10 Best C# Books to Learn and Master C# Programming Language

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10 Best C# Books to Learn and Master C# Programming Language

Paritosh Louhan
Last updated on May 30, 2024

    C# is one of the most widely used programming languages, and its user base is constantly increasing. The best way to learn this object-oriented programming language is through online resources and C# books written by professionals with years of knowledge and experience working with C#.

    There are a variety of programming languages that developers can use to build a wide variety of applications. Among the numerous languages, one that has become quite popular due to its versatile nature is C# .

    Microsoft created this general-purpose language in 2000, and it allows developers to code various apps and games. It is also easy to learn and understand, which is another reason professionals like to go with Csharp. Its speed and versatility are two of the best reasons why programmers prefer it over other programming languages for developing desktop and mobile apps, video games, virtual reality (VR) apps, and more.

    As per the job postings on LinkedIn, at least 73k job opportunities are available for professionals in C#, making it one of the most sought-after IT careers.

    In this blog, we will discuss the 10 best C# books that will be extremely helpful for you if you are interested in learning and building your career in C#. But before getting into that, let us briefly talk about C# and its modus operandi.

    What is C#?

    C#, pronounced as Csharp, is an object-oriented programming language. It uses the .NET framework and is similar to the Java programming language. Also, it has a similar design and interface to C and C++ . C# offers a range of services and features that contribute to its widespread popularity, such as:

    • C# offers high scalability.
    • It follows a component-oriented and structured approach to programming .
    • It delivers high performance.
    • Like Java, C, and C++, C# also follows concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP).
    • C# offers automated garbage collection.

    After getting a brief introduction to C#, it is time to check out some of the best books that you can use to become proficient in C#.

    10 Best C# Books to Uplift Your Learning Experience

    Here is a curated list of popular C# books that can help your master the object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft. This list covers C# books for all levels of readers, from beginners to experts.

    1. C# in Depth

    Author: Jon Skeet

    C# in Depth: Fourth Edition

    This book on C# helps readers easily understand the fundamentals of the popular programming language. Also, the book covers all the advanced-level concepts that are explained in simple terms.

    This guide is apt for developers who wish to level up their C# development skills and improve their overall programming knowledge. However, C# in Depth is not for freshers having almost zero knowledge of C#.

    Only people who have a basic understanding of the significant features of C# and its data types can make the most out of the C# in Depth book.

    Major Topics that C# in Depth Covers:

    • New features of C# 6 and 7.
    • Important legacies and greatest hits of C# 2 to 5.
    • Extended pass-by-reference functionality.
    • Writing asynchronous C# code.
    • Expression-bodied members.
    • String interpolation.
    • Composition with tuples.
    • Decomposition and pattern matching.

    About the Author

    Jon Skeet is a staff developer relations engineer at Google. Currently, he works on Google Cloud Client Libraries for .NET. Moreover, he created NodaTime, an open-source date and time library for the .NET platform.

    Publisher: Manning
    Paperback Print Length: 528 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    2. C# 7.0 in a Nutshell

    Author: Joseph Albahari and Ben Albahari

    C# 7.0 In A Nutshell: The Definitive Reference (Covers .Net Standard 2

    C# 7.0, in a Nutshell offers detailed information and an explanation of the advanced concepts in C#. In this book, the authors start with an overview of the C# programming language and then move on to discuss the complex concepts and methods in the object-oriented programming language.

    This book is specifically for intermediate-level programmers, but even those with basic programming skills can take reference from C# 7.0 in a Nutshell. As the name suggests, this book on C# language covers all the significant concepts and helps readers understand everything that they need to know to become proficient C# developers.

    The exercises in this book will provide you with hands-on experience in C# that aims to substantiate your learning experience.

    Major Topics that C# 7.0 in a Nutshell Covers:

    • Basics of C#, from syntax and variables to advanced topics, like closures, patterns, and pointers.
    • All about LINQ since there are three dedicated chapters.
    • Advanced multithreading, concurrency and synchrony, and parallel programming.
    • .NET features, along with networking, serialization, regular expression, reflection, and cryptography.

    About the Author

    Joseph Albahari is the writer of the popular code scratchpad, LINQPad, and LINQ querying utility.

    Ben Albahari was a program manager at Microsoft for 5 years. Also, he is the founder of Take On It and co-founder of Genamics.

    Publisher: Shroff/O'Reilly
    Paperback Print Length: 1092 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    3. Murach’s C# 2015

    Author: Anne Boehm and Joel Murach

    Murach’s C# 2015

    This is the 6th version of Murach’s C# book by Anne & Murach Boehm. Its main goal is to help you develop C# skills that recruiters of major organizations look for while hiring. Apart from that, this is also a self-paced resource that will help you learn to use C#, Visual Studio, .NET, and so on.

