How to Learn JavaScript Quickly [Step-by-Step Guide]

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How to Learn JavaScript Quickly [Step-by-Step Guide]

Gaurav Roy
Last updated on May 30, 2024

    When we discuss the scripting languages in the age of Microservice, you can’t ignore JavaScript. As, we all know JavaScript that it was a client-side scripting language but now after the addition of Node JS in the list of JavaScript as a runtime environment, it is available for the server side as well. Now JavaScript is everywhere including mobile web applications, small software on the desktop, mobile, and server.

    How to Learn JavaScript Quickly

    JavaScript made it possible to create mobile web apps using html5 which reduced the cost to spend on an Apple license or you don’t need to purchase any MAC laptop even. All small software ventures are using Node JS to develop apps. Hence, JavaScript stormed to the market of web technology nowadays. PayPal chose to write most of the functions in JavaScript. Recently also switched to JavaScript by writing its dashboard in JavaScript. Also, the big giants in technology like Google, Facebook, and Twitter also use JavaScript. So now JavaScript is an important part of the technology world. JavaScript is widely used in developing applications like Geolocation APIs, single-page apps, advertisements for the net, etc. JavaScript has lots of features and advantages like functional, scripting, dynamic, and quirky but it also has its limitations. JavaScript becomes difficult to read, debug, and manage when used to develop large applications. Also, if you are familiar with JavaScript, then you can make the best use of it. Some technology experts found the solution for it too. They have developed a compiler to convert the other language code into JavaScript to make its use easy.

    What is JavaScript ?


    JavaScript was initially created in 1995 with the concept to make pages alive. It is called JavaScript as the program written in this language are known as scripts which directly written into HTML and load at the time of page loading. Script executed as plain text. JavaScript is a lightweight, multi-paradigm, prototype-based, object-oriented, dynamic scripting language. It is a programming language used for web applications and small software with the use of HTML5. JavaScript is a popular scripting language and rapidly growing language after the involvement of Node JS. It supports many first-class functions that can be passed by variables. It is a JIT-compiled or interpreted programming language for web pages and many non-browser environments also use it such as node.js. JavaScript is widely used in web development because of its features like object-oriented. Now the question arises that how object-oriented programming can be implemented using JS or why it differs from other languages. So let’s discuss that object-oriented programming has some features like an object, encapsulation, classes, and inheritance, etc. An object can be implemented in JavaScript. Classes can’t be defined in JavaScript directly without using the constructor and then reuse it using prototype because JavaScript is a prototype-based object-oriented language. Encapsulation is used to hide data or data abstraction but there is no such access specifier in JavaScript as the other OOP languages so for that we use some functions and methods to perform encapsulation in JavaScript. Inheritance is the concept used to inherit some property of a class to another class but in JavaScript, it is used to inherit from object to object. JavaScript can calculate, validate, and manipulate data by the update and change both in HTML and CSS. JavaScript is basically used to make web pages interactive with clickable buttons, complex animations, and popup menus, etc. JavaScript data types include Numbers, Strings, Objects, Arrays, and Functions, etc. JavaScript can be extended to multiple purposes, for example: Client-side JavaScript: This allows an application to insert elements from users in an HTML form and then respond to their input like a mouse click and page navigation. Server-side JavaScript: This allows an application to communicate with the database or perform file manipulation on the server.

    What’s Java in JavaScript?

    Java vs Javascript

    JavaScript is similar to Java and follows most Java expression syntax that’s why it is named JavaScript changing from LiveScript but in some cases, it is different from Java also. Here let’s discuss the difference in brief-

    • Java provides strong type-checking and static typing but JavaScript does not.
    • Java supports a compile-time system of classes which is built by declarations while JavaScript supports a run-time system based on data types like String, Boolean, and Numeric, etc.
    • JavaScript code is very simple to write as compared to Java. Here is no need to worry about declarations of a variable that it is public, private, or protected, no need to declare all classes and methods.
    • Java’s class-based programming for fast execution and type safety makes it more complex than JavaScript.

    Example of JavaScript Language

    In the following example, a function msg() to be created to call. To specify the function in JavaScript, you need to use the function keyword with the name of the function as shown here. After the function declaration, you need to work on an event to call the function. In this example, the function is called on the mouse’s click event. Lets’ have a look at the code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function msg()
    alert("Hello Techgeekbuzz ");
    <p>Welcome to Techgeekbuzz</p>
    <input type="button" value="click" onclick="msg()"/>

    Output: Welcome to Techgeekbuzz Click Button When you will click on the button an alert box will show with the message- “Hello Techgeekbuzz”

    Why you should learn JavaScript?

