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By | October 7, 2021

As per the jobs posted on LinkedIn, alone in the United States, there are more than 150,000 job opportunities available for professionals in the field of AWS. With the rise in their demand, they are also among the highest-paid IT professionals in the world. Top organizations around the world are hiring AWS experts for different roles.

This blog is for those individuals who have a keen interest in learning AWS and becoming successful in this profession. Here we detail the 10 most popular books on AWS that will help you master the concepts and skills that organizations look for in AWS professionals. Before getting into the details of the Amazon Web Services books, however, let us first understand what AWS is and why organizations use it.


What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud provider. AWS outperforms Google Cloud and even Microsoft Azure. Hence, it leads the cloud computing scene from the forefront.

Cloud computing has become popular in recent years because most individuals and organizations prefer to shift their data to the cloud rather than storing and accessing it on-premises. This is because online cloud services make it easy to store and access data and cost comparatively less.

AWS provides numerous useful and secure services, ranging from database storage and computing to data analytics and content delivery. Due to its huge adoption rate, the demand for AWS professionals, naturally, is also huge.

Merits of AWS

There are numerous advantages of AWS, which has helped it become one of the largest cloud providers in the world. Some of them are listed below:

  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile in nature.
  • Scalable.
  • Comparatively cheaper; follows a pay-as-you-go cost scheme.
  • Offers cost-effective cloud solutions.
  • Secured.

10 Best AWS Books

1. Amazon Web Services in Action

This book by Nathaniel Felsen is among the best AWS books. It is filled with the latest information, knowledge, and upgrades in this domain. Also, it covers the use of AWS Lambda for various purposes, including infrastructural design and automation.

Further, you will learn to use EFS in order to share volumes of data between various systems. Another significant topic covered in the Amazon AWS book is creating data caches in memory using ElastiCache.

Amazon Web Services in Action aims to give beginners an overview of various processes of the AWS cloud, such as storing, computing, and networking. With this book, you will gain comprehensive knowledge of all important AWS services that you must learn, while focusing on the best practices for scalability, availability, and security.

2. Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS)

This is the perfect Amazon cloud book for AWS foundations for numerous IT professionals, like project managers, developers and administrators who wish to earn one or more AWS certifications or plan and deploy various services of AWS.

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) comprises detailed modules and resources for integrating and operating AWS in organizations for maximizing the versatility and security of business data.

Apart from this, the AWS book takes a slow and steady approach towards covering AWS frameworks. This is one of the best AWS books for beginners and intermediate professionals.

3. Learn Amazon Web Services in a Month of Lunches

This AWS book, written by David Clinton, aims to assist you throughout the Amazon cloud learning process wherein you will gain the knowledge and skills to develop secure and robust web applications with the help of the core AWS services. It offers a quick way to start learning AWS.

Within no time, you will cover and master numerous concepts of AWS and learn practical methods that will allow you to deploy and monitor apps. Moreover, all these concepts will be covered through real-time labs, where each lab session will help you gain proficiency in a range of AWS tools, like RDS, EC2, Route 53, and S3.

4. Amazon Web Services for Dummies

This beginner-level AWS book by Bernard Golden is among the best options for learners with little to no knowledge in this field. It is an amazing book for freshers and budding developers as it covers all the topics of AWS from scratch.

Amazon Web Services for Dummies considers the reader to be new to AWS and explains the concept accordingly by starting from the basics and moving onto more difficult and advanced concepts.

As a working AWS professional, this book can seem a little boring and slow in the beginning. However, you can skip the topics that you have a fair knowledge of and move on to new and more interesting ones.

It also covers the implementation of AWS in detail along with the core AWS principles. So, if you are an AWS enthusiast with a keen interest in becoming a professional in this domain, you should better check it out.

5. AWS Automation Cookbook

The AWS book by Nikit Swaraj includes several concepts of application pipeline automation that will allow companies to become more efficient and versatile. Further, it covers other significant concepts in detail, including AWS CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline.

These AWS services will assist you in automating the development and deployment process of the application pipelines. Other than these, this comprehensive book on AWS will help you learn various AWS concepts that will allow you to gain complete access and control over the process of software development. Moreover, it will help you implement CI/CD to minimize the downtime of the company software and applications.

6. Amazon Web Services Bootcamp

This popular AWS book is written by Sunil Gulabani. The main purpose of this guidebook is to help budding AWS professionals understand the use of AWS in building a scalable and reliable cloud environment.

It is among the best Amazon cloud books for fast-paced learners who are capable of learning quickly and want to master the core concepts of Amazon Web Services. The beginning of this book covers EC2 and S3, after which the learners will learn to design and deploy scalable workloads.

Readers also get the opportunity to learn NoSQL and relational databases. This book on AWS will explain all the required skills that play a crucial role in designing, managing, and deploying services and applications on the AWS platform.

7. AWS Lambda in Action

The author of this book on AWS Lambda is Danilo Poccia. Here, the main goal of Poccia is to make you skilled enough to write and upload code in the cloud. AWS Lambda then responds to those events that have been triggered by your users or your applications. Further, it automatically monitors the resources of the system, including various backend processes.

This AWS book will make you proficient in developing serverless apps. You will also get introduced to AWS Lambda and move on to calling Lambda functions using patterns. After covering these, you will be able to use the examples provided in the book and combine them to develop better and enhanced applications.

8. Learn AWS Serverless Computing

This book on AWS serverless computing is written by Scott Patterson. Serverless computing allows you to run code without the need to manage a server.

Through this book, you will be able to write, deploy, and run serverless apps on AWS. Also, you will get a clear understanding of how you can use Lambda functions to develop scalable systems.

Once you are done with these, you will learn to make use of Amazon API Gateway to deploy serverless applications. Along the course of this book, you will also get to work on a range of projects, such as using NLP to develop chatbots and creating data processing jobs without servers.

9. AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide

The primary motive of AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide is to help AWS professionals clear AWS certification exams.

In this book, the authors explain the significant principles of AWS in detail, along with the fundamentals of networking. It is among the most useful resources for those who need guidance before clearing an AWS certification exam.

Another benefit of this book is that it includes numerous exercises and tests towards the end of the chapters, which will substantiate your learning experience.

So, if you are an AWS professional who wants to earn an AWS certification to get ahead in your career, you must read the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide book.

10. Master AWS Cost Optimization

This book by Eli Mansoor and Yair Green focuses on helping you overcome one of the biggest challenges that companies face while migrating to and working with the cloud. While reading and gaining knowledge from this AWS book, you will get better insights into the operational and technical aspects of cost reduction.

Further in this book, you will read in detail about AWS networking services, computing, and data storage. By the end of this book, you will be skilled to make the best of advanced technologies that assist in developing new and trending products and services in a cost-effective way.

Make Your Choice Now!

The purpose of this blog is to help you get a clear understanding of the most popular AWS books. Each of these is written by experts to help you excel in this lucrative field and become a successful AWS professional.

The blog also detailed AWS and the reasons for its popularity. So choose the book(s) that best serves your goals and purpose and get started now to give a kick start to your career in AWS.

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