    This C# book aims to help you learn and use inheritance, classes, interfaces, and so on in real-time. Besides, the concepts come with detailed code examples that make them easier to understand and more relatable for the learners. Moreover, if you have an understanding of Visual Studio and its working, you can either skip or skim through the first few chapters of the book.

    Murach’s C# 2015 is filled with practical examples that will assist you in working on industry-based assignments and projects. Also, this book includes all the basic concepts of OOPs ( object-oriented programming ) and helps you learn how to develop expert-level applications.

    About the Author

    Anne Boehm is an enterprise programmer for more than 20 years. She specializes in Visual Basic and .NET programming.

    Joel Murach has been writing and editing computer programming books for over 20 years. Also, he has written books and blogs on Java , .NET, web, and database technologies.

    Publisher: Mike Murach & Associates
    Paperback Print Length: 914 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    4. The C# Player’s Guide

    Author: RB Whitaker

    C# Player's Guide

    Written by RB Whitaker, The C# Player’s Guide is among the most useful and best C# books for beginners. So, as a C# beginner, this book can be a good choice for you. The C# book consists of numerous OOP concepts that will help you better understand the C# language.

    The entire book is divided into six parts, out of which the first three include basic modules while the remaining trio includes intermediate and advanced level modules. There is a wide range of challenges and exercises towards the end of every chapter designed exclusively for readers to test their knowledge.

    Major Topics that The C# Player's Guide Covers:

    • Introduction to C# and Visual Studio.
    • A step-by-step explanation of writing your first C# program.
    • Fundamentals of procedural programming, including variables, decision-making, looping, methods, math operations, and type system.
    • Introduction to object-oriented programming, from basic to advanced concepts.
    • Features of C#.
    • Important tools and tricks for C# programming.
    • Dealing with compilers and identifying bugs in your program.

    About the Author

    RB Whitaker is a professional software developer. He has a passion for helping others to learn to program.

    Publisher: Starbound Software
    Paperback Print Length: 406 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    5. C# 6 for Programmers

    Author: Paul J. Deitel and Harvey Deitel

    C# 6 for Programmers

    This book by Paul J. Deitel and Harvey Deitel is a guide on OOPs and C#. C# 6 for Programmers is created for experienced programmers who have years of experience in the C# domain. You can easily learn the basic concepts of C# and rapidly move to the advanced-level concepts with C# 6 for Programmers.

    The C# 6 for Programmers book comprises a plethora of code examples and real-world applications that demonstrate the use of numerous C# techniques in a specific manner. More than 170 applications are explained in detail within the book.

    Moreover, it is those guides that programmers use over a long period of time as and when they need reference while working on projects based on programming.

    Major Topics that C#6 for Programmers Covers:

    • Details sew C# features, including string interpolation, getter-only properties, exception filters, expression-bodied methods and properties, nameof, null-conditional operator, and auto-implemented property initializers.
    • Interesting and challenging code examples.
    • Object-oriented concepts, such as inheritance, polymorphism, classes, objects, interfaces, and so forth.
    • Asynchronous programming with async and await and functional programming with lambdas.
    • Relational databases with LINQ to entities.

    About the Author

    Paul J. Deitel and Harvey Deitel are the founders of Deitel & Associates, Inc. It is a programming language authoring and corporate training organization.

    Publisher: Pearson
    Paperback Print Length: 768 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    6. Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well

    Author: Jamie Chan

    Learn C#

    Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well is a book by Jamie Chan, and its title is self-explanatory. It is one of the best C# books and seems a little outdated since it was published in 2015. However, the principles of C# are still the same, and this book includes a wide range of information that is beneficial for Csharp learners.

    This book acts as an exhaustive guide for programmers that can be used over the years to learn and implement numerous C# concepts whenever necessary. Furthermore, it consists of Visual C# and its concepts, an overview of Visual Studio , and more.

    Learn C# in One Day and Learn It Well also includes numerous hands-on assignments designed for beginners as well as experienced programmers. Each chapter of the book starts by introducing the concept in a basic manner and then talks about the topics in depth.

    About the Author

    Jamie Chan is a freelance programmer. He is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and has a Master's in computer science.

    Publisher: Learn Coding Fast
    Paperback Print Length: 161 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    7. Concurrency in C# Cookbook

    Author: Stephen Cleary

    Concurrency in C# Cookbook

    Concurrency in C# Cookbook: Asynchronous, Parallel, and Multithreaded Programming is highly regarded as the best C# programming book by many people. This book clearly explains the techniques of asynchronous programming and parallel programming with the help of the various features and libraries in C# and .NET.

    The book also consists of a varied range of the latest tools that will allow you to use concurrency in an easy and effective manner. If you are confused about multithreaded development, this C# book will help you clear your doubts.

    So, if you are interested in learning C# and becoming a professional C# developer, this book is likely to be a great pick.