    As we discussed what is JavaScript and how it is different from Java. But still, your mind must be finding the answer for that why you should learn JavaScript when there are so many other popular languages available already. Yeah, it's obvious questions so let’s find answers. Check Java vs JavaScript

    • The most important benefit from JavaScript is that from the career perspective JavaScript developers got a high salary package.
    • JavaScript is a high demanding language and easy to learn.
    • JavaScript is a flexible language that allows its developers to write in their own style which means you can write with your OOP concepts. Also, other programming language codes can be compiled into JavaScript.
    • JavaScript library ecosystem is the next reason to choose JS which enables you to complete tasks in the number of range from parsing JS to processing and displaying PDFs.
    • The best thing about JavaScript is it is everywhere and getting warmed up every day.
    • After the Node JS, JavaScript also gets rid of the biggest restriction to the browser.
    • JavaScript is freely available and most popular to create interactive web pages.
    • With HTML5, JavaScript gives the best Graphical User Interface. With HTML5 you can target web and mobile both by using technologies like PhoneGap, Chrome Apps, TideSDK, etc.
    • Node.js made JS possible for server-side scripting and shell scripts also.
    • JavaScript is fast enough with JIT compilers and more ideas are in development.

    So if you want to get into web development with interactive web pages as a front-end developer or back-end developer, you must learn JavaScript for a bright future in the technology world. Here are some dynamic website enhancements which are performed by JavaScript

    • Dropdown menus and rollover effects for user interaction
    • Autocomplete option
    • Fading, resizing or relocating and more animating page elements
    • You don’t need to reload the page for loading the new content or data onto the page
    • Playing video and audio
    • Resolve browser compatibility issues
    • Validation of input by the user in the Web forms

    Features of JavaScript

    JavaScript has unique features which make it different from other languages. Here are some of them:

    • Today JavaScript is the most widely used browser language with full integration with HTML and CSS.
    • JavaScript do the simple things in a simple way
    • JavaScript is supported by all major browsers and enabled by default in them
    • Now JavaScript is not only a browser-only language but also used in any environment as well.
    • The main feature of JavaScript is it is an OOP concept-based scripting language.
    • Giving the user more interactive web pages to have control over the browser.
    • It supports handling dates and times.
    • It is a lightly weighted scripting language.
    • It detects the user's browser and OS as well
    • JavaScript is not related to Java as it is a scripting language.
    • A thing to remember about JavaScript is it is case sensitive.
    • JavaScript is an interpreter-based scripting language.
    • JavaScript provides predefined objects.
    • A semicolon (;) must be used at the end of every statement in JavaScript.
    • JavaScript’s ability to create new functions within scripts is an important feature of it.
    • function ’ keyword is used to declare a function in JavaScript.
    • Control statements syntax in JavaScript is the same as the syntax of control statements in C language in most cases.
    • JavaScript is the event-driven language that responds to user interface actions such as click, mouse movements, etc.

    Java vs Javascript

    Advantages of JavaScript

    • The main advantage that developers would love about JavaScript is there are more than 3100 GitHub projects available with over 500 stars.
    • JavaScript is installed in the web browser.
    • JavaScript is one of the most popular and preferred by developers programming languages in the world.
    • JavaScript is everywhere and even Jeff Atwood says about it that “Everything that can be written in JavaScript will be written in JavaScript”.
    • JavaScript is simple and easy to learn than other programming languages.
    • JavaScript developers have a bright future as it is the language of the future.
    • JavaScript supports a large library and by using them you can design amazing visual effects.
    • You can be a game developer if you know JavaScript.
    • Today, JavaScript is the need of every developer, no matter which programming language they are using for the backend.
    • JavaScript is the most user interactive language.
    • JavaScript provides rapid development as it is a flexible language and its small bit of code can be tested easily on the console panel.

    Disadvantages of JavaScript

    Although, JavaScript has many advantages over disadvantages still there are some negatives always with each technology. JavaScript also has a few negatives mentioned below:

    • Its code is visible to everyone.
    • JavaScript is slower than other languages because the JavaScript Document Object Model is slow.
    • If there is an error in JavaScript then it will stop the entire website.
    • Its code executes on the client-side which’s why it is not secure.
    • The server-side script always produces the same output but as JavaScript sometimes interpreted differently by different browsers so it is not sure to say about the client-side output.
    • JavaScript doesn’t support multiprocessor and multi-threading.
    • JavaScript can’t be used for networking applications.
    • The reading or writing of files is not allowed in Client-side JavaScript.

