10 Best SOA Testing Tools for QA Engineers For 2024

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10 Best SOA Testing Tools for QA Engineers For 2024

Sameeksha Medewar
Last updated on May 22, 2024

    Often, software developers prefer developing applications with SOA (service-oriented architecture). This makes SOA testing a whole different domain that focuses on testing applications developed exclusively on the SOA architecture. SOA testing often involves testing application interfaces without GUI, such as web services, ESB’s, and process models.

    SOA testing involves various risks and complexities and thus you need to execute it with the utmost attention. However, there are various SOA testing tools that can assist with the testing process while providing added security, safety, and precision.

    In this article, we will discuss the best SOA testing tools out there that you can use to ensure seamless and efficient testing of applications.

    Best SOA Testing Tools

    Following is the list of the best SOA testing tools that are worth considering:

    1. Parasoft SOA Test

    SOAtest from Parasoft is one of the most efficient and reliable SOA test tools. The tool comes with a stable design and functionality and is trusted by professional testers.


    • It is an enterprise-level automation SOA testing platform.
    • It keeps a regular check into the maintenance of tests.
    • Provides almost 100% coverage during testing.
    • Supports API testing.
    • Leverage AI and machine learning to elevate the efficiency of the testing process.
    • Supports 120 message formats and protocols.
    • Needs minimal tech expertise and therefore it is an ideal choice for beginners as well as experts.
    • Allows easy updates for test cases.
    • Provides rapid feedback from the CI/CD pipeline.

    2. SoapSonar

    SoapSonar is one of the most reliable automation tools for easy SOA testing. The platform is owned by Crosscheck Networks. It possesses a wide range of amenities for programmers and developers.


    • Supports a wide range of communication protocols and architecture, such as REST and SOAP.
    • Compatible with FTP, HTTP, EMS, etc.
    • Allows you to test and validate simple as well as complex data structures.
    • Support distributed loading.
    • Generates comprehensive test reports.
    • It can efficiently run SLA Throttling.
    • Supports JMS testing.

    3. Worksoft Certify for SOA

    Worksoft Certify is a reliable and valuable SOA testing tool. It shares an analogy with IBM Rational Service Tester. It has become widely popular due to its stability, performance, and optimum precision.


    • Supports scriptless testing.
    • It can work in diverse environments such as Java, .NET, SAP, mainframe, etc.
    • The platform can validate web services as well as end-user applications.
    • It can aid in the simulation of messages and responses.
    • It can track revisions in services easily and quickly.
    • Reduces testing time significantly.

    4. SOA Cleaner

    A simple yet robust SOA testing tool, SOA cleaner is one of the most reliable and valuable assets for programmers working on SOA applications.


    • It allows you to test web services, including REST APIs .
    • Supports load testing.
    • It is one of those rare tools compatible with quality analysis testing as well as dev testing.
    • It allows testing through the command line.
    • It can take inputs from .CSV files.
    • Allows complete business process emulation.

    5. Testing Whiz

    Testing Whiz is among the most popular SOA testing tools out there. It allows developers and testers to perform SOA testing efficiently with minimal effort.


    • Allows functional and non-functional testing of web services.
    • It can provide WSDL through HTTP.
    • The tool supports compliance testing as well as security testing.
    • Comes with an in-built bug tracking feature along with tools for test management.
    • Provides object eye internal recorder.
    • Features an integrated Python editor.
    • It allows you to export test reports in PDF format.
    • Supports integration with SVN.
    • It can run dynamic tests and execute continuous server integration.
    • Supports mobile testing

    6. iTKO LISA

    When it comes to SOA testing, iTKO LISA can be an ideal choice. It can provide 100% automation for SOA testing. The tool has various amenities, such as an interesting interface, stable performance, and elevated ease of use.


    • Capable of automating the testing process.
    • It is equipped with a point-and-click graphical interface.
    • Elevates the ease and convenience of the testing process.
    • Provides robust and insightful tracing of testing processes.
    • Reduces any dependencies on test resources.
    • Maintains the quality and integrity of SOA testing.
    • Works across all the layers of SOA-based applications.

    7. SOArite

    Owned by Runzyme, SOArite is an efficient and reliable solution for programmers and testers looking to perform SOA testing in the best way possible. The tool provides users with optimum control over the SOA testing process.


    • Allows you to set up and test workflows rapidly without hassle.
    • It can test REST services, HTTP Services, Web services, JMS, TCP, etc.
    • It supports the drag and drop approach, i.e. it allows picking up the test object and placing it in specific test runs.

    8. QUASAR

    Primarily optimized for unit testing, QUASAR is also a suitable tool for SOA testing. This multi-language supporting tool enables programmers to test SOA-based applications with utmost ease and accuracy. It is preferred by many professional testers and software developers due to many reasons, most important ones of which are written below.


    • The platform supports 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
    • It allows you to create and monitor the SOA testing tasks easily.
    • The tool is easy to comprehend.

    9. TestMaker

    An excellent tool for continuous SOA testing, TestMaker finds any possible bugs or glitches in SOA-based applications. It can assist in maintaining the optimum functionality of applications.


    • Open-source and free to use.
    • Allows you to run tests on-grid or cloud.
    • It can detect anomalies in SOA applications and suggest possible solutions.
    • It ensures hassle-free migration from QTP.

    10. AdventNet QEngine

    AdventNet QEngine is primarily a functional testing tool. It works as an ideal solution for SOA testing as well. It can identify and resurface bugs in the application’s code.


    • It supports SOAP web services testing.
    • It can identify glitches in SOA applications’ code easily.
    • Provides reliable results for load and performance testing.
    • It can assist in selecting an appropriate scalability method; whether horizontal scaling is better or vertical scaling.


    SOA testing is no children's play and is crucial for the success of SOA-based applications. These applications are generally tested under rigorous parameters to ensure their stability, functionality, and operability. Thanks to technology, there are various tools available that can make the process of SOA testing easy and hassle-free.

    One can consider the SOA testing tools mentioned in this article to streamline as well as make the testing process more efficient.

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    SOA is the acronym for Service-Oriented Architecture. It is a technique of integrating business applications and processes together to comply with business requirements.

    SOA or Service-Oriented testing refers to the testing of the SOA architectural style. In this architectural style, the components of an application are developed to communicate with each other over a network through a communication protocol.

    The different SOA testing methods include stubs, regression testing, functional testing, service level testing, security testing, performance testing, integration-level testing, and end-to-end testing.

    The three system layers SOA testing focuses on are the Service layer, Consumer layer, and Process layer.

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