10 Best Arduino Books for Beginners to Advanced Programmers

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10 Best Arduino Books for Beginners to Advanced Programmers

Akhil Bhadwal
Last updated on April 25, 2024

    Mastering Arduino is a complex and long process; however, getting started is comparatively easy and simple. If you want to learn Arduino to build your own projects, you get a wide variety of online and offline resources. But it is always better to start learning through the best books.

    Several best Arduino books are available out there that can help you gain in-depth knowledge of the popular open-source electronics platform. Owing to the wide diversity in Arduino books, some of you may find it difficult to find the best one to learn Arduino concepts effectively.

    To help you out, we have mentioned some of the best Arduino books in this article. You can easily choose one or more that seems to satisfy all your learning requirements. So, let us get started with a brief introduction to Arduino!

    What is Arduino?

    Arduino is an open-source electronics platform consisting of easy-to-use hardware and software. Also, it is an open-source hardware board to build devices that can interact with the real world. Arduino boards are capable of taking various types of input, such as light on a sensor, a Twitter message, or a finger on a button. Also, it can turn these inputs into outputs, such as activating the motor, publishing something online, and turning on an LED.

    Over the decades, Arduino has been the core of many projects. Also, students, hobbyists, professionals, and programmers, use Arduino boards to make outstanding projects or devices. Some notable applications of Arduino are SCARA Robot Arm, Voice Fan Manipulation, Garduino , Digital Thermometer, and many others, to name a few.

    Best Arduino Books

    Below are the best Arduino books for beginners that you can read to develop a solid understanding of various Arduino concepts:

    1. Programming Arduino: Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition

    Programming Arduino- Getting Started with Sketches, Second Edition (ELECTRONICS) Paperback

    Author: Simon Monk

    We will start our list of the best Arduino books with Programming Arduino. You can learn Arduino programming easily with the help of this book. It explains various features of Arduino using illustrations and program writing methods using neat sketches.

    This Arduino book provides various programs that you can download and modify as per your requirements. Also, you will get an idea of how to work with analog and digital inputs and outputs.

    Major Features of Programming Arduino

    • This book walks you through the fundamentals of Arduino hardware.
    • It introduces the basic C language concepts.
    • You will be able to access various functions from the Arduino library.
    • It educates you on how to interface with the display units, such as LEDs or LCDs, and to create programs for the internet of things (IoT).

    About the Author

    Simon Monk holds a degree in cybernetics and computer science. Also, he holds a Ph.D. in software engineering. He runs his own website, where he features his own products.

    Publisher: McGraw Hill TAB
    Paperback Print Length: 192 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    2. Exploring Arduino: Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry

    Exploring Arduino- Tools and Techniques for Engineering Wizardry

    Author: Jeremy Blum

    This Arduino book is suitable for individuals who are willing to understand the high-level concepts of Arduino. You will learn how to create robots and other gadgets by implementing human-machine interaction. It is a 400-page book that highlights the basics of the LED lights, TCP/IP protocols, and the C language required for developing Arduino projects. This book is suitable for engineering students, especially ones who are interested in robotics.

    Major Features of Exploring Arduino

    • This book provides you with the source code of various Arduino projects and downloadable resources.
    • You will be able to understand circuit theorems and various programming concepts.
    • You will understand how to work with peripheral devices and the internet.
    • The book will teach you how to interface Arduino with external hardware devices.

    About the Author

    Jeremy Blum is the Director of Engineering at Shaper. At Shaper, he uses computer vision to reinvent the way people use handheld power tools. Earlier, he was a lead electrical architect at Google.

    Publisher: Wiley
    Paperback Print Length: 384 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    3. Arduino Workshop: A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects 1st Edition

    Arduino Workshop- A Hands-On Introduction with 65 Projects

    Author: John Boxall

    At the number three spot on our list of best Arduino books, we have Arduino Workshop. This book offers a step-by-step process for creating innovative Arduino projects. The author focuses on each detail of the project and provides a detailed explanation of each line of code that will help you understand the code easily.

    Major Features of Arduino Workshop

    • The book provides detailed information about each Arduino project.
    • You will get to learn the basics of C programming.
    • The book highlights how to integrate Arduino shields with other electronic devices.
    • You can even get to add your customized features to the projects.