    Tips to Learn JavaScript Quickly

    Here are some tips for the developers who are doing to start with JavaScript

    1. You must start reading about the latest trends in JS and also practice the code regularly.
    2. Leave your comfort zone and have mastery of your concepts.
    3. Do good practice on plain paper when you are dealing with complex algorithms, so that you won’t miss any logic.
    4. Use the console to test the code.
    5. Get some basic concepts clear as JavaScript is a permissive language so sometimes it won’t return errors.
    6. Get involved in discussions with other developers to improve coding and basics.
    7. Practice by yourself. More practice will enhance your skills more.
    8. Try to get updated and connected with different resources. This will help for a deeper approach.
    9. Participate in an online quiz on the JavaScript challenges and show your skills.
    10. Start with basics and prepare your own notes.

    Best Ways to Learn JavaScript Quickly

    Best Way to learn Javascript Follow this easy step-by-step procedure to make your learning process easy.

    1. Start to learn with the basics.
    2. Download the required code editor and practice together.
    3. Many online courses are available for help to follow the online resources to learn in-depth.
    4. Don’t avoid to do practice the code; this is a must for any developer.
    5. Sometimes you need the motivation to learn more so connect with a mentor to work freely.
    6. Make your own notes by the starting. You should have plenty of notes.
    7. Don’t just read and copy-paste. Write and understand each and every line of code and the logic behind that.
    8. Have a reference guide in hand always.
    9. Find other people who are learning JavaScript and have discussions with them.
    10. User different online resources like videos, online courses, and e-books.

    Best Online Resources to learn JavaScript

    Javascript Online Bloggers

    • JavaScript Collection ( ): It is not a blog; it’s the platform to connect audience and contains high-quality JavaScript articles. It has all related to JavaScript, Node, and jQuery.
    • DWB (David Walsh Blog ): This is the popular renowned blog in the world of JavaScript. He regularly posts on his blog related to JavaScript, personal thoughts, guides, and much more updates.
    • Reddit – JavaScript ( ): This blog has all about JavaScript and the frequency of posts on this blog is around 168 per week which is enough number. You will find your all JavaScript solution here.
    • DataEximIT ( ): This blog has a team of all developers for JavaScript, Full Stack, Mean Stack developer for Angular and Node JS, etc. This is the solution for your all queries if you are going to develop your JavaScript application.
    • DailyJS ( ): It is the best blog for JavaScript on the internet now by an entrepreneur and Node.js expert name is Alex R. Young. The blog has large content on JavaScript, APIs, frameworks, and libraries, etc.

    Best E-books to read and Learn JavaScript

    Best Javascript Books

    Although, there are many good books available to learn JavaScript in the best way we have filtered the top 5 books for you to refer to for JavaScript.

    • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, by David Flanagan – O’Reilly books are always great when you prefer programming. The tools such as prototyping, graphics, and closures are well defined in this book.
    • JavaScript Step by Step – A book of Microsoft by Steve Suehring is easy for those who have no experience in programming and start learning with the fundamentals step by step with codes and examples to folly.
    • JavaScript Programmer’s Reference – This book is written by Alexei White, with the explanations of operators, expressions, syntax, objects, types, and how to work with the function and objects including the utilization of core features of JavaScript.
    • Learn JavaScript – This is a free e-book available for beginners that covers all the basics which can be downloaded from the internet. The book is written in a simple language to understand and every topic is explained with a short explanation and example with the exercise. This book is in the best resource as free.
    • JavaScript: The Definitive Guide – David Flanagan wrote this book. This has a series of books. This course has 3 books. The first book is for programming concepts such as functions, objects, and the second book explains core JavaScript concepts and the third one with an overview of a server-side scripting language with functions.

    Best Videos to watch for JavaScript

    Javascript Online

    A video lecture plays a vital role while learning something new. Video lectures are just equivalent to classroom teaching. Like all others, JavaScript also has many video lecture courses to learn. Here we are listing the top 3 online courses for you to learn.

    • The Complete JavaScript Course: Build a Real-World Project – This video tutorial is available on Udemy and it’s a paid course. In this course, you will start from a total beginner to advanced level of JavaScript developer. This is one of the most popular online courses to learn JavaScript. This course also includes projects, challenges, and ends with the final exam.
    • Modern JavaScript From The Beginning – Next course on Udemy is modern JavaScript from the beginning. This online course has 21 hours of video lectures. This course will give you a practical approach to understand JavaScript with multiple real-world projects. After the completion, of course, you will be able to create your own projects. This course includes JavaScript fundamentals, DOM projects, API projects, Error handling, and other expressions, and many more topics to cover.
    • Accelerated JavaScript Training – This is also provided on Udemy’s website. It is an online course for a deep dive into the JavaScript. This follows an example-driven approach in this book. This course will teach you how you can use JavaScript to develop modern and interactive websites. This is a comprehensive real-world projects course.


    In this article, we have provided you the all required info related to JavaScript for a beginner to start learning with JavaScript. We have included everything by explaining JavaScript, its advantages and disadvantages, and the best ways to learn this through blogs, eBooks, or video lectures with their details. We wish you all the best wishes!

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