    The Concurrency in C# Cookbook Covers:

    • Concurrency, async, and parallel programming.
    • Using async and await for asynchronous operations.
    • Parallel programming with .NET's Task Parallel Library.
    • Creating data flow pipeline using .NET’s TPL Dataflow library.
    • Conducting unit testing with concurrent code.
    • Asynchronous-friendly object-oriented programming.
    • Utilizing threadsafe and immutable collections.

    About the Author

    Stephen Cleary is a developer whose experience ranges from ARM firmware to Azure. Also, his contribution to open-source is commendable, as he has released many libraries and utilities.

    Publisher: Shroff/O'Reilly
    Paperback Print Length: 256 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    8. Adaptive Code via C#

    Author: Gary Mclean Hall

    Adaptive Code via C#

    Written by Gary McLean, the main goal of the author is to teach .NET developers and programmers how to add flexibility to their code. This will enable them to become capable of adapting to new customer demands and requirements and use cutting-edge methods and techniques like design patterns and SOLID principles for developing powerful applications.

    This C# book consists of several important lessons along with various hands-on exercises based on them. It includes the SCRUM system, its application in C#, its use in Visual Studio, and so forth.

    Major Topics that Adaptive Code via C# Covers:

    • Understand how flexible the interface can be and why composition is preferable to inheritance.
    • Gain deep insights into key design patterns and anti-patterns and when to apply them.
    • Have an in-depth understanding of SOLID principles, design patterns, and industry best practices for solving problems.

    About the Author

    Gary Mclean Hall is a senior software developer who focuses on producing agile software.

    Publisher: Microsoft Press US
    Paperback Print Length: 544 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    9. C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework

    Author: Andrew Troelsen and Phil Japikse


    C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework are written by Andrew Troelsen and Philip Japikse. The book will help you learn how to combine C# and .NET framework to develop robust web applications. Moreover, this C# book is for professionals with prior knowledge of C# as it does not include all the basic concepts of C#.

    Therefore, it is not a suitable pick for beginners in C#. However, this book focuses on specific programming applications and their advancements. Major Topics that C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework Covers:

    • The .NET 4.6 platform and C# 6.
    • The ins and outs of the leading .NET technology.
    • XAML, .NET 4.6, and Visual Studio 2015.

    About the Author

    As a developer, educator, public speaker, and author, Andrew Troelsen has worked in the software industry for more than 20 years. Currently, he is a team lead and lead engineer at Thomson Reuters. Also, he holds a master of science in software engineering.

    Phil Japikse has more than 30 years of experience in developing software. He is an international speaker, a passionate member of the developer community, and a member of an agile community.

    Publisher: Apress
    Paperback Print Length: 1625 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    10. CLR via C#

    Author: Jeffery Richter

    CLR via C#, 4ed (Microsoft Press)

    CLR via C# includes all the required topics and techniques that you need to learn .NET’s common language runtime. Compared to most books on C#, this book is an easy read for learners who are fairly new to the programming language.

    Moreover, the book can help you attain pragmatic knowledge in developing reliable, responsive, and robust components and applications using C#. A lot of the code available in this book still works in .NET Core, making it, if not the best, then one of the best C# books for beginners.

    Major Topics that CLR via C# Covers:

    • Gain in-depth insights into the .NET Framework 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012.
    • Understand the .NET Framework architecture and runtime environment.
    • Gain knowledge of asynchronous programming and Windows runtime.
    • Practice Visual C# 2012 code examples.

    About the Author

    Jeffery Richter is the co-founder of Wintellect. It is a training, consulting, and debugging firm. Also, he has been a consultant to the Microsoft .NET Framework Team since 1999.

    Publisher: Microsoft Press
    Paperback Print Length: 1443 pages

    You can buy this book from here .


    This article on the ten best C# books will give you an idea of the various books available in this domain and how each book can help you learn C# effectively. Also, we aim to inspire you to learn this trending programming language by choosing the book or books that are the best fit for your knowledge, experience, and requirements.

    We hope that you might have found the best one out of the aforementioned C# books for yourself. If you know any other best C# books or some excellent C# resources, let us know via comments.

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    The latest and stable version of C# is C# 10.0, released in 2021.

    To learn C#, it takes around 2 to 3 months if you invest 3 to 4 hours per day to have a better grasp of the C# concepts. If you opt for a full-time course, it may take a month or two to learn C#. However, practicing concepts may take more time.

    C# is one of the easiest languages to learn. As it belongs to the C family, you will find it even easier if you are already familiar with C and C++.

    C# is a general-purpose language used for developing a varsity of applications: mobile, desktop, web-based, websites, enterprise-grade, and games.

    Yes, you can learn C# from books, as there are a plethora of books that serve as a definitive guide for C#. Some of the best ones are: C# in Depth, C# 7.0 in a Nutshell, Murach's C# 2015, The C# Player’s Guide, and C# 6 for Programmer.

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