JavaScript Tutorial-Introduction

    JavaScript is one of the most popular and futuristic Programming Language. And when we talk about its technical paradigms it is interpreted, event-driven, functional, and imperative Programming Language. JavaScript is mainly used to design and create the front-end for a website or web application. And it is one of the three main pillars of Front End technology, along with HTML and CSS. These days every webpage on the Internet is comprised of JavaScript because it also helps in making a page responsive that looks good on every device. The HTML builds the structure for the WebPage, CSS fills color and gives style to the webpage and the JavaScript "brings motion and logic to the static web page" , and with the help of these three tools cum markup and programming Languages we can build front-end or Graphical User Interface for a web-page.

    Why Learn JavaScript?

    Before learning any programming language you should know why are you learning it. Generally, a Professional developer learns a new programming language or tool because of its future scope and project requirement. But a beginner thinks of tools or programming language popularity and usages. In the case of JavaScript, you learn this popular Programming language because you wish to be a proper front-end developer or a full-stack web developer. Here is a list of all the main reasons why a beginner should learn JavaScript.

    1. The foremost reason to learn JavaScript is its Popularity. It is one of the most popular programming languages and always stands in the top 5 on every programming index.
    2. Initially, JavaScript was only used for the front-end, but with node.js you can run JavaScript at the server-side and write the backend for your web-application.
    3. MEAN stack is in high demand right now, and javascript is the base to be a MEAN stack developer.
    4. Although JavaScript is primarily used for building web-page front ends, but it can also be used for mobile app development, desktop app development, Machine Learning, and Game Development.
    5. Now JavaScript is supported by every modern web-browser so you do not need to install or download a separate compiler or interpreter to execute your JavaScript code.
    6. Many open jobs posted every day for the JavaScript developer, so you do not have to worry about your future, by learning JavaScript to its extent you will definitely land a Job.

    Some Limitations of JavaScript

    Before you start learning JavaScript you should also know so of its limitations or drawbacks, during your JavaScript Interview you might have asked this question.

    1. JavaScript is not a fully-fledged programming language because it misses the file handling feature. The core javascript developer did not introduce file handling features in JavaScript becaue of some security reasons.
    2. We can not use JavaScript for networking applications.
    3. JavaScript does not support multi-threading and multi-processing abilities.
    4. JavaScript can not work standalone it needs to be embedded or imported in the HTML file.

    JavaScript Tools

    JavaScript IDE's or Text Editor

    A code editor and IDE is software that assists you to write code in a specific Language. Although on every modern web browser you will get a console where you can write and execute JavaScript code, but you should always consider using a full-fledged  Text Editor or IDE to write JavaScript code. Here is the list of the top  JavaSciprt IDEs or Text Editor .

    1. Visual Studio Code
    2. Atom
    3. WebStrom
    4. Brackets
    5. Komodo IDE
    6. Sublime
    7. Notepad++

    Best JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

    These days many developers learning JavaScript because of its popular Frameworks and Libraries. A framework and library is a collection of pre-written code that can increase your code productivity and functionality. Here is the list of top JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries.

    1. Angular
    2. React
    3. Vue.js
    4. Ember.js
    5. Meteor.js
    6. node.js
    7. Backbone.js
    8. jquery
    9. Polymer
    10. Aurelia.js

    Let's end our first JavaScript tutorial with a JavaScirpt Hello world program, copy-paste the below script, save it as an HTML file, and run it on your web browser.

                document.write("Hello World!")


    1. JavaScript is a Scripting Language.
    2. It does not support some of the main features of Programming Languages like File Handling.
    3. It is a very easy language to learn.
    4. JavaScript provides logic to the static web pages.
    5. Apart from web page development, it is also used for Game Development and Machine Learning.

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