    About the Author

    John Boxall writes reviews for Arduino kits and accessories. He also pens various Arduino tutorials and projects.

    Publisher: No Starch Press
    Paperback Print Length: 392 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    4. Arduino Cookbook

    Arduino Cookbook, 2e Paperback.jpg

    Author: Michael Margolis

    This Arduino book focuses on enhancing your problem-solving skills by providing more than 200 problems to work on and test your skills. The author has an in-depth knowledge of Arduino, and he mentions all the important hardware and software aspects of the Arduino platform in the book.

    Also, each concept has been described along with its practical uses. Importantly, the author avoids jargon in the book and describes everything in simple words that are easily understandable by beginners.

    Major Features of Arduino Cookbook

    • The author provides enough technical details required to start working on basic Arduino projects.
    • The Arduino book helps you to improve your coding skills.
    • This book is suitable for beginners and experienced Arduino developers who want to improve their programming skills.

    About the Author

    Michael Margolis is a technologist in the field of real-time computing. Also, he has more than 30 years of experience working with  Microsoft, Sony, and Bell Labs.

    Publisher: O Reilly
    Paperback Print Length: 724 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    5. Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself

    Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

    Author: Blum Richard

    This is among the best Arduino books that cover all the essential concepts of the open-source electronics platform. The author of the book claims to provide readers with comprehensive Arduino knowledge within 24 hours. This Arduino book is a fast but effective resource for learning Arduino. While it explains the fundamentals of the C programming language, it is better if you have some prior knowledge of the C programming language to ensure effective learning.

    Major Features of Arduino Programming in 24 Hours

    • You will get to learn how to use Arduino libraries and create customized libraries.
    • Apart from the basics of Arduino, the book also covers various advanced topics like networking and file handling.
    • You will learn how to implement the same logic in different ways; this will help you to enhance your problem-solving skills.

    About the Author

    Blum Richard has more than 25 years of experience working in the IT industry. He has worked as a network and system administrator and can manage Microsoft, Linux, and Novell servers. Moreover, he has developed and taught many programming and Linux courses via the internet and at colleges and universities.

    Publisher: Sams Publishing
    Paperback Print Length: 898 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    6. Arduino: Advanced Methods and Strategies of Using Arduino

    Arduino- Advanced Methods and Strategies of Using Arduino Kindle Edition

    Author: Ethan Thorpe

    While learning from this Arduino book as a beginner, you will need to consider some external resources because it mainly focuses on advanced Arduino concepts. The book explains every important aspect of Arduino to facilitate effective learning. The Arduino book consists of various projects that intend to help you test your knowledge.

    Also, you can add customized features to the projects as per your creativity. The projects can be easily made on a variety of boards, and you can choose any board of your choice, such as Uno, Leonardo, and so on.

    Major Features of Arduino: Advanced Methods and Strategies of Using Arduino

    • The topics are covered chapter-wise that will define the project’s theme.
    • It will provide you with easy strategies and methods to work effectively with Arduino hardware and software.
    • This book is suitable for both beginners and experienced Arduino developers.

    Publisher: Independently published
    Paperback Print Length: 160 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    7. Arduino For Dummies

    Arduino For Dummies (For Dummies (Computer:Tech)) 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition

    Author: John Nussey

    Arduino for Dummies is among the best Arduino books for beginners that use simple language to describe various Arduino topics. Each chapter highlights certain tools and technical skills required for completing the mentioned task. For programming Arduino, you will need to know C++, and this book also helps you learn various concepts of C++ as well as C language. The book provides instructions for individuals who are completely new to coding.

    Major Features of Arduino For Dummies

    • Introduces you to Arduino hardware and its ins and outs.
    • You will learn how to set up communication between Arduino hardware and software.
    • It helps you develop a solid understanding of the shields, libraries, arrays , functions, and tools required to create complex Arduino projects.

    About the Author

    John Nussey is a technologist, an entrepreneur, and a designer. He has worked with Arduino for many years and has developed prototype products and amazing artwork.

    Publisher: For Dummies
    Paperback Print Length: 384 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    8. Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action)

    Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action)

    Author: John-David Warren, Josh Adams, and Harald Molle

    The next name on the list of best Arduino books is Arduino Robotics (Technology in Action). As its name indicates, Arduino Robotics guides you on using the Arduino board to control a variety of robots. Also, it provides a step-by-step process for building a fully-functional robot.

