10 Best Data Analytics Certification to Boost Your Career

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10 Best Data Analytics Certification to Boost Your Career

Srijani Ghosh
Last updated on June 16, 2024

    Utilizing and configuring software and technologies is difficult, but putting together the appropriate team with the necessary capabilities to tackle data projects is even more difficult. This issue is the main reason for the growing demand for big data and analytics skills and certifications.

    Certification is an excellent way to boost your knowledge and grow your career as a data analyst. Also, certifications assess your knowledge and abilities against industry benchmarks and help you demonstrate to employers that you possess the necessary skills.

    To assist you in determining which certification is appropriate for you, we've put together a list of the most popular data analytics certifications in this blog. But before discussing the best certifications in data analytics, let’s understand what data analytics is and the advantages that it offers.

    What is Data Analytics?

    Data analytics is a wide term that encompasses the concepts and techniques of all data-related activities. They are mainly performed by data specialists, such as data scientists, engineers, and analysts, to make it simple for the rest of the company to access and interpret results. Data that is left unprocessed has no value. Instead, the value is in what you do with that data.

    All of the processes that you use to uncover, understand and visualize data to devise effective business strategies and outcomes are collectively referred to as data analytics. A good data analytics approach can—and should—assist companies in making well-informed decisions.

    Benefits Of Learning Data Analytics

    1. Improve your problem-solving abilities

    Analytics is, at its core, a problem-solving technique. The capacity to think critically and approach issues in the appropriate manner is a talent that is important, not only in the professional sphere but also in everyday life.

    2. High demand

    This is the most evident benefit of learning data analytics. As more and more companies understand the importance of processing data to extract meaningful insights, they are constantly looking for expert data analysts. As a result, the demand for data analysts is quite high in the job market.

    3. Useful in every industry

    Aside from the financial stability that graduates get by pursuing a career in data analysis, the big data boom has also resulted in a slew of new possibilities for them. Working as a professional data analyst in different industries, including healthcare, media and entertainment, automotive, and cyber security, has now become possible.

    Best Data Analytics Certifications

    Following are the most trusted data analytics courses and certifications that can help you become a proficient data analyst and get a high-paying job.

    1. Microsoft Certified: Data Analyst Associate

    It is one of the most popular data analyst certifications offered by Microsoft. The Data Analyst Associate certificate will come in handy for those who desire to work as professional data analysts. To obtain this data analytics certification, you must pass the DA-100 exam.

    Also, this certification is a replacement for The Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Data Management and Analytics certification, which expired in January 2021. It focuses on Microsoft Power BI , which is a business analytics solution. So, make sure you understand the fundamentals of Power BI and are ready to use it as your primary data visualization tool.


    • You'll learn everything there is to know about Power BI.
    • Comes with the exam preparation material.
    • The exam is available in four different languages (English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese).
    • The certification exam has a duration of 180 minutes and includes MCQs and case studies.
    • It does not have an expiration date.

    It is an intermediate-level data analytics certification that is appropriate for individuals who are familiar with the fundamentals of data analysis. Completing the certification and receiving a certificate isn't difficult because you have access to all of the necessary preparation materials for free.

    2. Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

    The Azure Data Scientist Associate certification is for those who wish to learn about Azure and work as a data scientist. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service, and this certification guarantees that you can create and manage various Azure services. The certification test includes a section on machine learning as well.


    • Learn all there is to know about Azure and how to manage hybrid cloud architecture.
    • Online test preparation material that includes a comprehensive study route is available for free.
    • Learn how to make predictive models without having to code them.
    • Develop your skills as a data analyst or data scientist.
    • Opportunity to learn from an experienced instructor.
    • The certificate has no expiration date.
    • English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are the four languages in which the course is accessible.

    This certification from Microsoft is highly regarded and is likely to be useful in getting a good-paying job. It offers a great way to learn how to perform data analysis. Also, the fee for this certification is quite reasonable.

    3. SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional Using SAS 9

    Do you like to use SAS as your analytics platform of choice? If you want to show off your big data analytics and predictive modeling talents, the Advanced Analytics Professional Certification is the way to go. It is a professional data analytics certificate for applicants who have prior SAS experience.


    • To get the certificate, you must pass three examinations that test your knowledge of data analytics, SAS, predictive modeling, and machine learning.
    • Your name will be entered into SAS's certified professional directory.
    • You get high-quality study materials with complete access to cloud applications.
    • Effective learning with real-world case studies.
    • Personalized instructions to assist you in passing the certification exams.

    The total cost of the three examinations is $610, and the training material, which includes exam vouchers and online courses, would cost around $1,295 per year. Because it's a highly specialized and sophisticated certificate, it can help you acquire a reputed and high-paying job. It is for experienced programmers with at least six months of programming expertise in SAS or a programming language.

    4. Cloudera Certified Associate Data Analyst

    SQL developers will benefit from the Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst certificate. The test assesses your ability to work successfully with Hadoop data and generate reports using Hive and Impala in a CDH environment. It's an advanced data analyst certification designed for those who have worked with SQL before.

    Cloudera will give you a four-day data analyst training course. It will cover all of the course material to prepare you for the examination. To pursue this certification, you must have prior expertise or understanding of SQL and Linux commands.


    • The certification is appropriate for data analysts, developers, system architects, and database administrators.
    • In the certification exam, you'll be solving real-world problems.
    • It allows you to demonstrate your data analysis and SQL abilities.
    • It comes with comprehensive training that is beneficial to new graduates and entry-level data analysts.

