, Flatiron School started offering an alternative education model that will help the students to improve their technical skills. The school offers an on-campus Bootcamp for data science. You can also avail of the courses with various options like full-time, part-time, and self-paced as per your requirement.

The Bootcamp helps you learn about different modules of Python, statistics, machine learning, and deep learning. It lets you work on large-scale projects to help you develop a solid understanding of various data science and machine learning concepts. For getting admission, each student has to go through an interview and an eight-question assessment.

With this course, you will get a personal career coach who will help you throughout the course.

  • Course Cost: ranges from $9,600-$16,900
  • Course Format: On-campus, and can avail of its full-time; online, full-time, part-time, self-paced
  • Course Length: 5-15 months
  • Other Courses Offered by Flatiron School: Software engineering | Cybersecurity analytics | Cybersecurity engineering | Bootcamp prep | Intro to JavaScript | Intro to Ruby

5. General Assembly

This Bootcamp delivers a dynamic coding education providing either full-time or part-time courses that may last for 12 to 24 weeks. Due to its flexible plans, it is considered to be suitable for working professionals.

Students can create projects that they can mention in their portfolios. This program requires the students to have a strong mathematical foundation to get started.

This program offers a career coach and ensures that every student should have a strong network with the experts in the market for better hiring.

  • Course Cost: ranges from $3,950-$15,950
  • Course Format: Online, and can avail of its on-campus, full-time, part-time
  • Course Length: 10-24 weeks
  • Other Courses Offered by General Assembly: Software engineering | User experience design | Digital marketing | Front-end web development | JavaScript development | Product management | Python programming | React development | Visual design

6. Lambda School

In 2017, Lambda School started out as an online school that majorly focuses on the learning skills of the students. Lambda School lets the students use industry-standard tools and techniques. Students can enroll for either part-time or full-time live lectures led by market experts.

This Bootcamp helps you develop an in-depth understanding of various concepts of statistics, predictive modeling, data engineering, and computer science. Also, you will develop large-scale projects while working in a team. Lambda offers a deferred tuition option so that you can pay the Bootcamp fee after getting the job.

Apart from this, Lambda offers a job placement support team that helps you throughout the course to get better job opportunities, and also helps you prepare for interviews.

  • Course Cost: starts at $30,000
  • Course Format: Online, and can avail of its full-time, part-time
  • Course Length: 6-12 months
  • Other Courses Offered by Lambda: Full-stack web | Mini code Bootcamp

7. Metis

Metis was launched in 2013 and it offers in-demand training programs in data science. The data science Bootcamp by Metis is available for both individuals and businesses. It is a 10 weeks course that includes daily classes. You can also avail of its flexible 20 week online classes. The module will cover data analysis, linear regression, and other related topics that will help you in learning data science.

Additionally, you will work on five different projects that will help you showcase your skills. This program will provide you with a personalized career team that will help you to build your resume and prepare for technical interviews.

  • Course Cost: starts at $14,500
  • Course Format: Online, and is available only as full-time
  • Course Length: 10-20 weeks
  • Other Courses Offered by Metis: Beginner Python and math for data science| Deep learning fundamentals | Introduction to data engineering


Data science has been widely used by companies to transform huge data into meaningful information. For that, you need to learn various concepts of data science like machine learning, Python, AI, and other skills. If you do not want to miss any concepts and learn from the market-led experts then you can opt for enrolling into a Bootcamp that will help you to get through all the concepts and fundamentals of data science in a short time and at affordable prices.

We have mentioned some of the top-rated bootcamps that will offer you various learning plans and methods. Even they help the students by providing different paying options. You can check them out and choose the one that will help you in learning with great comfort.

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