10 Best PHP Certifications to Get in 2024

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10 Best PHP Certifications to Get in 2024

Pankaj Bhadwal
Last updated on July 13, 2024

    PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is among the most popular scripting languages that we use for server-side development. With PHP, you can develop the back-end of web applications as PHP code executes on the server.

    The primary advantage of using PHP for server-side or back-end development is that it seamlessly integrates with the HTML . Also, when compared to certain scripting languages like C or Perl, you need to write less code with PHP.

    If you want to learn PHP and grab an opportunity to work as a professional PHP developer, you need to consider enrolling in a certification course/program.

    A good PHP certification helps you develop an in-depth understanding of various PHP concepts and, at the same time, awards you a certificate that showcases your skills to recruiters.

    Many certification courses help you get hands-on PHP development experience so that you get a headstart in your journey of becoming a PHP developer. Moreover, there are many certifications that boost your existing knowledge of PHP so that you can take your career to the next level.

    Well, there are plenty of reasons to take a PHP certification, and we bet you do have your own.

    To help you find a PHP certification that satisfies your interests, we present to you our curated list of the best PHP certifications in this article.

    So, here it goes!

    10 Best PHP Certifications and Courses To Pursue in 2023

    The first two on the list are the PHP certifications that require individuals to appear for an exam in order to earn the certification. The remaining are the certification courses, each of which grants you a certificate upon successful completion.

    1. Zend PHP Developer Certification

    Certification Provider: Zend by Perforce

    Duration: N/A

    Instructor(s): N/A


    • You must be well-versed in PHP's foundational concepts.

    Certification Overview

    Zend offers you PHP developer certification that you get to grab the attention of employers. Basically, it is a certification exam designed for PHP developers. Having Zend PHP Developer Certification on your resume or CV will showcase your expertise with PHP.

    You must first purchase the exam voucher before you can proceed. You will then be qualified to take the certification exam. Before appearing for the exam, you need to go through various PHP topics, including PHP basics, functions, data format, data types, object-oriented programming , input/output, strings, SQL, arrays, and error handling.

    Also, you can enroll in Zend PHP Training if you want to learn or enhance your knowledge of PHP. Also, it will help you to score well in the Zend PHP Developer Certification exam.

    Key Highlights

    • You get the option to take the certification exam at a Pearson VUE Testing Center or directly from your home.
    • Within a year of buying the exam voucher, you can take the certification exam.

    Certification Exam

    Here are the certification exam details:

    • Format: 75 multiple-choice, multiple-select, subjective questions
    • Duration: 90 minutes
    • Certification Cost: $195; Retake fee: $125
    • Language: English

    You can sign up for the certification training here .

    2. Learn PHP

    Certification Provider: W3schools

    Duration: 20 hours

    Instructor(s): N/A


    • Basic computer knowledge.

    Certification Overview

    W3schools is a leading online platform that helps individuals to develop a wide range of technical skills. The Learn PHP certification offered by W3schools is highly popular among students who want to become certified PHP developers. Also, the certification issued by W3schools is recognized globally and can help you get extensive job opportunities.

    To get the certification, you first need to enroll in the Learn PHP certification course. Then, you need to complete all the learning modules that combine text-based lessons, practical examples, and exercises. Finally, you need to appear for the certification exam.

    Also, before you appear for the exam, you need to know that there are only three attempts to pass the exam. Thus, it’s essential to understand the concepts discussed in the learning modules effectively before appearing for the exam.

    Key Highlights

    • The course provides you with the knowledge required to develop websites and web apps using PHP.
    • It is a completely self-paced certification course.
    • The enrollment fee for this certification course is reasonable.

    Certification Exam

    To pursue this certification, you need to appear for the exam consisting of 70 multiple-choice questions.

    • Duration: 70 minutes
    • Passing Score: 75%; applicants scoring more than 95% are given an ‘excellency degree’.
    • Certification Cost: $95
    • Language: English

    Get started with this certification by enrolling here .

    PHP Certification Courses for Beginners and Professionals

    3. PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners

    Certification Provider: Udemy

    Duration: 3 hours 15 minutes

    Instructor(s): YouAccel Training


    • A computer system and basic computer knowledge.

    Certification Overview

    If you are looking for a PHP certification course that is exclusively created for individuals with zero PHP knowledge, this course is an ideal pick. PHP & MySQL - Certification Course for Beginners is available on Udemy, and it is among the most popular PHP certifications available on the web.

    This course has only two sections: PHP Development and MYSQL Database Integration. The first section covers the fundamentals of PHP that are essential for writing PHP code, such as PHP syntax, variables, data types, objects, strings, constants, operators, conditional statements, and arrays.