    This book intends to walk you through the basics of Arduino and the characteristics of different sorts of motors used in robots. You will learn about failsafe methods and controller methods and various approaches to use them in your projects. Also, it covers basic robots and moves on to discussing complex projects, such as a robotic lawnmower, DIY Segway-clone, a fighting bot, and GPS-enabled robot.

    Major Features of Arduino Robotics

    • This book provides a thorough introduction to Arduino and other components required to build a robot.
    • You will learn how to build motor controllers.
    • It helps you to build simple and complex robots.

    About the Author

    John-David Warren is an electronic hobbyist, relentless tinkerer, and builder. He holds a degree in Business Management from the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Moreover, he enjoys building robots and remote-controlled toys, automating everyday tasks, designing PCBs, and many more.

    Publisher: Apress
    Paperback Pages: 628 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    9. Arduino Programming: The Ultimate Guide For Making The Best Of Your Arduino Programming Projects

    Arduino Programming: The Ultimate Guide For Making The Best Of Your Arduino Programming Projects

    Author: Damon Parker

    Arduino Programming is a definitive guide for individuals wishing to develop Arduino projects. It is ideal for beginners, intermediate-, and advanced-level learners. The author has followed a simple and easy-to-understand language. Moreover, this book helps to master Arduino concepts required to write code on the Arduino platform.

    Major Features of Arduino Programming

    • This book intends to provide you with an understanding of the basic structure of Arduino code. You will get to know about functions, syntax, and libraries in Arduino.
    • You can learn about the basic principles, advantages, and applications of Arduino.
    • It helps you understand configuring hardware and software, developing your own Arduino code, and dealing with Arduino libraries.
    • You can learn variants in Arduino, discover the best Arduino board depending upon your project requirements, and how to install Arduino IDE.

    Publisher: Damon Parker
    Paperback Print Length: 242 pages

    You can buy this book from here .

    10. Arduino: A Technical Reference

    Arduino: A Technical Reference: A Handbook for Technicians, Engineers, and Makers (In a Nutshell)

    Author : J. M. Hughes

    Arduino: A Technical Reference is a project-based Arduino book and a reference that educates you on the performance and electrical facets of on Arduino board and its software. It is a definitive guide for those who want everything about Arduino in one place to develop amazing Arduino projects.

    Major Features of Arduino: A Technical Reference

    • You will get to learn pinpoint diagrams and the AVR microcontrollers used in Arduino boards.
    • This Arduino book walks you through the run-time libraries of Arduino.
    • It also covers various shields and sensors to use with an Arduino board.
    • There is one dedicated chapter in this book that educates you on creating shields from scratch.
    • You will discover a thorough description of three Arduino projects, namely a smart thermostat, programmable signal generator, and programmable launch sequencer for model rockets.

    About the Author

    John M. Hughe has over 30 years of experience in embedded systems and software, electronics, aerospace systems, and scientific applications programming. He is an embedded systems engineer.

    Publisher: O'Reilly Media
    Paperback Print Length: 1,125 pages

    You can buy this book from here .


    Arduino is extensively used within the fields of robotics and IoT to create various projects that tend to solve real-world problems. With the help of various online or offline resources, even beginners can learn how to work with Arduino.

    This article has mentioned some of the best Arduino books that can help you acquire all the essential knowledge required to become a proficient Arduino developer. If you know any additional book that every Arduino developer should read, you can feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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    The best books for Arduino are: 1. Programming Arduino 2. Exploring Arduino 3. Arduino Cookbook 4. Arduino Workshop 5. Arduino Programming in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself.

    Yes, Arduino Cookbook is one of the best books to learn about Arduino for individuals having in-depth knowledge of Arduino concepts. It consists of over 200 tasks or problems, sample code, and descriptions. It covers both the hardware and software aspects of Arduino.

    Yes, Arduino is easy to learn since it leverages the language that is the simplified version of C++. So, if you are familiar with C++, you will find Arduino easy to learn.

    No, it is not possible to learn Arduino in a week. Even if you have experience in computer programming, it may take two to three weeks. Otherwise, learning Arduino generally takes two to three months.

    Arduino comes with a software called Arduino software, which is an integrated development environment.

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