    This data analytics certification program will cost $3,195 for virtual sessions and $2,235 for on-demand data analyst training. The Cloudera data analyst certification is a specialized and professional certification for SQL developers who wish to advance their data analytics and management abilities.

    5. Amazon Web Services Big Data Specialty Certification

    The AWS Big Data Specialty Certification is suitable for applicants with at least two years of experience working with Amazon Web Services as a big data analyst or data analyst. It's a role-based data analytics certification that will help you enhance your knowledge of AWS products.


    • It is a well-recognized and advanced certification for big data analytics.
    • You will receive digital badges that you can use to promote your abilities on your website and social media profiles.
    • At AWS events, you'll have exclusive access to AWS certification suites.
    • There is a variety of free training materials available to help you prepare for the certification exam.
    • A comprehensive test preparation interface that displays you the credentials you'll need to pass the specialized exam.
    • The certification exam is available in four different languages, namely English, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese.

    The cost of the AWS big data specialist certification is $300, which is reasonable given that it is a highly advanced certificate. To get the certificate, you need to pass a 170-minute full-length test having multiple-choice questions.

    6. Oracle Business Intelligence Certification

    The Oracle Business Intelligence certification helps you to take a significant step in the direction of data analysis and business intelligence. Oracle offers a variety of certifications in various fields, and this development specialist certification helps individuals prove that they’re capable of operating Oracle Business Intelligence Suite products.

    • Exam Title: Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) Foundation Suite 11g Essentials
    • Duration: 120 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 75
    • Passing score: 63%
    • Format: Multiple-choice questions
    • Cost: US$245

    The certification program covers various topics, such as installing OBIEE, creating the BI Server metadata repository, creating BI dashboards, constructing ad-hoc searches, establishing security settings, and configuring and maintaining cache files.

    7. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification

    This data analytics certification will prepare you to work in the Hadoop environment, which includes Pig, Hive, and HBase. You'll also demonstrate your data science skills in areas such as random forests, logistic regression, data visualization, and natural language processing.

    Additionally, it covers the methodologies of advanced analytics and statistical modeling, responsibilities of a data scientist, the primary phases of the data analytics life cycle, evaluation and exploration of data with R, statistics for model building and evaluation, and data visualization.

    • Exam Title: EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification
    • Duration: 90 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 60
    • Pass Score: 60%
    • Format: Multiple-Choice Questions
    • Cost: US$600 for video-ILT streaming and US$5,000 for instructor-led

    8. Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert MCSE: Data Management and Analytics

    This data analytics certification is an advanced-level certification. It's ideal for someone with years of experience building enterprise-level data solutions. It will help you learn how to leverage business intelligence (BI) along with accessing SQL.

    • Exam Title: Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases (Exam 70-464)
    • Duration: 120 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 45 to 55
    • Passing score: 70%
    • Format: Single and multi-choice questions
    • Price: $165

    This certification allows you to work in both on-premises and cloud environments. The most remarkable feature of this data analytics certification is that you may pick from a variety of tests based on your interests and professional goals.

    9. Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

    The Certified Analytics Professional, or CAP, is one of the most popular data analytics certifications. Candidates who pass the CAP test stand out from the crowd. However, professional development units (PDUs) are required to renew the CAP certification every three years.

    You should begin by registering for the CAP examination. The panel will further look over your application and will accept or reject it based on its relevance. Only accepted candidates will be allowed to take the exam.

    • Exam Title: Certified Analytics Professional
    • Duration: 180 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 100
    • Passing score: 70%
    • Format: Four-option, multiple-choice questions
    • Price: $495 for INFORMS members, $695 for Others, and $350 for aCAP certified candidates.

    10. Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP)

    Are you a newcomer to data analytics with little to no experience? If yes, then the aCAP (Associate Certified Analytics Professional) certification is for you. The aCAP certification verifies that the applicant meets the following criteria:

    • A master's degree in data analytics or similar technologies (i.e., the theoretical understanding of data analytics and related technologies).
    • Prepared to begin and progress in the field of data analytics.

    The Associate Certified Analytics Professional certification is sponsored by INFORMS , and it is a vendor-neutral and transferable certificate. This aCAP certification can help you stand out from your peers, boost your professional reputation, improve your CV, and demonstrate your devotion to learning and earning in data analytics.

    • Exam Title: Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP)
    • Duration: 150 minutes
    • Number of Questions: 100
    • Passing score: 70%
    • Format: Multiple-choice questions
    • Price: $300 (INFORMS member discount available)

    Final Words

    Obtaining a data analytics certification necessitates you to invest money, time, and effort. Certifications, in general, set you apart from other candidates and add value to your CV and professional online profiles. They also help companies to know that you have the specific skill set they are looking for. Also, you might earn more than someone who does not have a certification.

    We hope that this article made you familiar with the best data analytics certifications out there. Now, you can choose one that best suits your requirements.

    All the best!

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    Yes, it is worth taking a data analyst certification because it showcases that you possess all the essential expertise required to become a data analyst. Employers are also more likely to hire candidates holding certifications. So, if you are on an entry-level path in your career, certifications will be more helpful.

    To begin with, you need to develop all the foundational concepts or skills in data analytics. You can even opt for an online course or certification training to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. Later, study for the certification exam, appear for the exam, and ace it to earn the certification.

    You will a galore of free data analytics courses on the internet. Some of the best places to learn data analytics for free are AWS, Google Analytics, IBM, Microsoft, Simplilearn, and Udemy.

    The Google data analytics certification program lasts for around six months, which is a timeline for novices. However, you can finish the course on your own schedule.

    The Google data analytics certification is absolutely free. You simply have to learn Google Analytics and appear for the certification exam.

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