    The second section of the course introduces you to MySQL , a popular relational database management system (RDBMS). You will get familiar with the building, maintaining, and writing queries for MYSQL databases. Also, it teaches you how to connect a MySQL database with a PHP application.

    Key Highlights

    • It is a suitable certification course for anyone who wants to learn PHP and MySQL from scratch.
    • You will be able to learn from excellent video lectures.
    • Udemy will award you with a certificate of completion once you have finished the course.

    Enroll in the course here .

    4. Become a PHP Developer

    Certification Provider: LinkedIn Learning

    Duration: 1 day 16 hours

    Instructor(s): Joe Marini, Joe Casabona, Kevin Skoglund, Drew Falkman, Ray Villalobos, Justin Yost


    • A computer system.
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

    Certification Overview

    Offered by LinkedIn Learning, Become a PHP Developer is a collection of 12 courses that aim to help you become a PHP developer. The first course will assist you in understanding the basics of programming so that you can easily grasp the PHP concepts. In the next courses, you’ll learn about PHP fundamentals, MySQL, Ajax, object-oriented programming, Git, and GitHub.

    This certification program will also help you become familiar with PHPUnit and use it for performing unit tests on PHP code. Also, you’ll learn how to leverage PHP to create secure, dynamic, and fully-functional websites.

    After completing all of the courses, you will receive a certificate of completion confirming your PHP knowledge and expertise.

    Key Highlights

    • The instructors for the courses are industry experts.
    • You can finish the courses at your pace.
    • The contents of each course are accessible on mobiles and tablets.

    Sign up here to get started with the course.

    5. Building Web Applications in PHP

    Certification Provider: Coursera

    Duration: 31 hours

    Instructor(s): Charles Russell Severance


    • Basic computer knowledge.

    Certification Overview

    Building Web Applications in PHP is a certification course offered by the University of Michigan. You should consider enrolling in this course if you want to develop an in-depth understanding of web development with PHP. Also, it teaches you the basics of HTML and CSS , which are essential web development technologies.

    This comprehensive PHP course is beginner-friendly, which means that you can take it even if you have little to no knowledge of PHP. Building Web Applications in PHP has 8 modules that cover several topics, including an introduction to dynamic web content, MySQL database, PHP arrays, PHP functions, and PHP Forms.

    The suggested pace for completing each module is one week. However, you can accomplish them at a pace that goes well with your schedule.

    Key Highlights

    • Each module comprises video lessons, text-based lessons, and quizzes.
    • The subtitles for videos are available in various languages, including Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, German, and Spanish.
    • You can highlight the certification that you get after completing the course on your LinkedIn profile, resume, and/or CV.

    You can sign up for the course here .

    6. PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training

    Certification Provider: Edureka

    Duration: N/A



    • Familiarity with the basics of computer programming.
    • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and RDBMS.

    Certification Overview

    PHP & MySQL with MVC Frameworks Certification Training is yet another certification that can unlock better job opportunities for you as a PHP developer. Offered by Edureka, the certification course helps you learn the fundamentals of PHP, MySQL, and CakePHP framework.

    The curriculum of the course is divided into multiple sections that cover key topics such as functions and error handling in PHP, object-oriented programming, MySQL installation, advanced queries and data manipulation, and MVC architecture . Also, you will learn the ins and outs of the CakePHP framework and create dynamic forms and a website with CakePHP.

    After completing the course, you will acquire the essential skills required to create dynamic and data-driven websites and web applications.

    Key Highlights

    • You’ll not only learn how to build PHP-based applications but also how to test and debug them.
    • This course is best suitable for individuals willing to become web developers.
    • At the end of the course, you will become an Edureka-certified PHP developer.

    You can take this course by signing up here .

    7. The Complete PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp

    Certification Provider: Udemy

    Duration: 49 hours (Approx.)

    Instructor(s): Srini Vanamala


    • A Windows or macOS system with administrator access.

    Certification Overview

    This is yet another popular PHP certification course offered by Udemy. It is a comprehensive certification program that’ll teach you everything essential for becoming a PHP developer. Once your finish this course, you will receive a certification that can help you get an entry-level PHP developer job.

    The instructor for The Complete PHP Full Stack Web Developer Bootcamp is Srini Vanamala who is a full-time IT Architect. He has divided the certification course into 28 sections that cover topics such as introduction to HTML5 and CSS3, basics of JavaScript, PHP and MySQL fundamentals, and REST API.

    Along with video lessons, the course also offers text-based articles that will enhance your learning experience. Moreover, the duration of each lecture is kept short of ensuring that you learn the concepts effectively.

    Key Highlights

    • This certification course is a great choice for anyone who wants to become a certified web developer.
    • It features several quizzes that help you to assess your knowledge.
    • You’ll get access to 21 downloadable resources and 80+ PHP projects' source code.

    Sign up here for the course.

    8. Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code

    Certification Provider: Udemy

    Duration: 42 hours (Approx.)

    Instructor(s): Brad Schiff


    • Basic knowledge of HTML.
    • Familiarity with the WordPress CMS.

    Certification Overview

    WordPress is a PHP-powered CMS that allows non-technical individuals to create websites without writing code. If you are interested in building custom WordPress, you should enroll in Become a WordPress Developer: Unlocking Power With Code.

    Brad Schiff is the instructor of this certification course who is a professional web developer with more than a decade of industry experience. Through this course, he will teach you how to develop WordPress websites using PHP, JavaScript , and HTML.

    There are a total of 196 lectures in this course that teaches you various topics, such as how to develop the different sections of a WordPress website. Also, you will learn how to create WordPress plugins with PHP.

    Key Highlights

    • The certification course covers the fundamentals of PHP.
    • It walks you through the steps of installing WordPress and making it live on the internet.
    • After finishing the course, you will develop the skills required to become a professional WordPress developer.

    You can sign up for the course here .

    9. PHP Development Fundamentals

    Certification Provider: Pluralsight

    Duration: 20 hours

    Instructor(s): Jonathan Klein, Christian Wenz, Jill Gundersen, Reza Salehi, Matthew Setter, Annapurna Agarwal, Mike Van Sickle, Anna Filina


    • Basic computer knowledge.

    Certification Overview

    PHP Development Fundamentals is a learning path offered by Pluralsight that helps you develop the skills required to become a PHP developer. This learning path represents a collection of 11 courses that teaches you various aspects of PHP.

    You will learn the basics of PHP as well as advanced topics such as object-oriented programming and design patterns in PHP8. Also, you will understand how to work with databases , implement forms, work with files, and implement authentication and authorization in PHP.

    One main advantage of enrolling in PHP Development Fundamentals is that the courses within it are taught by industry experts having several years of professional experience in PHP development.

    Key Highlights

    • Each course in the learning path is self-paced.
    • You can access the courses on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

    Enroll here to start learning the course.

    10. Object Oriented PHP & MVC

    Certification Provider: Udemy

    Duration: 6 hours 39 minutes

    Instructor(s): Brad Traversy


    • Basic knowledge of computer programming and PHP.

    Certification Overview

    Object Oriented PHP & MVC is an advanced-level certification course. It allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of the OOP concepts and MVC (model-view-controller) architecture. You will learn this course from a seasoned full-stack web developer and instructor, Brad Traversy.

    The most interesting thing about this certification course is that it will teach you how to build an MVC-based framework from scratch. Also, while building the custom MVC framework, you will leverage various OOP concepts.

    Additionally, after creating the MVC framework, you will use it to develop an application that allows users to share posts. The same application requires you to implement several features, including user authentication, access control, CRUD operations for dealing with posts data, and server-side form validation.

    Object Oriented PHP & MVC has 7 sections that comprise a total of 44 video lectures. Also, the course offers you access to 37 downloadable resources.

    Key Highlights

    • It is one of the top-rated PHP certifications on Udemy, with an average rating of 4.7 stars.
    • The video lessons come with subtitles in four different languages, namely French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.
    • You will get a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

    Start learning the course by enrolling here .


    So, this brings us to the conclusion of our list of the top PHP certifications. The certifications that we have picked are the ones that are highly popular on the web. You can enroll in a certification course to enhance your knowledge of PHP and get better job opportunities.

    We hope that you have gone through the overview of each PHP certification and found the most suitable one.

    Which PHP certification do you think is the best? Is there any other PHP certification that you think should be on this list? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    PHP Certifications from Zend and W3Schools are the best to earn to showcase your PHP expertise. These certifications require you to appear for an exam and crack it to earn a certification. However, various certification courses for PHP offer certification after completing the course.

    If you opt for Zend PHP certification, the certification exam costs $195, and the retake fee is $125. The W3Schools PHP certification exam costs $95. However, if you choose to earn the course completion certificate, there is no additional cost to issue a certificate; you can get it free with a course enrollment fee.

    Employers utilize the Zend Certified PHP Engineer as a mark of distinction when assessing potential candidates since it is an industry standard that validates PHP proficiency.

    You may find Zen's certification exam challenging if you do not hold any hands-on experience in PHP. However, if you have gone through its training program, learned basic and advanced PHP concepts, and practiced them, you can surely pass the exam.

    As Udemy is not an accredited training instruction, employers do not consider certifications issued by Udemy to offer you a job.

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